I’ve talked about how I have an addictive personality. Well kind of. I get addicted to something and usually love it for around 2 weeks, then we part ways. Rarely do I LOVE something for longer. Nut butters are a different story. We have a bond. I don’t want to get into it. But after 2 weeks, I am usually move onto my next new and exciting addiction. So does that mean I don’t have an addictive personality since I don’t stick with anything? Or do I have an addictive personality since I replace one addiction with another? Yeah, I don’t know either. Stop acting like you do. You’re not a psychologist, and if you are, your skills ain’t got sh*t on me. Believe me, my mom has tried. That was all so confusing.

That just got deep. Anywho. Ok, so I was thinking I would just go on a little rant about what I was addicted to this week. Not that you care, or will even read on after this sentence, but I’m still puttin’ it out there. As you can tell, this blog is a bit of a journal or diary or aplaceiwritedowneverythingi’mthinking spot.

So here we go…

Dear Diary,

These are the things I can’t get out of my mind…this week:

  1. Fact: Hot sauce is delicious on ANYTHING. Do not try to fight me on this one. I will win.
  2. More than anything in this world, I wish I had a fig tree. I’m pretty sure that’s where figs come from, but not positive. If I had a fig tree, all I would eat all day long is figs. Well, I’d probably make fig sandwiches with almond butter in the middle too. RECIPE IDEA..ding ding ding!!!!
  3. Coconut butter should be illegal.
  4. I just ran out of deer steaks and now my life is very sad.
  5. Cashews. You bastards.
  6. Burnt onions. Like caramelized but instead of caramelized, they’re burnt. I love them.
  7. Sweet potatoes ran my life this week. In every different form known to man. I think I might be having an affair with sweet potatoes. That was a weird and dumb statement. Like I would ever have a husband to have an affair on.
  8. I want a bag of Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!?
  9. Sparkling mineral water is sooooo much better than regular water. It’s my bubbly happy place.
  10. Weiner dogs. How am I suppose to spell weiner…weener…weaner? Whatever. I love them. I don’t know why. I don’t really like animals. Dogs don’t really excite me. But weiner dogs, I can’t stop giggling. Thank god for pinterest because people pin the sh*t out of dogs and I get to look at them. I think I just snorted from giggling so much.

oooooooooooooooook. im gonna pee i'm so excited

omgomgomgomg omg.