So you know that awesome company called Bodeefit I talk about every now and then that gives you free Crossfit-style workouts you can do at home? And remember how they started doing weekly paleo meal plans with a lot of my recipes? Well guess what? Now I own that shit! Well at least part of it…

I am officially on board as a PARTNER in Bodeefit, and couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store! Yep. I’m joining the co-founders, Adam Griffin and Blake Miller, as the 3rd partner and we have some really big plans for the future. So what does that mean for you?

  • First things first. NO, PaleOMG is not going anywhere! This is still my baby, and will continue to be my main outlet for recipes, stories, and venting about dating.
  • Yes I will be just as funny. Well, I’m not exactly funny, but I’ll still just as weird. Just slightly more tired since I wasn’t busy enough before joining the Bodeefit team….

What exactly is Bodeefit? 

  • Daily Crossfit-style workouts that don’t require any equipment.
  • Weekly paleo meal plans and shopping lists that you can access online and from your mobile phone. Take your shopping list to the store with you!
  • A database of 100s of quick and easy paleo recipes.
  • “Bodeefit ONLY” recipes by yours truly. Yep, you can only find them here.
  • Personal trainer support to help you reach your fitness goals.
  • Access to the workouts online so you can log your times/scores and share them on social media.
  • An amazing community that you should probably join. Like today.

What about the free sh*t?!

Everyone who signs up for Bodeefit PRO by THIS FRIDAY, APRIL 5TH, will get the following:

  • Entered in a giveaway to receive 1 of 5 free e-cookbooks from Civilized Caveman featuring over 200 paleo recipes!
  • Civilized Caveman e-cookbook for just $19.95 (60% off)!
  • Entered in a giveaway to receive 1 of 3 free Sampler Pack from Steve’s PaleoGoods!
  • 10% discount code to Steve’s PaleoGoods!
  • Entered in a giveaway for 1 of 10 free pairs of Nom Nom Paleo socks!
  • Entered in a giveaway for 1 of 10 free download codes for Nom Nom Paleo iPad app!
  • Free Bodeefit tshirt!

And that’s all on top of the other amazing crap I listed above that you get for joining Bodeefit! Why are you still reading this? Go join my new company already!

P.S. You will receive an email after signing up with details on everything. Enjoy!