I hate the word sesh. It’s not a real word. Nor should I use it. Especially since I’m not a 20 year old ski bum riding the mountain today. Stupid.

Anywho, I’m writing this little post today to answer some questions some of you have had about me, about my blog, about my digestive tract, and about my food. People love knowing other people’s business. It’s just plain fact.

My life is boring, so I don’t expect you to read this. I live in a gym. Cook a lot of food. And pray for the day that I don’t have to wake up at 4:15am anymore.

Which leads me to my first question…then many more….

Question: How do you stay productive when you wake up at 4:15am?

  • I have absolutely no idea. I sometimes cry, no joke, because I’m so tired. But sh*t has to get done in our lives. And we rate our priorities. My priorities include my workouts, eating, blogging, and working. I don’t have kids. I’m not in a stressful relationship. Therefore, I’m pretty damn happy most of the time and know that doing what I love to do will make me even happier. Productivity = happy JB.
Question: How long were you Crossfitting before you were truly comfortable with it? When did (esp. Heavy lifting) “click” for you and begin to feel natural?
  • I became comfortable with CrossFit fairly early on because of how amazing all the people were at my first gym. I never felt intimidated because I knew I wasn’t the only one with questions about movements and knew I would have awesome guidance from my first coaches. Heavy lifting started to click probably a year and half into CrossFitting because of the amazing guys I now train with. They gave me the confidence to try heavier weights and have confidence within my lifts.
Question: How do you stay so disciplined??
  • I’m not sure if that question is related to CrossFit or eating, but I’m not always the most disciplined person. With CrossFit, I’m pretty disciplined because I freaking love it. And want to be better at it. It makes me feel more alive, it makes me a better person, and it is part of me. So I can’t not do it. But when it comes to diet, I’m not always perfect, by any means. When competition is close, I’m pretty dialed in, but sometimes I break down and chocolate is my boyfriend…and I can’t get enough.
Question: Do you cheat?
  • On my boyfriend, when I have one? Na. On my diet, yes. But my cheats really only come in the form of chocolate. I don’t really like bread anymore, I don’t really crave chips, I just want dark chocolate. And a lot of it. Yesterday, I had a bad day and the only thing that made me feel better was dark chocolate walnuts AND a handful….a large handful….of Hershey’s Mr. Goodbars. And a cadbury cream egg. Yeah, sh*t got a little out of control. I’m such an emotional eater.
Question: How do you deal with cravings beyond making a paleo equivalent?
  • I just don’t eat them and usually the craving goes away. Or just eat something else and usually feel better. If nothing is going to satisfy that craving and I’m still thinking about it, I’ll usually have it. Does that mean I go to a mexican restaurant and eat a 6lb burrito. No. I like pooping. And not feeling like I’m going to die. But I may have carnitas with a side of refried beans. Sh*t that stuff is good.
Question: How do you not over-eat all the food you make?!?!
  • Uhhhhhhh, I sometimes do. Especially the sweets. So I tend to give those away to my friends and training buddies as quick as possible. For the actual meals, I just put the quantity size I should be having on a plate, then tupperware the rest up. That way I don’t eat until I puke.
Question: How many people do your meals serve? And since you eat them on your own; how long does it take you to finish!
  • My meals (depending on how many pounds of meat I’m cooking) usually last me 4-5 meals. I tend to consume 3-4oz of meat per meal so if I cook a pound of meat, it will last me around 4 meals. Chilis or stews or crockpot meals usually last me 6 or so meals. I usually eat my food over 3-4 days because I’m switching back and forth through a couple different recipes I made that week. I don’t tend to ever get sick of leftovers, so it’s all consumed pretty quickly.
Question: What’s your best “at the office” Paleo snack for in between meals?
  • My office is a gym, so I suck with this kind of answer. But whenever you’re eating snacks, make sure you start that snack off with protein. It’s going to keep you feeling full, longer. And more satisfied. If you’re eating purely nuts as your afternoon snack, you will most likely go back and back and back and be consuming your body weight in fat before you know it. So pack meat, chicken, deli meat, a pork chop, whatever, just bring meat!!
Question: Is there a limit to the quantity of vegetables you should consume at each meal?
  • No. Eat the sh*t out of vegetables. They are delicious. Help you poop. And are good for you. I limit mine because I gain weight when I consume too much. My body and metabolism blow.
Question: How do you poop without eating a ton of vegetables?
  • It’s called coffee. No, I’m kidding. Kind of. Bathroom issues are often some of the issues people deal with but never talk about. I’m slightly obnoxious and have no filter so I don’t care.  Since going paleo, my digestive tract has never been better. I utilize the bathroom regularly throughout the day. I don’t know if exercise helps that at all (maybe box jumps help the process) but I don’t ever have an issue unless I eat something sketch. Like a pound of chocolate.

Question: What the hell are you talking about in your post yesterday about poop being in your bloodstream?!

  • Grains are bad. We all know this. And if you don’t know why, you need the read The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. He tells you all about how fecal matter is floating around in your bloodstream if you are eating these grains. Or check out this article. The gist of it is, grains cannot be broken down in our digestive tract, so they break holes in our intestinal lining, creating holes for the crap that is in our digestive tract to make its way throughout our body. Ew. I like my poop in its place.