I’m doing it. My very first giveaway. I’m so excited! I’ve never done one. But when the opportunity came up to spread the word about the Well Fed Cookbook by Melissa Joulwan of The Clothes Make the Girl, I couldn’t pass it up! If you haven’t seen her cookbook yet, which I’m guessing 96% of you have, you are missing out! Not only did Melissa self publish this book, but she did it incredibly well. The photography is magnificent, the recipes are different from what you’ll find in most paleo blogs, and her voice is wonderful. It’s an easy to read, easy to look at, and easy to love paleo cookbook, and there are definitely not enough of those out there…yet! The time and effort put into this cookbook shows and everyone should have it on their bookshelf OR sitting in the kitchen next to some bacon grease…like mine.

And one of the best things about this cookbook is that it is for all kinds of paleo eaters. If you are new to paleo and are looking to make something very simple, she has that. She talks about the importance of spices and easy ways to incorporate flavors into simple dishes. And if you are a paleo-pro, she has all kind of recipes and new ideas that will spark your interest. Ever heard of machacado? You have? Whatever. To me, it seems pretty fancy. But Melissa makes it so simple that a paleo-newb to a paleo-pro could enjoy every last bite of every recipe she has.

The Well Fed Cookbook brings the spirit of every culture into paleo cooking, and that is not something you find every day.

If there is one thing I love the most about this book, it’s that the author. Melissa is an incredibly good person. She is kind, caring, and incredibly thoughtful. When I emailed her asking a question about how she got started on the publishing train, she emailed me back within minutes. She cares for everyone and that’s a pretty amazing quality to have. I believe good things happen to good people and I hope that GREAT things happen to her.

But anyways, enough with the gushy stuff. Here is how to win the cookbook:

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  2. Follow Melissa on Twitter and tweet this to her: Win a FREE copy of #WellFed by @melicious11 with @paleOMG. Can’t wait to try out her recipes! #paleo #glutenfree http://bit.ly/MrP4aX
  3. Leave a comment on my blog (below) about why you would love to have this cookbook! Be sure that you enter in your email within the email “slot” when leaving the comment so I can contact you if needed.

Disclaimer (I like that word):

This giveaway will end Sunday August 12th at 11:59pm Mountain Time. I will be choosing the winner(s), well, because I can. It’s my blog.