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PaleOMG Mango Milkshake_3

Vanilla Cream Mango Milkshake + Texas Book Tour Dates!

In Fruit, Treats On July 10, 2014 62 Comments
It's official! I'm coming to Austin on our book tour for The Paleo Kitchen! We weren't sure if we were going to be able to book anything on such short notice, but I was lucky enough to chat with the people at CrossFit Central and they are going to host our...  Read More »

Cinnamon Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread + Book Tour Dates Announced

In Fruit, Rants, Treats On June 3, 2014 184 Comments
YAY!! So much Paleo Kitchen in one post. Not only am I sharing another sneak peek recipe from my newest cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen, but I'm also announcing my first book tour that George and I will be going on starting next week!! I've never done an actual book tour before,...  Read More »

PaleOMG's Biggest Announcement To Date!! (and some questions for my readers)

In Rants On August 20, 2012 387 Comments
That's my excited face. Oh sh*t. I can't even hold it in. Word vomit is about to happen. I'M WRITING MY FIRST COOKBOOK!! I'm literally tearing up just thinking about this. I've wanted this for so long and have gone back and forth about how I would accomplish this goal. But once...  Read More »
shallot date chicken

Date and Shallot Rosemary Chicken

In Chicken, Fruit On February 16, 2012 133 Comments
So Laura and I went out the other night with a bunch of girls. A girls night, if you must. We needed to dance. You know, do the usual Friday night cliche act. Get hammered, dance like idiots, sometimes on bars, then stumble our way to a cab and hope...  Read More »

27 Thanksgiving Recipes That Should Grace Your Table

In Rants On November 25, 2015 11 Comments
Thanksgiving is TOMORROW, but do you have all of your dishes planned? Because I'm definitely not prepared. I still need to grocery shop and get my life together. Because come Thanksgiving morning, I will be mimosa tipsy at my gym and completely worthless in the kitchen. Which means I need...  Read More »

Thanksgiving No-Bake Chocolate Caramel Tarts

In Treats On November 24, 2015 58 Comments
I absolutely positively 100% adore this recipe. I love it, I want it, I gotta have it. The leftovers are sitting in my fridge right now, just calling my name. And when I was deciding which dessert recipe to bring to my Friendsgiving, I immediately decided this one as soon...  Read More »
Apple Pie Trifles

Thanksgiving Caramel Apple Pie Trifles

In Treats On November 19, 2015 11 Comments
Honestly, making a real pie is too time consuming for me. Especially on a holiday. You expect me to make a paleo crust, then the filling, then make it look all pretty, then bake it, then slice it and hope people like it...while I'm most likely tipsy? No thank you....  Read More »
Caramel Apple Mar

Thanksgiving Vanilla Bean Caramel Apple Cider Sparkling Cocktail

In Treats On November 18, 2015 18 Comments
What is it about the holidays that makes people want to drink? Is it because they are usually with family? Or is it because it's freezing out and you want to bundle up, all drunk like. Or is it because you have no inhibitions about your diet and just say,...  Read More »
Stuffed Cornish Hens

Thanksgiving Sweet Potato & Apple Stuffed Cornish Hens with Pomegranate Glaze

In Chicken On November 17, 2015 9 Comments
You guys. Taking photos of a cornish hen that has food stuffed up her bum bum is hard. I should have tied her legs together. But I was just thinking about the stuffing...and how good it was going to taste when it was done. Not about tying her up 50...  Read More »

Thanksgiving Maple Rosemary Whipped Yams Topped with Cinnamon Candied Pecans

In Veggies On November 12, 2015 21 Comments
What is it about getting your hair done that makes everything right in the world. Next time I buy a house and want to scream into a pillow at all times of the day, I'm going to just go get my hair done. Whether or not I need to, I'm...  Read More »

Thanksgiving Cinnamon Candied Pecans

In Treats On November 11, 2015 40 Comments
I absolutely cannot listen to the song 'Hotline Bling' even one more time. Cannot. Other than the line "you used to call me on my cellphone" none of the other words sound like words. This is how I sing it, "you used to call me on my cellphone. late night...  Read More »

Lomo Saltado (Peruvian Beef Stir Fry)

In Beef On November 9, 2015 22 Comments
Have you ever tried Peruvian food? It's a first for me over here. But when I started posting recipes and pictures on my instagram of Red Thai Curry, Moo Shu Pork, Carne Mechada and Coq Au Vin, some lovely human told me I needed to make Lomo Saltado. After some quick research, I...  Read More »

Orange Chili Glazed Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

In Pork On November 5, 2015 30 Comments
I'm having one of those weeks where I HATE everyone. And everything. It's just that time of the month and life won't quit. There's really nothing to complain about, but I still hate things. So you know what I've done? Eaten a bag of gluten free chocolate covered pretzels and the...  Read More »

Coq Au Vin PaleOMG Style + All-Clad 12" Chef Pan Giveaway

In Chicken On November 4, 2015 40 Comments
Let's learn a little about French food today. Since I know nothing about it. Coq au vin - pronounced koʊk oʊ ˈvæn. Isn't that super helpful? Word origin - literally: cock with wine. In simple PaleOMG terms, all coq au vin really is is chicken braised in red wine with veggies and bacon. And the only reason...  Read More »

6 Ingredient Breakfast Pizza Baked Peppers

In Breakfast, Pork, Veggies On November 3, 2015 13 Comments
I think my Halloween hangover is finally gone. Water, sleep and hash browns topped with Hepp's garlic salt makes everything better. Being 27 years old is an interesting time. Wrinkles are starting to set in more (why...noooooo....why?!), joints ache waaaaay more than they used to, and hangovers last for f*cking days....  Read More »

Halloween Recipe Round Up

In Rants On October 29, 2015 10 Comments
Are you one of those weirdos who goes to haunted houses that are allowed to beat you, bite you and do who knows what to you? Who would sign a waiver saying yes to that? WHO?! Wait, have you not heard of this yet? It seems to be all the...  Read More »

Halloween Bleeding Brain Cupcakes

In Treats On October 28, 2015 19 Comments
You guys, I know I know, these cupcakes don't exactly look like brains. But I did my best with the tools I had at home. I don't have a million piping tips because I would only use them once every 3 years. But if you are looking to make some better...  Read More »

Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins with Apple Cider Caramel

In Breakfast, Fruit, Treats On October 22, 2015 44 Comments
So get this. I have my wedding dress. It's hanging in my guest bedroom right now. Just hanging there, waiting to be worn. But the problem is, it doesn't fit yet. The straps are WAY too big and the length might be a bit short. So it doesn't really feel...  Read More »

Truffle Cauliflower Soup with Bacon, Brown Butter Crispy Sage & Pomegranates

In Fruit, Pork, Veggies On October 21, 2015 23 Comments
Did you read my blog post yesterday? Just do it. It was filled with some stories of images that I will never be able to remove from my brain. I wish I could explain to you exactly what I saw on this woman's phone, but this blog is PG-13. And...  Read More »

Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On October 16, 2015 15 Comments
It's totally becoming fall over here in Colorado and I'm absolutely loving it! The mornings are cooler, the evenings are cooler, but then the day time is still warm with just a little crisp in the air. I luuuuuurv it. Hoping this weather heads your way Texas and Cali because...  Read More »

Fall Harvest Chopped Salad with Apple Maple Vinaigrette

In Chicken, Veggies On October 15, 2015 26 Comments
If you know me, or don't know me, you'll know that it's weird AF that I have yet another salad recipe on my blog. I hate salads. Why have a salad when you can just eat the meat on top? But since the fiancé is healthier than me and consistently asks...  Read More »

Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

In Breakfast, Treats On October 14, 2015 36 Comments
When your best friend goes to Jamba Juice and gets a pumpkin pie protein smoothie with almond milk and you think about that protein smoothie for 2 weeks make yourself a gosh damn pumpkin pie smoothie at home, by yourself, watching the cooking channel, while cleaning. Because well, homemade...  Read More »

Red Thai Beef Curry

In Beef, Veggies On October 13, 2015 39 Comments
I want curry all the time right now. I think I've said that at least 6 times on the blog in the last week, but I'm serious. Who cares about anything else when there's curry to eat. I've gone out to get curry, my friend Vanessa made me curry, and...  Read More »

Weekly Workouts While on the Road + What I Ate in a Day

In Weekly Workouts On October 5, 2015 28 Comments
I'm flying home today! Woooohoooo! After 20 days on the road, meeting hundreds of amazing faces to celebrate my newest cookbook Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook, and stuffing my face with all kinds of food, I finally get to go home to see my guy and my pup. What a great...  Read More »
PaleOMG Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad_1

Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad Sandwiches

In Chicken On October 1, 2015 18 Comments
Have you ever thought about what you would want your last meal to be? I think about it once a week. And that idea of what last crumb of food I would want to enter into my mouth before I die changes all the time. You wanna know what it...  Read More »

Grilled Figs with Coconut Whipped Cream & Apple Cider Caramel

In Fruit, Treats On September 29, 2015 16 Comments
Here's something weird: I've never liked figs. Dried figs, for sure. Fresh figs, gross. I still imagine the episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte dates the guy who's notorious around town and he eats a fig at dinner in a way that no human being should eat a...  Read More »

Carbon38: Gym Style Perfect for Happy Hour

In Fashion Fridays On September 25, 2015 63 Comments
I just can't even with this outfit. I just can't. I love it so much. Who knew that workout clothes could be so fun. I think that as our population becomes more intrigued with keeping a healthy lifestyle, more people are looking for great quality workout apparel that's not only...  Read More »
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