This week was full of meetings and thankfully the temperatures cooled down for just a day, so I threw on a pair of jeans and booties while keeping it cool with a flowy tank. You will probably see these jeans in weekly posts because I absolutely LOVE them. I have two pairs and want to get more because they are super comfortable, stretchy around the legs but still fit the waist perfectly. I wore this outfit to a meeting at Mangiamo Pronto, which I had never been to. Seriously one of the best shrimp salads I’ve ever had. I want to drink lemon poppyseed dressing on the reg now. On the reg.


A couple people asked if I would share some workout outfits. I’m not one of those cute workout people. Seeing myself in pictures working out is frightening. But I do love me some workout clothes, especially some that I’ve found recently!


This was my favorite outfit of the week. Not only was in the most comfortable when it was over 95 degrees out, but it was the most colorful. I’ve been waiting for an outfit to sport this necklace with and this coral shirt from Lulu’s was the perfect fit. I bought a medium in this top and it was pretty open on the sides, meaning a bit of side boob, so be thoughtful of that if you pick one up!


Here is another workout outfit brought all by Splits59. I really love that so many of their tops are stylish enough to wear around town. AND they are super breathable when in the gym. Which is wonderful since we don’t have air conditioning in our gym. It’s like a smelly hell. Fact.


This last outfit was worn on a girls night out with Laura when we grabbed some carnitas at Matador in the Highlands of Denver. My favorite part of the outfit was by far the necklaces I put together. Especially since I found one at a thrift store. Thrifty finds are just the greatest.


  • Jean Shorts: American Eagle for $40.00
  • Beige flowy top from Twirl Boutique for $30
  • Sandals from Insypre Boutique for $36.00
  • Golden Chevron Necklace from Starlet on Broadway in Denver for $20
  • Silver and bronze necklace from a thrift store for $5.00

But by far my favorite thing I got all week was the absolutely stunning bag by Kelly Moore. I’ve never been super into purses or bags. I’d just rather spend my money on other things. Like food. And shoes. And food. But when Kelly Moore let me check out their Esther bag, I instantly fell in love. I’ve never had a bag that was so gorgeous AND so convenient. It has pockets for my computer as well as my camera and whatever else I can think of. I’m so excited to be able to take this on my book tour trip to Texas. This week I’ve been using all of it’s pockets to hold my shaker bottle, my wallet, my deodorant and chapsticks as well as some snacks. It’s nice to have a bag that is so deep but you can still see everything inside of it because of the dividing pockets. If you’re looking to invest in a bag that will keep your expensive items intact (such as your Mac) this is the bag for you!