Guess what day it is?? Guess.What.Day.It.Is?! It’s Primal Life Kit day! Remember when I did this bundle kit last year? It was a blast huh? Of course it was! Last year you received 30 products for $39. This year, it’s even better. Over 49 products for $39. The value of this bundle kit this year is over $1500. That’s ridiculous. Like for real. Ridiculous.

But who cares what I have to say. Let’s talk about the Primal Life Kit and everything that’s inside this wonderful thing-a-ding.

  • 21 Paleo and Primal Recipe & Meal Planning Ebooks ($217 value)
  • 6 Informational Ebooks ($75 value)
  • 4 Autoimmune and Inflammation Products ($139 value)
  • 3 Paleo Research Papers by Dr. Loren Cordian ($15 value)
  • 2 Primal Success Story Ebooks ($21 value)
  • 2 Kids and Paleo Ebooks ($21 value)
  • 3 Fitness Programs ($67 value)
  • 2 Paleo Challenges ($44 value)
  • 2 Meal Plans ($69 value)
  • 2 Online Magazine Subscriptions ($36 value)
  • 1 Online Cooking Club ($39 value)
  • 14 Discounts ($757 value)

Here’s something for you visual learners. I’m one of those.

Is that not enough information for you? I get it. Don’t worry. I got you.

Recipe Ebooks:

6 Information Ebooks:

4 Autoimmune and Inflammation Products:

3 Paleo Research Papers by Dr. Loren Cordian:

2 Primal Success Story Ebooks:

2 Kids and Paleo Ebooks:

3 Fitness Programs:

2 Paleo Challenges:

2 Meal Plans:

2 Online Magazine Subscriptions:

1 Online Cooking Club

14 Discouts:

Are you excited?? I sure am!! I mean, if you only even wanted a few of these products, you would still save a ton of money!! I’ll tell you the ones that are my favorite. Caveman Feast eCookbookWell Fed 2OPENutrition ChallengePrimal Life Organics, and Epic Bar. With just those two ebooks alone, which is a total of $57, you save $18 not even including all the discounts of those other products that are some of my favorites.

Don’t miss out on this once a year offer! The Primal Life Kit will only run until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Monday, April 28th.