Here I go. Talking about myself. Geez JB, geez.

Anywho, it’s almost here. It’s creeping up on all of us competitors. A year has gone by ridiculously fast. All the planning, programming, lifting, sprinting, eating, crying, bruises, blisters, cuts, along with frustration and excitement have been put into training over the year. And it’s time. Time to put on my big girl pants and believe in myself and remember what I have worked all year for. Well, here meaning next week. First the South East Regional must compete.

I am not one of the top CrossFit women in our Region. I’m not the strongest. I’m not the best at gymnastics. I’m pretty average. But I still want it as much as any of the other women out there. I want to do well in my wods. I want to finish under the time caps. I want all these things and I’m ready to give it all I got, hopefully over 3 full days.

So these last few weeks have become a bit more boring as I get myself into “competition mode”…whatever that means. To me that means I’ve begun to get my diet more in check, practice my needed skills a bit more, AND get my mind straight. I need to make sure Monday doesn’t occur again.

Here is a recent video from the SouthWest Regional Media team! Thank you so much Colleen for the awesome video!!

So let’s talk about the most important part – diet:

So my diet has taken a bit of a boring route, sadly. So all the food I’ve been posting on the website isn’t really being eaten much by me. My roommate Laura has taken on that responsibility of consuming everything I make. Hard life. But that’s because I’m zoning my paleo meals and making complicated meals makes zoning a bit more, well, complicated. If you don’t know or have never heard of the zone diet, it’s called Google people. Awesome search tool. Utilize it.

So I’ve been eating lots of chicken and grass fed beef, broccoli and cauliflower, and avocado. That’s pretty much it. I’ll have a spoonful or so of coconut butter for a little extra fat when I’m hungry at night and 3-4 strawberries before I go to bed. I’ve cut out sugar and nuts completely, other than my small amounts of fruit. And I don’t allow myself much snacking throughout the day unless I am completely hungry. Which doesn’t often happen because of my job and training.

Now for the training:

I’ll be training hard until Monday. Two-a-days until Monday, then I’ll begin to taper down. Lots of cardio, skill work, and mobility. LOTS of mobility. I’ll be practicing my muscle ups, that are still my biggest weakness. Practicing the ever-dreaded 70# one arm dumbbell snatch. And practicing anything else that suits my fancy, really. I can’t wait until Monday

And for the brain:

I gotta get my sh*t together. Stop doubting myself. Asking what could be, what may happen. All I know for now is I trained as hard as I could. I worked my butt off through the year. And all I can do is put it out there. No fears. No doubts. No upsets. I need to remember, no matter what happens, I put my heart into and that’s all I can do.


And I will be sharing all of this with you after next weekend! I plan on (plan is the main word here) video taping what I eat at Regionals as well as taking some pics and videos of the workouts. I say plan because I’ll most likely be too nervous and in the bathroom too much to even remember I have a video camera, so hopefully that actually happens. But I do want to share with you all what I eat and/or don’t eat over Regional weekend to help out anyone who is wondering what they should feed themselves.

I am no where near an expert. I literally play around with my diet every few months. But a few things I know that work for me and I know I will have are this:

Good luck to everyone competing in the South East Regional this weekend! Hope your coolers are filled with delicious food that fuels you through those tough wods! Show everyone what ya got!