OMG. We haven’t chatted in FOREVER. Where have you been!?! Oh wait, it’s me. I’ve been gone. I’ve missed you.

So if you ever read my blog, you know I went to California over the weekend. I only mentioned it in every blog post for the past 2 weeks. I was kind of excited. It was the first vacation I had been on in a looooong time. And the funny thing of it all was I mostly was looking forward to going to CrossFit South Bay. I work in a CrossFit gym EVERY DAY and I absolutely couldn’t wait to go hang out in another one while on vacation. Effin cult. Just sucking me in like a weirdo.

And that’s what I did. Sergio and I got to Manhattan Beach, we went out to eat a lot, then spent a bunch of time at CFSB doing wod 12.3 then danced. It was pretty much my life in Colorado except having to eat at restaurants and pick sand out of my butt crack. I love cooking for myself so much more. Eating at restaurants sucks. I swear my food tastes better. But that makes me conceited and less fun to listen to. I’m sorry, but I’m not changing my opinion.

But I kind of lied to you all. I said I was going to video everything I did and ate in L.A. annnnnd I didn’t. Literally didn’t even pull my video camera out. I’m the worst tourist ever. My b. BUT I did get some pictures of what I shoveled into my mouth. I definitely gained some weight over the weekend, but that was by poor choices. Including alcohol. How do people drink alcohol regularly and stay thin? If I drink 1 glass a wine or 5 glasses of wine, my ass will still grow an extra inch and muffin top be plopping over. Bullsh*t right there. I also had too many nuts. Damn you nuts, DAMN YOU. It’s such an easy source of nutrients when you’re on the run, but I had like a milli. It’s all about choices people. And I was good at making the wrong ones this weekend.

So let’s take a quick look at my food over the weekend. I didn’t get all of it because I kind of forgot a couple times. The only person that texted me was Laura (and that was probably twice) so my phone wasn’t exactly blowing up enough to look at it more than once a day.

Breakfast @ Martha's- fab photography skills – I had steak and eggs, didn't eat the hash browns

Lunch at some delish kebab type place. Those grape leaves were wrapped around rice. Didn't know what it was but ate the sh*t out of it

Dinner @ Farmhouse – Steak and veggies and taters – I ate some of the taters. Then took a coffee shot. Best picture of the weekend. Obv.

Everybody needs snacks sometimes – if you haven't had seaside cheddar cheese yet, be sure to have some and let your tastebuds cry in happiness

Holy balls this was good. Breakfast @ North End. Eggs covering sausage and bacon. And yeah, I kinda ate a lot of the taters. I had to put my napkin over the plate to stop. No self control

We also ate once at Sergio’s friend Jon’s house. He grilled up a bunch of sausages, steak and chicken and veggies. So eating paleo was perfect there. Ummmm real quick….holy balls Sergio’s friends are good looking. Seriously, every dude was good looking. WTF. None of them were interested in me OR fell in love with me. WTF. Guess Manhattan Beach isn’t the place for love either.

So other than eat, I just worked out. It’s funny because even though Sergio’s friends were wicked cool and I got to stay with my friend Ashley who is amazing, the place I felt the most comfortable was the gym. I just love CrossFit gyms. And especially CrossFit South Bay. Forrest (the owner) was incredibly welcoming and friendly and so were all of his athletes. Here were some shots he got from WOD 12.3. 18 minutes of fun :)

ah geez, so bottom heavy. makes box jumps harder

seeing my face when I workout makes me uncomfortable

To sum everything up, it was a great weekend. I ate too much but had a ton of fun with truly fantastic people. I figured out how everyone is so skinny in L.A…..they walk everywhere. Too bad it didn’t work for me. And there are a lot of hot dudes in California. I need to move there soon. Like seriously.

Sorry there’s no recipe posted today. You’ll have four more throughout the week to look at. Just had to use my usual narcissism and talk about my boring life for a bit. Since it is my blog.

Moral of the story. You can totally eat paleo when you’re on the road. Just takes a bit of work and self control. Which I lack sometimes. Whatever.