I want to drink egg nog out of reindeer glasses every day. Every damn day.

If you saw my instagram picture yesterday and you’re wondering where the hell that recipe is, patience my child, it will be here soon.

But first I gotta talk about the holidays. Duh!

So Christmas season has finally come to an end. Thank goodness. I can only take Christmas for so many months. It’s advertised before Thanksgiving even occurs, so I tend to get spiteful about Christmas. Then my roommates only watch Christmas movies for a month straight, so I get bored with anything that’s going on in my household. Then people call me Scrooge for not really caring about Christmas that much, which is incredibly unoriginal. I don’t know. I like Christmas, I dig it, I get the concept, but I dislike being told that I have to purchase people gifts on one certain day. I like buying gifts for people at random times. And writing them cards because I care about them. Not just because a certain holiday has come up.

Ok, call me Scrooge.

But the one thing I have come to figure out as I get older is, Christmas is waaaaay more fun when Christmas parties are tied along with it all. And Christmas parties increase in numbers as you get more friends. Thankfully I don’t have many friends, I really only went to a couple. But let’s recap them.

So our Christmas party last year at CrossFit Broadway was a bit crazy. Especially because that was when I was competing on a regular basis so I was barely drinking. I even competed the day of our Christmas party last year. So when I decided to drink that night, I went all out. Even getting kicked out of a gay bar down the street. That’s hard to do.


last year with some ladies

last year with some men

last year I kept a bottle in hand. bad idea.


last year with some men

But the Christmas party this year was just a bit calmer. At least for some. I didn’t drink before I got to our party, which is always a smart thing, and I was able to not fall on my ass on the dance floor. And to explain the dance floor, I mean the green platforms that we lift and sweat onto on a regular basis. But the dance floor was popping, fireball whiskey was being passed around like candy, and the dance moves were even more stellar than last year. One of my friends explained to me that my dancing is violent. Every time he would look over at the dance floor, he would think that there was a fight…but it was just my arms flailing about. You’ve seen my cooking videos, you know how I am. How embarrassing.

Either way, Christmas party season at CrossFit Broadway was the best place to be this year. Short dressing, Fireball whiskey, and a DJ spinning all the best tracks. At least in my mind. Let’s look at this years pictures.


you may remember these same ladies. sweet new back drop right!?!


more ladies!


too bad Jeremy and I weren’t friends in high school for prom. we could of done a wicked job in the matching department

So you know how I said many Christmas parties. Wellllll, I only went to one. Turns out I need more friends. Damnit.

But this year actually turned out to be my favorite Christmas ever. I went to my parents on Christmas Eve, where we went out for dinner at Table Mountain Inn. Then we did my most favorite thing in the entire world. We baked cookies and watched the first season of New Girl. Freaking A I love that show. And Laura is the greatest human being and bought me the first season so I’m able to watch it year round. Especially since the first season has 24 episodes!! So in our food coma, we all laid on the living room floor, with their two dogs, and happily watched New Girl. Which they loved. I swear my parents are getting cooler with age.

The next morning, we watched MORE New Girl while we ate sausage and eggs, and then I made them…get this…blueberry chocolate chip bread pudding. Paleo style. Which I will be posting for you all tomorrow. You absolutely HAVE to try this recipe.

Then to finish the day off, I headed home to get ready to go to Jake and Krystle’s Christmas party they were having in their new house. They’re such adults. So once I got to my own home, I noticed that I needed to shovel my sidewalk. It snowed on Christmas Eve, which everyone was oooing and awwwing over, but I was not. You know why? Because I had to shovel our sidewalk with a rounded edge shovel. And do you know how annoyingly difficult that is? Real difficult. And don’t come at me with, ‘shoveling burns, like, so many calories Juli!’ because you know what, so does eating!!! And I’d much rather take that route than shoveling.


screw you round shovel. you did nothing for my sidewalk.

Holy crap I ate a lot this holiday season. I got down on some cheese balls. My skin should probably be freaking this sh*t out in the next few days. Damnit. Damn you holiday seasons….I love you.

Now who is ready for non-Holiday recipes?! I sure as hell am!!!