Helllllooooooo there. Here we go, with another ‘what I ate in a day’ post. I’m going to get some real hell for this one. It wasn’t the cleanest day of eating I’ve ever had. Buutttt I don’t really care. Moving is stressful, I tend to eat when I’m stressed, and hang out with friends who like to eat, as well. I mean, I work at a CrossFit gym. Most CrossFit people like food. The good ones, at least. But I like to share posts like this to show that I don’t stick COMPLETELY paleo 24/7. Because life is more fun with tasty treats once in a while.

So anyways, I started my morning off the other day with a cup of joe. In my coffee, I use heavy cream (about 1 tablespoon or less) and 3 drops of stevia. (disclaimer: heavy cream is not paleo. I use it because it doesn’t bother me). While I drank my coffee, I recorded a podcast with Low Carb Conversations. I drank 1/2 of it. Like usual.


After our podcast, I was STARVING. So I snacked on 5 plantain chips while I made my breakfast. When I made breakfast, I made enough to eat at lunch too. So for 2 meals, I made 2 pieces of bacon, 1/2 pound of ground chicken, 1 head of broccoli and topped it with some Steve’s Paleo Chef Sriracha. (psssst. If you use the discount code ‘PaleOMG2014′ at checkout, you’ll get 10% off your Steve’s Paleo Goods order. Good until Sunday). After I removed half of it concoction from the pan, I topped the breakfast meal with 1 egg and a couple chunks of raw cheddar cheese.


After I ate part of it, I wasn’t hungry. So I didn’t finish my meal. Cool story, huh?


Once I got showered up, I grabbed a 1/2 full Suja Juice on my way out the door. It’s my new favorite one. I like drinks carrots more than eating them.


When I got to the Sugar Bakeshop, I got myself an almond milk latte. Isn’t it pretty? Again, I drank half it. Then I ate my lunch that I had made at breakfast earlier. Again, I didn’t finish my meal. I suck.



While I worked on the new cookbook, a friend came into the bakeshop and we chatted and caught up with each other’s lives. He asked if I wanted to split a popster. I’ll explain what a popster is if you’re unsure. A popster is similar to a pop tart but homemade a way freaking better. Definitely not paleo. I think I had strawberry one with a homemade strawberry filling and strawberry frosting on top. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. I had 2 bites of it. After my friend left, he left part of it behind for me to finish. I threw it away so it wouldn’t haunt me. My 2 bites were glorious though.


After 3 hours at the coffee shop and finishing up cookbook stuff, I grabbed a paleo pumpkin muffin at the Bakeshop to go. I was getting a tad hungry and wanted my stomach not to be pissed at me during my workout. I ate half of it while I stretched. I’m a good multitasker.photo-46

Then I worked out at CrossFit Broadway. This is what I did:

5 min Clock

500 m Row then amrap of:

6 Power Snatch (135#/95#) – my coach made me do 85#. I pouted for a good 16 sec because I would have been  fine with 75#

8 Alternating Front Rack lunges (135#/95#)

3 mins REST THEN

5 min Clock

500 m Row then amrap of:

6 Burpees

8 Toes To Bar

3 mins REST THEN

5 min Clock

500 m Row then amrap of:

6 Power Snatch (135#/95#)

8 Alternating Front Rack lunges (135#/95#)

After that workout, we did 4x200m sprints. My butt is sore. Wait, no. Only left butt cheek is sore. My right one is dumb.

After the workout, I coached 2 classes at the gym and put them through lovely lunges and sprints. Once I finished coaching, I was putting my jacket on and my friend Jeremy offered me a gluten free cookie. I’m not one to ever turned down something sweet, obviously, so I ate half of one and they were AWESOME. I told him I wanted to sleep on a pillow made of those cookies.photo-47

Once I got home, I ate the other half of my paleo pumpkin muffin. So good.

Then the roommates and I had a little roommate night. Since I move out tomorrow, we wanted to all hang out at the house, eat food, and watch the Bachelor. So we ordered some dinner from Park Burger and ate at home. I ordered a Turkey Bacon Guac burger on greens that was topped with some ranch. And we got sweet potato fries. I wasn’t super into the sweet potato fries that night so I just had a handful.


After dinner, I had a piece of Eating Evolved vanilla latte chocolate to end the night. It was delicious as usual.

I finished my night off watching Shameless. I think I’ve given up on Breaking Bad, but we will see what the future brings. I love Shameless though. Pumped for the new season. It has some huge downer moments, but it still has humor tied into the series.  I need humor in sadness. I just do.

Ok, I’m going to go move. kluvyoubye.