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Easy Breakfast Casserole

In Breakfast, Eggs, Pork, Veggies On October 29, 2014 148 Comments

Oh my lawd, it’s already Wednesday. My life has been taken over with appointments and late night baseball games. No, I will not tell you which team I… Read More »


Simple Sausage and Bacon Butternut Squash Soup

In Pork, Veggies On October 28, 2014 39 Comments

Why do we do things that we know aren’t good for ourselves? Like food. Even though we know certain foods don’t agree with us, we continually eat those… Read More »


Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On October 27, 2014 18 Comments

Sunday – Rest day! Meaning cook day. Lots of recipes done while in Pittsburgh! Monday – Full work day! 5 or 6 recipes made out in Pittsburgh before… Read More »


Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On October 24, 2014 74 Comments

I’m unsure why people are still insisting on trying to tell me that they don’t like my fashion posts. I don’t like pictures of people’s children taking a dump… Read More »


30 PaleOMG Pumpkin Recipes

In Rants On October 22, 2014 12 Comments

If you’re like most food-obsessed people, you get really excited about pumpkin season. I am one of those people. Every year I’m trying to come up with fun,… Read More »


Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On October 20, 2014 24 Comments

Today is my last full day working in Pittsburgh. No need to be sad because I will be back here in about a week and a half. Trying… Read More »


Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On October 17, 2014 47 Comments

Oh laaaaawwwd Fashion Fridays is just the best. I think I say that every Friday. No wait, I totally say that every Friday. It’s just so fun! Doing… Read More »


Apple Pie Smoothie

In Fruit, Treats On October 16, 2014 33 Comments

I miss my dog. Like, bad. Working in Pittsburgh is probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever been through, but being away from my little man is… Read More »


Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars

In Treats On October 14, 2014 156 Comments

Have you ever had a muscle cramp hurt so bad that you almost threw up? I have. In my inner thigh. Inner thigh cramps are by far the… Read More »


Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On October 13, 2014 23 Comments

Ugh. I got talked into a CrossFit competition. Again. Gosh dang it. I slightly, meaning really, hate going to CrossFit competitions. It reminds me of what it was… Read More »


PaleOMG Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On October 10, 2014 23 Comments

Fall is in full swing here in Colorado. It was in the 70’s or below allll week and I absolutely LOVED it. Because I don’t have to fully… Read More »


Mina Harissa Chicken & Butternut Squash with Mint + a Giveaway!

In Chicken On October 9, 2014 43 Comments

Hey you beautiful little butterflies. Yes, this is true, I have a giveaway for you today, but you must sit through my rants first. To be nice. You… Read More »


Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On October 6, 2014 50 Comments

I’m finally back in my groove at CrossFit, feeling strong again after traveling and can breathe at the miserable altitude. Luckily, I travel again this Sunday so in… Read More »


PaleOMG Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On October 3, 2014 32 Comments

You guys. The other day, I tried to remove one of my fingerprints. Well actually, a thumbprint. Who wants thumbprints anyways. They’re so overrated. And since they’re overrated,… Read More »


Stuffed Double Pork & Sage Baked Apples

In Fruit, Pork, Turkey On October 1, 2014 38 Comments

Apples are in season. I would know, I picked them in Pittsburgh. From a tree and everything. Then ate them. And they were delicious. I even posed while… Read More »


Protein Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

In Treats On September 30, 2014 86 Comments

You guys. Sometimes internships are really important. And helpful for people who are entering the real world. But the place I’m not comfortable with having an intern is… Read More »


Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On September 29, 2014 8 Comments

Sunday – Rest day. I was still in Pittsburgh last Sunday so that meant lots of work! So much fun. Have I mentioned how much fun I’m having… Read More »


PaleOMG Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On September 25, 2014 26 Comments

After spending 8 days in Pittsburgh, I think I’ve lost my mind. Ok, not really. But I forgot my computer charger in Pittsburgh and that computer has my… Read More »


MoiChef Knives & The Paleo Kitchen Cookbook Giveaway!

In Rants On September 24, 2014 93 Comments

You guys. I’m finally home! Eight days in Pittsburgh, working on a new project, and now finally home not wanting to do anything. I just unpacked my suitcase… Read More »


Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On September 22, 2014 13 Comments

Don’t expect much out of me this week on Weekly Workouts. I’m traveling right now. Well, kind of. I’m in Pittsburgh for work. And it’s pretty much the… Read More »


PaleOMG Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On September 19, 2014 22 Comments

I went all over the place this past week. Date nights to lunch dates to workouts to Pittsburgh. Working, eating, drinking and playing. Wonderful. Just wonderful. This was… Read More »

Strawberry Shortcake Skillets | Fed+Fit-3

Guest Post: Strawberry Shortcake Skillets

In Fruit, Treats On September 18, 2014 26 Comments

I am PUMPED to have Cassy from Fed and Fit doing a guest blog on mine! She is the best. I may say that about a lot of… Read More »

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 7.12.51 PM

The Paleo Kitchen Pumpkin Waffles

In Breakfast On September 16, 2014 121 Comments

I said that if I got enough likes for my pumpkin waffles from The Paleo Kitchen on instagram, that I would share the recipe with all of you!… Read More »


Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On September 15, 2014 14 Comments

I think we all go through ups and downs in workouts. Whether we aren’t motivated or we don’t feel 100% in the gym or we just have too… Read More »


PaleOMG Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On September 12, 2014 28 Comments

Fall is coming!! It’s been cloudy and rainy all week in Colorado and I LOVE IT. I haven’t really done much with my life because all I want… Read More »


Pumpkin Coffee Cake + Lake Powell Trip #3

In Rants, Treats On September 11, 2014 63 Comments

I’m back in the groove. I just got back to Colorado from my third annual trip to Lake Powell and after letting the post vacation blues work its… Read More »


Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On September 8, 2014 10 Comments

I’m using a picture of Jackson passed out on the couch because that’s what I did most of last week. In Lake Powell. In previous years at Lake… Read More »