I swear I’m not actually driving in the picture above. No no. I parked at my retail therapy shop and remembered I needed a picture for this post. Hence, seatbelt. Moving on. Here’s my day for anyone wondering.

Woke up around 7:15 or so. Checked out my blog. Did some updates on comments. Stuff I can do from bed without having to fully open my eyes. The cold weather here makes bed much more comfortable.

Breakfast started with a chocolate chip cookie dough protein ball. It just felt right. Don’t judge me. Then I made my normal coffee for the day. House blend by Starbucks made in my Keurig. Added 1 tablespoon of heavy cream and 2 drops of Stevia. I then did what I always do…drank about 1/3 of it.


After doing my normal surfing of the internet: my website, Facebook, email and Craiglist (trying to find a new place), I decided I was hungry around 8:30am. Thankfully, I had a full casserole dish of my 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie. So I cut a big ole’ hunk out of that, heated it up and ate it. This one was a little different though. I talked about it on instagram. I used more meat, less sauce, added cheese, mushrooms and basil. It was wonderful.


After getting ready, I headed out for a meeting at my local coffee shop. Don’t you love meetings about taxes? They’re the best. Well, I didn’t have coffee. It wasn’t calling my name. Then I headed over to Bed, Bath and Beyond for some kitchen gadgets. Once I got back in the car, I decided it was snack time. Thankfully, I had a Perfect Foods Bar in my purse. So I had 1/3 of that around 11:00am.


But once I got home, I was still hungry…at 11:10am. So I had 3 olives. I don’t know. They just called to me.


Then I got to cooking for the blog. Made the recipe from yesterday. Good ole’ Crunchy Chicken Strips. While they cooked, I ate some cabbage in some vinegar and cilantro. Once I finished the recipe and decided which chicken strips were the ugliest and not worth taking pictures of, I ate them. So that meant I ate 4 chicken strips along with maple mustard thanks to Steve’s Paleo Goods.



Then I ate another protein ball. They were just so happy there in my fridge. Telling me to eat them.

After snacks, I took pictures of food. I didn’t want to take them outside since it’s effing freezing, so I took them on the floor of my kitchen. But because my kitchen is so small and the lighting only hits well in one certain spot, I had to lie down underneath the kitchen table to get the right angle. The pictures still turned out like crap. Maybe I should get a tripod to make my life easier. Should, but won’t.

After some emails, I watched The Mindy Project from the night before, and loved it. I wish Danny and Mindy would FREAKING MAKE OUT. Come on guys. Do it. Then I had a conference call. Thrilling, I know. But it kind of is, because it was for my second cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen. Have you guys seen it on amazon for preorder yet?? It’s there!! GO GET IT!! Anywho, while I chatted, I drank 1/2 of a Fiji Suja juice.

Then I headed to CrossFit Broadway for a little workout. This is what we did:

Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes: 2 Hang Snatch into 2 OH Squats. Stay at same weight throughout. Shoot for 75% of 1 RM. — I used 95 pounds


3 Sets For Total Time (6 rounds total)

2 Rounds Of:

8 Power Snatch (115#/75#) — I went prescribed for this workout (so I used 75#)

18 Wall Ball

REST 1 min

*I think I finished in 12:15 or so.

Once I finished my workout, I coached the next two classes.

When I got home, I was STARVING. I don’t know why, but it was an emotional eating type of day. Whenever I’m stressed about something, I eat more. Except for break ups. Those things make me lose a balls ton of weight. Anywho, once I got home, I threw a square of 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie on a plate along with some sweet potato puree and roasted brussels sprouts and ate up. I cleaned my plate. I was so full…that I are another third of my Perfect Foods Bar afterwards. It was unneeded after the size of my dinner, but again, I was stress eating ok??


Then I watched two episodes of Orange is the New Black. Only have the season finale left. Gosh dang it.