Turtlenecks are totally in style right now. Along with cheesy kitchen smiles. It’s just a fact.

Did anyone else see the new Oreo flavors they released?? I know we are all paleo and gluten free over here but maaaan does chocolate chip cookie dough Oreo and rice krispy treat Oreo sound amazing. Like seriously.

It’s cold here in CO. But not that cold. I mean, the snow is almost completely melted after just one day. Thankfully it’s cold enough that I’ve been able to wear my new Sorels from The Clymb. Half price Sorels??? YES PLEASE. I bought mine a half size smaller and they are perfect. Waterproof and hella warm. I kind of wish I could wear them every day.

Here we go with another ‘what I stuffed in my face in one day’ post. Based on my workout performance that day, I definitely didn’t eat enough. It was a big cooking day for future blog posts so I seemed to snack more and eat smaller meals which isn’t always the best for my body. Ah well. Now here we go.

Morning! Breakfast was blueberry sausage and eggs. I swear it’s not throw up, even if it looks like it.


Then I made cookies. Had to eat one for recipe creation purposes. Duh. (recipe coming soon to the blog)


Then I made a super bowl deviled egg recipe. And ate one. Recipe creation purposes, of course. (recipe coming to the blog next week)


After cooking all morning, I made myself a real lunch. Maple chicken sausage (no clue what brand), burnt broccoli, olives and some Steve’s Paleo Goods ketchup. I probably ate about half of what you see on the plate. Snacking made me less hungry.


After getting 3 delicious recipes during my morning of recipe development, I worked on emails, blog posts, and getting ready for next week Super Bowl Snacks post. About an hour before I worked out, I had 1/3 of a Perfect Foods Bar, the peanut butter kind. No, they are not paleo. No, I do not care. And yes, they are absolutely amazing. Especially the peanut butter.


On my way to the gym, I drank 1/4-1/3 of a leftover Suja Juice I had in the fridge. I love this kind.


Once I got to my gym, CrossFit Broadway, I did a hell workout. I’m not sure if it was because I hadn’t eaten enough or just because I suck at working out, but this workout kicked my freaking ass. This is what it looked like:

With a running clock

1000 m Row

When clock hits 6 mins:

3Rounds for time of:

12 Back Squats (185#/125#) from floor — I used 95#

12 Toes 2 Bar

When clock hits 12 mins:

3 Rounds for time of:

20 KB Swings (70#/55#) — I used 45#

50 Double Unders

When clock hits 18 mins:

1000 m Row

After the workout, I coached two classes, trying to catch my breath through both classes. Then I ran out of there quick to get food as fast as possible. Cooking was not an option at this point. While I waited for friends, I ate 2 more deviled eggs and 5 plantain chips. Yes, 5. I counted. Then we headed to Finley’s Pub to grab burgers. Their burger consists of ground chuck, braised short rib, chedder, bacon, and bernaise along with sweet potato fries on the side. It was delicious, as usual.


After dinner, I tried again to like Breaking Bad. I even watched 3 episodes. Way past my bed time. I think it gave me a headache. Too much depression and sadness in each episode. And meth head women with really bad teeth. So to ease my headache and and grossed out feeling of yellow teeth, I ate a square of Eating Evolve’s French Vanilla Chocolate. Perfect bed time snack.


Ok, that’s it. Kbye.