I’m off to the CrossFit Games – Southwest Regional today. Don’t worry. I got up extra early, drank my coffee, and thought about vomiting for a while. I’m kinda nervous. I get either really quiet or really rambunctious when I’m nervous. I often dance, awkwardly. And then get really sweaty hands. I hate having sweaty hands. It’s not good for meeting new people. Or doing pull ups. If you’ve ever seen me workout, I chalk my hands every 10 pull ups. I literally HAVE TO or I will slip right off the bar. I need to get the sweat glands removed from my hands. That’s weird though.

I went to register in Castle Rock yesterday. I literally can’t stop smiling after being there. It’s so damn exciting. So many athletes there, all with the same goal in mind, all that have worked their asses off the entire year. Just so freaking cool to see. These kind of events are where I feel the most myself. I always feel so awkward in social settings, except at CrossFit events. Because everyone looks like me. All the girls have big shoulders. All wear spandex. And all love food. I love CrossFit girls.

So today I will be competing for my second time in Regionals. I want to do well, like everyone else out there. But I want to do well for certain people. I want to make a few of my friends proud because not only have they believed in me, but they have inspired me as well. And the person who has inspired me the most is my roommate and best friend, Laura.

Not only did Laura start doing CrossFit after Regionals last year, but she keeps getting better every single week. It’s absolutely amazing to watch. Because she just wants to get better. She wants muscles, she wants to lift more, and she will do whatever it takes to get better. It’s freaking awesome. This girl never gives up. She never complains. And she will always push herself, never taking the easy road. It’s amazing.

And Laura has done seriously everything for me. She will be taking off work today to come see me compete and will be watching all 6 workouts. She’s watching me workout. How boring is that?! But she loves it. She knows what I struggle with. She knows what frustrates me. And she wants to be there for all of those moments that come up during the weekend. She’s been with me at every step in this CrossFit experience and I could not be anymore grateful to have someone like her in my life.

My inspiration for doing CrossFit is my best friend, Laura.

What’s yours?