This week was full of mostly traveling outfits. I headed out on a trip through Texas for The Paleo Kitchen to do a couple book signings and try lots of restaurants. You can see all the food I shoved in my face here. The signings meant I wore A LOT more make up then I usually do and dressed in skirts I can barely walk in. It was lovely. Especially in 103 degree weather. Thankfully everywhere in Texas is air conditioned like a motha effa.

Anywho, not only am I sharing outfits with you today but I’m also sharing with you a giveaway for my new favorite bag line. It’s called Kelly Moore and I’ve teamed up with them to give away one free bag of choice, a $249 value! Not only are their bags incredibly stylist but they also are super versatile and can store your laptop, your camera, and really anything else you want! Sign up below!


This outfit was put together for a sushi date night at Ifish before I headed out to Texas. It’s our second favorite sushi place in town, after Izakaya Den, but it’s a lot closer to our house.


Once I landed in Dallas, I headed out to lunch with Jenni and Ben from The Urban Poser. It was stupid hot in Texas BUT everywhere you walk in is just like walking into a cooler, so I packed a little sweater with me everywhere I went.


This outfit was for my signing in Dallas at Half Price Books. Even though pencil skirts are hard to walk in, I still LOVE them. They hug in all the right places.


This was probably my favorite outfit of the entire trip. Even though I was dripping sweat everywhere because the AC broke during our event at CrossFit Central, literally dripping sweat down the back of my legs and having the catch my boob sweat in the bottom of my crop top, I STILL loved it. Once I found this top at NastyGal, I knew I wanted to pair it with a pop of turquoise color because I absolutely love color and turquoise together.


This was my last outfit of the trip, that I wore at Blue Willow Bookshop. I wanted to wear a dress since I wore two black skirts in a row, but the only dresses I was finding that I really liked were around $300. And ain’t nobody got time for that. Meaning me. And time meaning money. So I found this orange straight dress from H&M for super cheap. It’s not my favorite and I probably won’t wear it again, but it did the trick for that day.


Now for the best part of all…THE GIVEAWAY! This giveaway will be running from today until Thursday July 24th 2014 at 11:59am central time. One person will walk away with a Kelly Moore bag of their choice! I recently received the Esther Bag in Kelly Green and I LOOOOOOVE it. Seriously love love love it. I took it on my trip to Texas and packed my computer, my snacks, and anything else I needed. It was wonderful. Here are some pictures of just a few of the bags you can choose from! Be sure to check out Kelly Moore for all of the other bags they have! AND know that this giveaway is open worldwide, not just USA & Canada like usual! So cool I get to share this giveaway with everyone!

And PS – if you can’t wait to hear who the winner is of this giveaway, Kelly Moore is having a sale on their site right now for $36 off any bag purchase to celebrate Kelly’s 36th birthday! Just be sure to use the code: Birthday
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