I broke a mirror yesterday. It fell on the floor and legit shattered. Bad luck for 7 years? Maybe. I’m not really happy about that though so I’m acting like it’s not true. Even though I still believe that karma is true. I’ve got to believe in it when I’m dealing with aholes like Vday guy, right? Right.

I ate chicken with a side of apple pie nachos for breakfast this morning. Less of the chicken, more of the apple pie nachos. That’s because they feed my soul. And taste better than chicken. I was happy as a clam.

Valentine’s Day just kind of ruined my diet this week. I didn’t even have a bro buying me chocolate, but it still ended up in my house. Probably because I used my own cold earned cash to buy it. And I also have sh*tty girlfriends like Sarah and Sam who fuel the fire. Sam, who lives in Charleston, sent me chocolate covered almonds and deodorant for Vday. AND a freaking weener dog card. Dear God I love her. And Sarah made me these “paleo” truffles with coconut and chocolate chips. I ate so many I thought I might throw up. I think I have a problem. It’s called an addiction. I’m going cold turkey people. F*ck chocolate. I don’t need you.

My lord, paleo nazis hate me right now. I’m like the anti christ, eatin chocolate like a boss.

So other than my chocolate addiction, I wasn’t addicted to a whole lot of new things. Other than thinking about what I’m going to cook for my next cooking video. I LOVED making a cooking video. Even though I was an awkward turtle for most of it, I loved it. It was exactly who I am….an awkward turtle, so I guess there was really nothing wrong with the video. But I’m hoping to make a more complicated meal this weekend and make it shorter so you don’t have to watch me ramble on for 12 minutes. No one should have to watch me talk for 12 minutes. No one.

But anyways, I have been addicted to other people’s blogs lately. I LOVE food blogs. Paleo or non paleo. They are just so cool to look at and see what great minds are coming up with. So I thought I would share my favorite blogs out there so you can see all there is to offer in the online food world.

  • Heather from MultiplyDelicious. Not only is this women ridiculously gorgeous AND have a ridiculously gorgeous family to go with it, but she is ingenious when it comes to cooking and all things food. And crafts. And really anything. She’s awesome, obviously. I LOVE checking out her blog, her photography is spot on!! Thanks for being awesome Heather!
  • Megan and Brandon from Health-Bent. I usually hate couples, especially good looking CrossFit ones (mostly because I envy them so much) but this couple is just too awesome to hate. Not only are they wicked cool people, but they are incredibly intelligent as well. Reading their viewpoints on paleo is some of my favorite stuff out there. AND they have HANDS DOWN, some of the best paleo recipes out there. I’m not even kidding you. They don’t EVER post something that isn’t going to light up your life and make you wish you lived on a food porn set. Plus, they have a super cool website. And photos. I love them. Did I already say that? Whatever.
  • Jess at Girl Walks into a Bar(bell). I’ve never chatted with her nor have I met her, but I have a total girl crush on her. She has a pretty damn sweet website, not a ton of paleo recipes, but just awesome CrossFit and other health related stuff. I mainly like looking at her pictures. She looks like a badass chick. If I had that bod, I’d invest in a better camera and take more pics of myself working out. Truth. Check out her website. She’s a badass CrossFit chick and who doesn’t like looking at those ladies!?
  • Finn and Greg of Modern Paleo Warfare. Why the eff I’ve never met these guys, I’ll never know. Probably because they don’t live here, nor do they know I stalk their blog. But I’m pretty sure we come from the same womb, which would actually suck because I hope to someday fall in love with one of them. Pretty sure they are married. Idiots. But not only do they make food porn to die for, they also make cooking videos with music. WITH WICKED GOOD MUSIC PEOPLE. I love them. And they cuss a lot. I like people like that.
  • Jessica from How Sweet It Is is my soul mate. Plain and simple. I’m sure 10,000+ other women say that daily, but holy balls this woman is HILARIOUS. It’s ridiculous. And she loves sweets as much as I do. And her pictures as some of the best food porn I’ve seen. Read her stuff. It’s epic. You may never want to eat paleo again after seeing her recipes, but whatever. It’d be worth it.

That’s all I got for ya right now.

I finished the chocolate almonds. Now I’ve cleaned my hands of all chocolate. Never turning back. You don’t control me chocolate.