Thank goodness for my friend Heather or I would have no pictures to put on my random blog posts. I wish I had one of me eating. REALLY weird that I don’t. And disappointing. I’ll eat in more public places from now on. With a camera man by my side.

I don’t know if you care about what I eat, but I’m going to put it out there anyways. A couple people have asked what I eat on a daily basis, especially during CrossFit competition season, so I thought I’d share. I eat different every day, depending on what I’ve made that week for my blog or what I have on hand for random crap that wasn’t worth posting. I make a lot of random burgers when I don’t know what to make.

My breath smells like onions.

Ok, so this day of meals is from Wednesday. My schedule is really weird being a coach and having to blog/cook at random times of the day so I tend to eat at awkward times as well. Be prepared to be bored!

  • 4:15am- wake up time- usually will have a cup of coffee
  • 5:30am- coaching
  • 6:30am- breakfast–> ~4oz leftover chicken breast, 6-7 large strawberries, 1 grande americano with heavy cream (probably drank 2/3 of it)
  • 7:15-10am- coaching
  • 10:30am- workout + strength session
  • 11:45am- protein drink (I do about 6-8 oz water with 1/2 scoop Simply Pure Nutrients Recovery Fuel)
  • 12:00pm- made food for the day — snacked while I cooked–> 1.5 pieces bacon, 1-2 oz beef, handful of walnuts
  • 1:30pm- lunch–> ~3-4oz grass fed beef, 1/4 onion caramelized, 1 piece of bacon, 1/2 small avocado
  • 3:00pm- 2nd workout + muscle up practice
  • 4:00-8:00pm- coaching
  • 8:30pm- dinner–>2 southwest turkey sliders and a bit of slaw
  • 10:00pm- late night snacks while I blog–> 3 strawberries, some walnuts, 1 southwest slider

That's an uncomfortable breakfast. but still delicious

happy time

holy sh*t that's beautiful

not quite as beautiful, but delicious

Wow. You bored yet? Me too. All that food looks like dog doo doo. I get lazy with my camera phone when the food looks like poo. And I have shaky hands. I’m a nervous person. Not really.

So, got any questions? Are you thinking…”Say wha?! This Juli chick is effing whack” or “I can’t believe this girl drinks protein shakes! I thought she called herself paleo?! Fraud!” or “OMG I can’t believe she eats past 7pm! She sucks at life” Don’t worry people, I know. But I would definitely love to hear from you no matter what you have to say!