It’s always funny when I post what I ate in a day because I either have people who love it, people who think I’m begging for compliments, people who think I eat too little, people who think I eat too much, really anything. People are opinionated. Either way, I still eat. And I still talk about it 4-5 days out of the week. More if you include my instagram.

Either way, let’s talk about what I ate some random day last week. Then you can judge me. Here ya go.

So I woke up around 5:15am, threw some workout clothes on that I had actually already worn the day before, just because they were the closest to my feet, and brushed my teeth, then went straight out the door within 7 minutes to go get my coffee. Geez run on sentence. I’ve stopped worrying about putting on makeup most days since it saves me so much damn time.

After grabbing an Americano at Starbucks, I went to the gym and coached the 6&7am classes. I have a break between 8-9, so I chowed down on some leftovers from Sunday night grilling. It included a 1/2 chorizo, 1/2 ground beef burger with some pineapple guacamole and 1/2 slice of bacon. I’m guessing the meat was about 4 ounces, but that’s just an amazing guess.


After my 9am class, I headed to the good ole’ doc to get some skin stuff checked out. Always fun having your zits closely looked at. Then I headed home to cook about 4 meals since I was out of town for the past 7 days and had to make sure you were all fed. After making 4 dishes, I ate a handful of carrot fries which was probably 4-5 medium carrots around 2pm.


Then I dyed my hair. Couldn’t have my blonde roots peeking through on a Mexico vacation.

While my dye sat in my hair, I ate up some lunch around 12pm. It included a small slice of my summer breakfast meatloaf. I’m guessing it was about 3 ounces. I wasn’t very hungry since I snacked on the carrot fries.


After getting the dye out of my hair and blogging again to make sure I had all these posts done while I left for Mexico, I snacked on a 1/2 packet of cacao butter around 3:30pm. It was on the counter from the other day and needed to be finished. Lovely.


Then I ran to the gym, in the rain. It’s about 2-2.5 miles, so I was a bit soaked after the run. Real good look.

I then did a lovely workout at CrossFit Broadway of: 30 sec on/30 sec rest, alternating for 12 mins: (for total reps) HSPU (I did kipping) and Pull Ups (also kipping) followed by: 3 Rounds For Time Of: ( 20 min Time Cap) 400 m Run, 30 KB Swings (70#/55#), 30 Wall Ball. It hurt real bad.

After the workout, the lovely boyfriend was kind of enough to drive me home. But we first decided to make a post workout shake at his house. Our shakes included a banana, almond milk, and a scoop of chocolate protein. I have no idea what the protein was. And I only drink protein drinks on occasion because I feel like I get addicted to protein drinks and really don’t need the extra sugar. But daaaaaaaamn, it was delicious.

that's a rockies cup WHILE watching the rockies game. obviously, i was not in my own house. or the E! channel would have been on

that’s a rockies cup WHILE watching the rockies game. obviously, i was not in my own house. or the E! channel would have been on

Once I made it home, I blogged, then finally was hungry around 9pm. I ate a small dinner of only probably 5-6 bites of Monday’s post: turkey and spinach stuffed sweet potatoes. I still wasn’t very hungry from having that protein drink so I just ate as much as I could before I headed to bed.


that looks like a big ball of junk. it tasted relish

Then I slept 8 hours. IT WAS AWESOME.

Someday soon, I’m gonna post what I ate on a “naughty day”, meaning a Friday night. Or Saturday. Or Sunday.