You know what’s weird? I’m really surprised I actually have new favorite things now that I’m not eating sweets. What’s the point of even liking anything if it’s not sweet? I see no reason. Like dudes. What’s the point in even thinking about them if they are not the sweetest human you have ever met? No reason. Single dudes are stupid anyways.

Anywho, I DO have new favorite things.

  1. La Croix Sparkling Water – Coconut Flavor. It’s delicious. I’ve only had one, but I’m instantly obsessed. I couldn’t find it in the store today and cried my eyes out to the store owner. That’s a total lie. I didn’t even ask if they had it. I just chips instead. Makes sense.
  2. Guess what chips I bought. Holy effing crap, I’m obsessed with these. Not even kind of obsessed, like stupid obsessed. I can’t tell you the dollar amount of what I have spent on these little gems of heaven, but know it’s ridiculous. Tyrrell’s beet, parsnip, and carrot chips have been amazing. Especially through this sugar detox I’ve been on. If you do one thing this weekend, buy some. I found this brand at Whole Foods.
  3. Green apples cooked in coconut oil with cinnamon. On this sugar detox, I’m allowed to have 1 green apple or green banana a day, so the other day when I needed something sweet, I just sliced one up thin and cooked it until soft with coconut oil, cinnamon, and a bit of salt. Epic. It’s crazy how sweet green apples taste when you don’t have sugar for a while.
  4. Sunbutter. Since I have pretty much cut out nuts, I have turned to sunbutter to get the creamy texture I love the much from nuts and nut butters. It’s been very helpful UNTIL they stopped selling the sugar free kind in stores. What the sh*t is that?!! I don’t get it. I guess I’ll have to buy online damnit. I know, I know, I could make my own. I’ll stop being lazy soon and do it. Jeez.
  5. The best burger IN THE WORLD. For reals. I’m going to make my own version of this burger, this week. It’s at a restaurant near my house called Finley’s Pub and it’s the Finley Burger. Get this, it starts off with shredded brisket (I think) then a burger, then some kind of cheese, then thick bacon, then some bearnaise (sp?) sauce. I know, it’s not strict paleo, but I don’t give a sh*t. I’ve eaten this burger 2 times in a week and I’m not one to eat out at restaurants very often. If you live in Denver, go there, get the Finley Burger with sweet potato fries and die in your sweet. You’ll be fine with dying after eating this guy.
  6. So I tried these cookies a while back, and they were awesome. And I love finding out about new paleo companies that are giving options for us paleo eaters out there. This company, Kaeli-O-Kookies are delicious and really satisfy your sweet tooth. Order some and keep them for an on-the-go snack. Send them an email and get your sweet treat fix!
  7. Ok, you all need to listen up because I am truly in LOVE with this company. It’s a paleo baking company and it’s effing legit. White Lion Baking Company to be exact. Like, I can’t even put it into words how much I have loved this companies products. Since I got some of their baked goods while on my sugar detox, I haven’t tried the cookies or cinnamon bun mix yet, but the biscuits and crackers…oh yeah, I’ve gotten down on those. They are awesome. They are made with almond flour but you would NEVER know. They taste like they are filled with dumb gluten. So delicious. The biscuits are amazing and the owner is freaking awesome, which makes it even better. She told me that I should cut a biscuit in half, toast it and make it into a breakfast sandwich. Aren’t you in love with her now too? She’s great. The While Lion Baking Company has a TON of different products so be sure to check out her website, Facebook, and Twitter and get to eating. You WILL NOT regret it!!
  8. So the other day, I mentioned I would be having a giveaway for you all next week, but I wasn’t going to tell you what the giveaway was. Well, it’s a paleo cookbook…’Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat’ is the book I will be giving away. And I will be giving away TWO!! So be sure to check back on Monday for giveaway details!! In the meantime, check out the blog The Clothes Make the Girl by Melissa Joulwan to find out more about her, her recipes, and her fantastic book. It is by far the best paleo cookbook I have come across. And also check her out on Facebook and Twitter to get chatting more with Melissa. She’s truly an inspiration!

    how effing good does that look?!


That’s all I got for you this week. I only like 8 things nowadays. Oh, I almost forgot, I got new socks! I don’t know what brand they are though. Target? Who knows.