So if you weren’t bored enough the first seven times around, I’ll tell you again what it’s like to walk a day in my shoes. Meaning I’ll tell you about everything I put in my mouth. Last time I got a great email from a guy telling me that him and his girlfriend both really liked post and it was nice to know that I wasn’t swimming in my pool of champagne and money. Wouldn’t that be nice? I dig champagne. And I dig money. Sadly, I have neither.

Anywho, let’s start the day off right. I went to my car in the morning and was welcomed by a huge poo sitting on our lawn. First off, f*ck whoever left a human size poo on our lawn. My flip flops I sport daily are probably 6 or 7 years old, they slide around easily. I could have had poo all over my feet. Secondly, I really hope it wasn’t a human who made that poo. And third, do you ever come across poo that you question if it’s a dog vesus a human who left that behind? Either way, that poo was real gross. And all those thoughts flew through my brain within 8.2 seconds within seeing the poo.

I did not take a picture of the questionable poo. You’re welcome.

After seeing the poo, I thought it was probably time for breakfast. Started off with eating some leftover broccoli and cauliflower paired with leftover crockpot shredded pork inspired by Nom Nom Paleo. And ate a couple tablespoons of Nikki’s Coconut Butter-Vanilla Cake Batter flavor. Then I washed that down with a cup of tea. I know what you’re saying. Wtf Juli, you hate tea!? And yes, I do. I don’t like tea at all. BUT for the month of October, I have given up coffee. Why? Well because Holly of Holly Would if she Could is doing the same thing and it inspired me to try it out. She mentioned that she has had skin issues and has tried every last thing, so giving up coffee is her next experiment. As you know, I’ve had issues with my skin as well. After cutting out nuts and sugar and doing oil cleansing for the past 3-4 months, it has gotten a ton better. But still not perfect. And since coffee is very acidic and creates a higher acidity in our bodies, that can sometimes lead to acne. So I’m eating more vegetables and drinking more tea to bring my body down to more of a acid/base balance. I’m drinking honey ginger green tea and it’s decent. Still tastes like dirty water. And please don’t tell me to just add a bit of honey to it. I understand that. What doesn’t taste better with a little honey in it? Come on.

After doing some emailing, social media-ing, and checking out a couple blogs, I ran some errands. Bank and grocery store were on the list that day. I did not put make up on, or change the clothes that I slept in, or even fix my hair. Regretted that decision once I looked in my rear view mirror. Jeez Juli, jeez.

Once I came back home, it was cookbook recipe time. Thus why I’m writing yet another post about what I shoved in my face. Not as much time to cook for the blog. So while I cooked, I ate a stalk of celery with some sunbutter on it. Probably 2-3 dips. Maybe 4. Whatever.

Then I made some stuff with shrimp in it.

Then I showered. Big day.

Then it was lunch time. LUNCH TIME!!! I ate some leftovers from a couple recipes that I had made for my cookbook the day before. It included some pork skewers and spaghetti squash mix. Can’t give you much more detail than that. Sorryfornotbeingsorry.

Then, on my way to the gym, I grabbed a giganto iced green tea from Starbucks because it felt right. Drank probably a quarter of it. Then got my workout on.

Not a great workout day. I felt like poo. Similar to the poo I had seen earlier that morning. That poo doomed me.

My workout with Jason included finding a heavy push jerk into a split jerk. Then on the minute, every minute for 9 minutes, we did 3 squat snatch followed by 25 double unders. Then we topped it off with a 7min AMRAP of 100m sprint and 10 burpees. Let’s just say, Jason mentioned that I was struggling through the burpees. Thank you Jason, I’m aware.

Then I went straight to the coffee shop to work on the good ole’ cookbook. While I typed, I sipped on an almond milk chai. Nice sugar drink after doing burpees extremely slow.

THEN I worked from 5:30-8:30. Missed the latest episode on New Girl. And The Mindy Project. I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll be watching them both today on OnDemand so please do not mention anything that happened. Or I’ll hate you forever.

Between classes, I was SO happy to find out I had an apple buried in my purse. My stomach began to eat itself. It was only 2 weeks old. It looked real sad though. I was ready to bite into a mealy apple, but it was awesome. I freaking love honey crisp apples.

I forgot to drink the rest of my tea damnit damnit.

After work, of course I was starving, so as I reheated some leftovers, I snacked on some coconut cream concentrate aka coconut butter. Whatever I could scrape off, I ate. Then I had exactly what I had for lunch. Spaghetti squash mix and some pork skewers. And Laura shared some plantain chips. I ate all her leftovers. I goddamnloveplantainchips.

I then watched Chopped as I did the normal social media round up. Facebook, Twitter (I suck at Twitter), blogging, etc.

And just so everyone knows, when I drove home tonight, I’m pretty sure I ran over the squirrel from last week. Yes, he’s still out there. And by that, I mean, I’m completely sure I ran over him. Twice. It’s really stinky out there. Stop hating me for running over him. He was murdered by his own kind.