Hi! I just drove in to Houston and finally have internet to upload a post, hooray!! What’s up with hotels having broken internet? It’s the 21st century people. Anywho, we just drove from Austin to Houston and we are getting ready to do a signing tonight at Blue Willow Books. We did our first signing at a CrossFit gym last night at CrossFit Central and I was so happy with the turn out. I seriously almost cried. Totally weird since I never feel that way about book stuff, but I just love the CrossFit community so damn much and felt so lucky to be able to share the book with everyone. That may sound weird, but I’m totally serious. We had over 50 people come to the gym and sit through a very hot and sweaty talk to pick up a book! Pretty awesome that people stuck with us through some air conditioning failures.


Today is our last stop of our Texas book tour. Tonight we will be at Blue Willow Bookshop at 7pm, 14532 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX, 77079. Come visit us in the adorable book store, pick up a book, and come with questions. We love people who ask questions.