So I wanted to chat a little bit about my workout routine and how I keep myself from completely pooping out daily. If this bores you or you are wondering why the hell I’m even talking about it, just ignore me. I like talking about working out. Because it’s my job. And my life. And my blog. So my b.

Anwho, I really like CrossFitting. Like a lot. All I want is to make it to the CrossFit Games. Along with 50,000 other people in this world. Ha. Good odds. I’ve talked about how bad I want to make it in my blog for AgainFaster – Juli Says – Why I Train. But I’m still not that good. I work really hard, I sweat, I cry, I try something, then I try something different, and I’m still not good enough. That’s a little frustrating BUT really awesome all at the same time. I have something to work for every day. Something to strive for. To be better. And being better is never an easy feat.

So let’s start with how I train. I try to do 2-3 two-a-days a week, then on the other days just do one wod and a strength session. But that never works out as I planned. So when I say I do that, I don’t always stick to the plan. Something always comes up in life. Whether I’m blown up from a wod and can’t do a two-a-day or I just have sh*t to do and need a break from the gym, I at least take 1 day off a week. After almost 2 years, I’ve finally figured out the importance of rest days. Especially when I ache constantly, rest days are welcomed with open arms. I still workout through aches and pains because it actually helps just warm the muscles and ease the pain, but I now know when I need to give myself a break.

As I’ve gotten stronger, I’ve gotten bigger. I sometimes wish that weren’t the case, but I’d rather be able to snatch more than be skinny. My legs have seriously doubled in size. In less than a year, I went from 125 to probably 150-155. Pretty sure it all went to my ass and thighs. Sheesh. Diet didn’t change, just lifting heavier, listening to Jason and Jake at the gym to better understand what proper form looks like and should feel like, and training heavier within wods. Just how my body is. It loves packing the weight on down low, down low, down low.

I just burnt my tongue on chorizo. Multitasking is hard sometimes.

Ok now that I’ve bored you with my chatter about working out, let’s talk about supplements. I get questions all the time from my athletes and friends about what I take, what I eat before and after a wod, and how I recover. I’ve messed around with real food, many protein powders, bars, and all that jazz. Problem is, I’m not the die hard CrossFitter that ALWAYS takes my fish oil and ALWAYS has my post wod protein and carb. Maybe that’s why I’m not Rich Froning. Or maybe that’s because I have a vagina. Whatever. Either way, I drink my protein shake mostly because it tastes good, not because it makes me feel more recovered. It’s just delicious, especially after a hard wod. But every single CrossFitter out there says post wod meals help them recover, so I listen, and obey. I am trying to get huge so I’ll do what I need to do.

But the whole reason I don’t usually take my protein shake regularly is that I tend to get a crazy spike in insulin when I drink most protein powders. That’s because they are loaded with sugars. And make my stomach get pissed as sh*t. No pun intended. Ew. This was until I started taking Simply Pure Nutrients. It has been awesome and I can take it daily without feeling like I’m drinking pure sugar. The Elite Athlete Recovery Fuel is wicked good stuff. I usually take it right after a wod or at least within 10 minutes of finishing my workout. Especially on days I know I have to train again later.

I also sometimes get pretty damn hungry before most wods. Hungry to the point that my stomach is growling. Being obnoxious, like me. So Simply Pure Nutrients Pro3 Synergy Fuel has been awesome for my pre-wod shake. It has whey AND egg isolates so a bit of protein and then some carbs to help me push through a wod. It’s great. Trust me on this one. I’ll take it 15-30 minutes before a wod, usually while I’m lifting or warming up. It fills the tummy up just right.

Of all the protein powders I’ve tried out there, Simply Pure has been the best. Hands down. I honestly recommend it to anyone who has had issues with protein powders in the past or is just trying to consume all around cleaner products. Their brand quality is fantastic and has really helped me out through the first part of the CrossFit Open. Be sure to check out their website, especially for more of the science behind their products. Science just isn’t super fun to me. I just rely more on how stuff makes me feel.

Other than pre and post wod shake, I just take fish oil. And I’m not always good at taking that regularly. But I try my best to take 2-5 grams in a day, depending how crappy I’m feeling. I think fish oil is incredibly important and everyone should take it. Period.

So I know this didn’t explain much, but I want to answer any specific questions in the comments. If you are wondering about CrossFit or thinking about trying Simply Pure or just have a food question in mind, leave me a comment and we will get your question settled!! You’re awesome.