That’s my excited face.

Oh sh*t. I can’t even hold it in. Word vomit is about to happen. I’M WRITING MY FIRST COOKBOOK!!

I’m literally tearing up just thinking about this. I’ve wanted this for so long and have gone back and forth about how I would accomplish this goal. But once I was approached by Scribe Publishing, I knew it was the right fit. Not only is the Publisher a CrossFitter as well, but she’s a paleo-er who gets my sense of humor and isn’t afraid of what I have to say. She’s so awesome.

I hadn’t thought about a writing a cookbook since my recipes are free over the internet, until readers began to ask for one. Which was very cool. It’s amazing people would actually want to purchase something when they can get it all free online. So really, I’m writing this cookbook for all of you who have supported me and wanted to show that support by purchasing a cookbook. So this cookbook will feature my favorite PaleOMG recipes along with many new recipes you won’t be able to find on the blog. Already have some good stuff for you!!

So what I want to know is, what are YOU looking for in a paleo cookbook? What is helpful to you and what would make your life easier in a paleo cookbook? Please leave your comments below and give your ideas because I’m making this cookbook for YOU all!

ANNNNNNND, omg, yes there is more. I’m now in the first steps of creating a PaleOMG app. Let’s be real here, obviously I am not the person doing it, I know nothing about anything…except sweets, but my good friend Peter who also put my website together for me, is doing the job. He’s amazing and spectacular so I’m trusting him to create something wonderful. BUT I want and need to know what you are looking for in a paleo app. I don’t do apps, I don’t really get them. I downloaded a food porn app once, but I’ve only looked at it once when I was too hungover to get out of bed. True story. So I need to know what people who actually use apps would like to see in a PaleOMG app?

Are you mad because there isn’t a recipe? Don’t you worry, there will be plenty all week!