So I really like coconut. In a lot of forms. It’s consumed almost daily in my household. I drink coconut milk daily…sometimes out of the can…sometimes by the spoonful…really any way I drink it as quick as possible. This leads to stomach aches at times, but totally worth it. I also cook with coconut oil A LOT. Bake with it. Saute with it. Whatever need be, I have it on hand. I eat coconut flakes. Sometimes shredded coconut…that can just get messy. I don’t even want to get into what my kitchen floor corners look like. Dear lord. And I chow down on coconut butter, like a lot. I just made some chocolate coconut butter the other night. Coconut is the coolest thing in the world. Hands down. Don’t you dare fight me.

So when I was given the opportunity to review Tropical Traditions Golden Label Virgin Coconut Oil, I couldn’t have been happier. This stuff is AWESOME. Seriously hands down the best coconut oil I’ve ever tried. And believe me, I’ve consumed A LOT of coconut oil in my day. And it comes in a HUGE 1 quart jar so it lasts for.ever. It’s fantastic. I don’t have to worry about buying it on a weekly basis at the store anymore!

But what really gets me going, what really makes my world go round, and somehow gets me sitting on the kitchen floor with spoon and jar in hand is the Coconut Cream Concentrate. Some of you may know this stuff by the name of coconut butter. Same diff. Diff name. Stop being confused. It’s stupid good. Like OMG I want to have Coconut Cream Concentrate’s babies. That’s a lie. I hate babies. Except my friend Jenn’s baby. I took a picture with her today. She never stops smiling. Babies who don’t cry are awesome. Anywho, the coconut cream concentrate is pure awesomeness in a jar. It’s kind of the texture of nut butter but with an even more satisfying feel because of it’s awesome saturated fat component. You can have 2 spoonfuls of this stuff and be stuffed. Or you can be me and have 8…but that would just mean you’re awesome. And a badass. If you have never tried this stuff, get it. ASAP. And experience what love is. Guess I know what I’m doing on Valentine’s Day.

Check out their products! They have every kind of coconut product under the sun and all these products are super high quality! And be sure to check out their coconut recipe page! Not all paleo, but a ton of great ideas!!

And hey, don’t forget to check back later. I will absolutely have a rant AND a recipe waiting for you!