Sometimes, meaning a lot of the time, people think it’s weird that I post about what I eat. But then some people find it interesting. And honestly, I find it kind of interesting too. I think it’s very interesting to see what people can eat and get away with. And when I say interesting, I mean f*cking frustrating.

How do some people get to eat whatever they want and drink whatever they want and still look fantastic? I taste the batter of my muffin mix and automatically have a huge insulin spike. Then my pants fit tighter. Then I feel bloated. Then I’m cranky. All because I tasted a spoonful of coconut flour and cocoa powder and some honey. Then I watch my friends eat pizza or chips and dip or whatever else tastes good in this world and nothing happens to their body. Our bodies are weird. And stupid. And if paleo didn’t make me feel so good inside, I’d go straight for the Oreos and dip them in frosting, while eating a burger WITH THE BUN. But alas, I must stick with eating paleo, seeing no body changes, while watching my 6 pack friends eat all the grains they want. Bastards. I’m not bitter at all.

Anywho. Let’s see what I shoved my face with some random day last week.

So I woke up around 6:30am. Looking so refreshed and glowing like usual. That’s a lie. Zit cream was most likely spread across my face. Alongside saliva. Then I made breakfast and started my day with some diced pork chop, breakfast sausage, zucchini and mushrooms. I’m trying to stay away from eggs for a while because they make me bloated. I miss them. They’re delicious. I ate my breakfast with some coffee. I’ve been putting almond milk and 2 drops of liquid stevia in my coffee recently and absolutely love it. I also love my new Keurig. Waking up to coach at 6am is much more enjoyable with that guy. Coffee snobs are gonna hate me.


Then I worked on my blog, did social media stuff, worked on some emails. Then I decided I should get my run over with early since it was getting hot outside, real fast. So I did my usual daily 2.5 mile run. Ew. I kind of hate running BUT my legs have looked much more my style, so I’ve been sticking with it. Being comfortable in my own skin has been a large goal of mine this year. Anywho, after the run, I made lunch and while I cooked, I licked a spoonful of coconut butter. Not any coconut butter. Nikki’s Coconut Butter. Delicious. Top 5 favorite snacks.


Before I knew it, it was time to head to the gym. I rode my adorable little cruiser to the gym to coach the afternoon classes. After I coached the noon class, once I noticed I had left my lunch on the kitchen table at home, I decided to head to The Hornet down the street from the gym. They have delicious burgers, French press coffee, AND wifi. That’s usually where I make my own bloddy marys. Wonderful. So my friend Jeremy went with me so we could gossip it up and stuff our faces. Food and gossip is the best. I had a turkey burger with blue cheese, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and a chipotle aioli and a side salad. Then a press. I blogged as I pressed.

photo-31 photo-30

Once I had more energy than needed from the press, I went back to the gym to coach the 3:30 and 4:30pm classes. And when I finished coaching, it was time to workout. The CrossFit Broadway workout that day was 15 min to find a heavy push jerk into a split jerk, then for time: 400 m Run; 3 rounds of: 20 KB Swings (70#/55#) and 20 Push Jerks (135#/95#); 400 m Run. It was awesome. And it was the first time I’ve gone overhead in over a month, so that was exciting. It’s crazy how much your core is weakened when you’re not going overhead. It’s such a downer. I like having a strong core. I miss it.

Once I biked home slowly, drank about a gallon of ice water, I finally wanted to eat around 7:30. So I cooked up some leftover shredded pork, zucchini, and added avocado to the mix.


Around 9pm, I decided to make some muffins. Because I needed something to blog about. And because muffins are wonderful to have in the morning. So I made my Chocolate Maple Crunch Muffins and ate a tablespoon or two of the batter, which was extremely delicious. You should try those muffins as soon as possible.

Then I did laundry, blogged more, and went to bed. Are you thrilled yet? Didn’t think so. Ok, bye.