I’m sure you’ve seen this book already. I mean, it just came out, but it is AMAZING. By far the best paleo cookbook I’ve come across. Gather – The Art of Paleo Entertaining by Hayley Mason and Bill Staley has created a cookbook worth drooling over. The photography jumps off the page and creates a food world you feel part of. I know that sounds weird, but seriously. Paleo food has never looked so good.

But this book isn’t just about parties or entertaining others. It’s about creating food you never thought possible when you began to eat paleo. Like General Tso’s Chicken, or cranberry scones, or chocolate chip biscotti’s, or spinach and artichoke dip with herb crackers. I could keep going, but it would not do the book justice.

This book brings food alive. Seriously. It doesn’t just have recipes that will keep every single person happy in your household, but it has photography that makes you feel part of Bill and Hayley’s household. The photography in this book makes you not only drool, but makes you feel like you are on a rooftop eating with close friends at dusk, or at Halloween dealing with one too many children, or at a New Year’s Eve party, drinking one too many bottles, I mean glasses, of champagne. The book is exactly what every single person is looking for in a cookbook. I promise you. And JB knows best. Just a fact.

Be sure to check out Gather on Amazon and look for updates by Bill and Hayley, as well new recipes, on their Facebook and website. They are the best. And not to mention, an adorable couple.