Fashion Friday time!! I didn’t do many things this week, mostly was glued to a computer screen in my pajamas. And when I say pajamas, I mean real ugly pajamas. I don’t really believe in owning good looking pajamas. I don’t understand the point. You don’t look attractive when sleeping or when waking up, so why try to cover it up and act like you do? You’re not a freak of nature, you’re ugly waking up. Just face it. I do. I own it. I hate this paragraph. Anyways, I only sported 3 outfits this week other than my multiple workout outfits. So let’s get on with this sh*t.

I sported this outfit to a dog park. I found out that dog parks are often dirt. I imagined astroturf. I obviously imagined wrong. My feet were a bit dark afterwards. But Jackson was a happy pup.


Next outfit was a day date with Sergio. We went to find some gluten free donuts from Beet Box and some sushi. These jeans are by FAR my favorite jeans I’ve found. They are super stretchy but don’t feel like jeggings and they don’t give you a muffin top. They are the best


This was just a day out and about earlier in the week. I did some grocery shopping and errands. I looked totally over the top, but sometimes you just gotta place dress up to feel good. These shorts are super comfortable and don’t look too much like pajamas like some of the shorts out there. PS taking selfies of the back is highly difficult.