I know what you’re thinking. I can’t believe Juli is reviewing a book that has an adorable couple, who are obviously in love, on the cover of the book. And let me tell you, I can’t believe it either. I tend to not support anything that has to do with couples. Or love. Or couples that are in love and cook together. BUT Bill and Hayley of the paleo cookbook ‘Make it Paleo‘ are incredibly nice people who love paleo as much as I do. And eating. And they also love to share their recipes through their website, The Food Lovers Kitchen. So I dig them. AND I was pretty damn excited when I got this book. It’s gorgeous, seriously gorgeous.

The book is simple and to the point. It’s easy to read, easy to navigate, and has pictures that will make anyone want to eat paleo. The book has over 200 recipes in it, including side dishes, appetizers, and treats, which are all incredibly helpful during the holiday season.

They also include sauces and condiments, which I think are SUPER helpful for paleo lovers. Having the perfect sauce for a meatball or for a gorgeous steak, makes all the difference.

The time and effort that Bill and Hayley put into this cookbook is incredibly evident in every picture and every detail that went into the book and recipes. They have something for every kind of person out there and every single kind of taste bud. No person in your household will go to bed hungry when you have this paleo cookbook in your kitchen.

And the dessert pictures…dear lord. To die for.

I hope I’m so lucky to meet Bill and Hayley someday and learn from the greats. Well that is, if they have single friends. ¬†Third wheel arrangements are lame.