Stop getting mad at me for no recipe! Just stop it.

So here’s the thing. I have my cookbook deadline coming up REAL quick. Like November 6th, real quick. So my time in the kitchen has been at an all time low and my time on the computer, at coffee shops, around kind of strange people, has been at an all time high. So I barely have been cooking, meaning I have no new recipes for you. But I will tomorrow, so you’ll have to come back for that fun, new recipe.

While I was at the coffee shop yesterday for a good 5 hours, within the first hour and half, the guy sitting near me smoked 5 cigarettes. Five. So intense. I stared him down with frustration because he smelled like BO smoke. That was rude of me. I need to not be rude. Since I’m pretty sure he is insane. And I shouldn’t mess with my luck nowadays.

My car is fixable!! And I’m getting a pimped out alarm. No big deal. At least it’s cheaper than buying a new car. Which would have put me into debt and I would have been forced to get another job and not blog for you all. I’m not feeling that option.

Speaking of debt, you all have been so incredibly helpful. And I have some thank yous to throw out there. If you donated to my blog, you were a person who kept it up and running. Since my traffic has increased some, I had to purchase a new server. Which was a pretty penny. And if it weren’t for you all, my site would be a blank screen. Also, if it weren’t for my amazing website man Peter, my site wouldn’t be up. Because I sure as hell don’t know how to change servers. So thank you thank you thank you to everyone that has helped this site run! Paleo food would not be the same without you all!

Now I gotta tell you about a cool new LIMITED TIME product that PaleOMG and Renegade Fitness have put together. Thanks to an amazing reader who came up with the idea, we have put together “Breast Cancer Awareness” headbands. They’re pink. Pink is cute. And a portion of the proceeds from every headband sold will go towards Breast Cancer Research. So you can look adorable in your headband while supporting the boobs. Always awesome! It’s like the football games on TV, but way better.

By the way, I’ll be up at 4am today for our new 5am class at the gym. People are actually increasing their heart rates at 5am. Not only increasing their heart rates, but lifting significant weight over their heads. I know, I think it’s crazy too. If my heart rate increased that much at 5am, I think I would legitimately crap my pants from my body going into flight or fight mode. Just science.