Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On December 22, 2014 13 Comments

It’s Christmas week! I’ve never been fully into Christmas, but I’m getting more in the spirit. For me, Christmas is similar to birthdays, it just gets less exciting… Read More »


Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On December 19, 2014 6 Comments

Don’t judge my Fashion Fridays this week. I know it’s a bit less than pathetic. But life is busy and if you’re failing to plan, you’re planning to… Read More »


Pumpkin Gingerbread Protein Shake

In Treats On December 16, 2014 31 Comments

I finally saw the third Hunger Games movie, part 1. Then I instantly remembered why I stopped reading the third book. It’s soooo slow at the beginning. All she… Read More »


Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On December 15, 2014 11 Comments

I love feeling back to normal! It’s taken weeks. After getting back from Pittsburgh and trying to get back to working out daily then competing in a competition… Read More »


Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On December 12, 2014 31 Comments

Woo hoo!! I’m back to my normal weekly posts. That means Fashion Fridays are back!! I think I took two weeks off of Fashion Fridays because of the… Read More »


Guest Post: Peppermint Fudge

In Treats On December 11, 2014 34 Comments

It’s that time again!! Guest post time!! So excited to have Alaena from Grazed and Enthused sharing her delicious recipe for Peppermint Fudge. Having guest posts is super… Read More »


Pulled Pork, Caramelized Onion, and Red Pepper Frittata

In Breakfast, Eggs, Pork, Veggies On December 10, 2014 48 Comments

I hate making breakfast every morning. For some reason, I haven’t been huge on breakfast recently. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy and cooking right away seems like a… Read More »


Every Last Crumb Book Review: PMS Brownies

In Rants, Treats On December 9, 2014 55 Comments

You guuuuuyyyyyssss!! It’s officially here! The highly anticipated Every Last Crumb by Brittany Angell has hit stores and been sent out to all the wonderful people who preordered the… Read More »


Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On December 8, 2014 53 Comments

Like my ball hugging picture? Haha, ball hugger. You may have noticed last week I decided to not post anything new. I had to take a break from… Read More »


Last Minute Thanksgiving Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potatoes

In Veggies On November 26, 2014 31 Comments

It’s almost Thanksgiving!!!! I’m really excited this year. I’m doing the Friendsgiving thing this week and have TWO Friendsgivings to attend. That means lots of cooking. I just… Read More »

Juli Bauers Paleo Cookbook Cover

Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook

In Rants On November 25, 2014 47 Comments

It’s official! On August 18th, 2015, my third cookbook will be released! A cookbook that I could not be more proud of, more excited for, and more in love… Read More »


Fashion Fridays + MZ Wallace Bag Giveaway

In Fashion Fridays On November 21, 2014 51 Comments

I’m sad. Well, ok not sad, but bummed. Yeah, I’ll go with bummed. I thought I would have 4 recipes for you this week, but then something really… Read More »


Brownie Eggnog Pumpkin Pie

In Treats On November 19, 2014 48 Comments

I can’t decide. I just don’t know. Do I like regular pumpkin pie or brownie pumpkin pie more?? How the hell do I make that decision? If I’m… Read More »


Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts and Mushroom Gratin

In Veggies On November 18, 2014 59 Comments

Just so you know, if you’re not a fan of brussels sprouts, you need to try this recipe. Even though it’s covered in cheese, which is not strict… Read More »

IMG_4672 copy

Thanksgiving Guest Post: Apple Noodle and Prosciutto Baby Kale Salad with Roasted Hazelnuts

In Fruit, Pork, Veggies On November 17, 2014 17 Comments

No weekly workouts post this week! Food is just more important. The holidays are creeping up fast and since I’ve been working on some other things at the… Read More »

PaleOMG Turquoise Shirt_2

Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On November 14, 2014 26 Comments

I need to apologize to you guys. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted new recipes, but I promise it’s for a good reason. I’m working… Read More »


The Best of Paleo Recipes E-Cookbook

In Rants On November 10, 2014 18 Comments

BIG NEWS PEOPLE! Big! Huge! Imagine if all of your favorite paleo bloggers got together and had a huge party (which would be weird, but use you imagination,… Read More »


Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On November 7, 2014 50 Comments

I need to defend myself. I think some of the world may wonder why I wear scarves so much. And when I say world, I mean no one…. Read More »


Weekly Wokouts + Topo Athletic Shoe Giveaway!

In Weekly Workouts On November 3, 2014 80 Comments

Happy Monday, you workout lovers, you! So get this: to reward you for loving working out and for finally looking at my Weekly Workouts post (I know you’re… Read More »


Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On October 31, 2014 26 Comments

You guys. No selfies this week!! I was super lucky to be around friends every time I dressed up, so I didn’t have to take the uncomfortable selfie… Read More »


Easy Breakfast Casserole

In Breakfast, Eggs, Pork, Veggies On October 29, 2014 162 Comments

Oh my lawd, it’s already Wednesday. My life has been taken over with appointments and late night baseball games. No, I will not tell you which team I… Read More »


Simple Sausage and Bacon Butternut Squash Soup

In Pork, Veggies On October 28, 2014 43 Comments

Why do we do things that we know aren’t good for ourselves? Like food. Even though we know certain foods don’t agree with us, we continually eat those… Read More »


Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On October 27, 2014 18 Comments

Sunday – Rest day! Meaning cook day. Lots of recipes done while in Pittsburgh! Monday – Full work day! 5 or 6 recipes made out in Pittsburgh before… Read More »


Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On October 24, 2014 74 Comments

I’m unsure why people are still insisting on trying to tell me that they don’t like my fashion posts. I don’t like pictures of people’s children taking a dump… Read More »


30 PaleOMG Pumpkin Recipes

In Rants On October 22, 2014 12 Comments

If you’re like most food-obsessed people, you get really excited about pumpkin season. I am one of those people. Every year I’m trying to come up with fun,… Read More »


Weekly Workouts

In Weekly Workouts On October 20, 2014 24 Comments

Today is my last full day working in Pittsburgh. No need to be sad because I will be back here in about a week and a half. Trying… Read More »


Fashion Fridays

In Fashion Fridays On October 17, 2014 47 Comments

Oh laaaaawwwd Fashion Fridays is just the best. I think I say that every Friday. No wait, I totally say that every Friday. It’s just so fun! Doing… Read More »

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