Powell, year two, has come to a close. This year I am much less tan and much less hung over. We didn’t have the best of luck weather wise. But we still made the best of the rain and cold.

Ok, let’s review. 19 people, 6 of which were women, piled onto a house boat last week to be forced to hang out with each other for 5 days. And when you get rain on a lake, there’s really no where to go but inside the boat. We should have known what to expect when we had to drive in pouring rain for at least 4+ hours. Rain ruins everything. Except crops and lake depth. But that’s besides the point. Once I got to Powell, I came to find out my entire suitcase had been soaked from the rain. And there was no way any of that was going to fully dry, so I just gave up on it and decided to wear mildew clothes. Delicious.

I could talk for a loooong time about everything we did in Powell, but people have small attention spans. Meaning me. So I’m going to give you my favorite and least favorite things that happened in Powell. Ok ready? Sit tight.

Favorite things:

    you should always have drinks while tubing