1. Yes, I took this picture with my new Mac. I’m really into it right now, even though I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Which explains why the picture is such an odd color. I don’t really know what I’m doing with any program right now. I really need to go to a class or some sort of seminar. Because I know this computer can do a whole lot more than I even know is possible. #iwanttobeyoungandhipandmacsmart.
  2. Plantain chips. Get the f*ck out of my house.
  3. So get this. The other night, I needed a little chocolate fix, but chocolate by itself didn’t sound right. SO I took some chipotle dark chocolate, mixed it with coconut butter and just a lil bit of raw honey, melted and placed in into the fridge. Now I have chocolate bark on hand in times of need. Meaning, as I type this.
  4. Scarves. I freaking love scarves. If it weren’t for scarves, I would truly hate Colorado. It snowed here yesterday and having to clean my car off made me REAL annoyed. Ok, not really. But my fingers were cold. But I had to clean it off next to the molester van…that hasn’t moved in 4 days. What the hell. Selfish assh*le.
  5. I freaking LOVE leggings with boots and long shirts. I don’t exactly love wearing jeans, as you know, but I can handle leggings. Especially if the shirt is covering up my big bootie. Someone told me that it just brings more attention to my butt, but it feels right, so I’m going with it. Fall outfits are the best. Snow is the worst.
  6. I want booties. Not more butt, but the shoe kind of booties. They are so damn cute.
  7. My new crockpot. My friend Aaron was incredibly kind to send me an awesome new crockpot, since mine wasn’t doing so hot. This thing has a locking lid and you can even measure the temperature of food. So high tech. I have so many things to figure out how to use now. Thanks Aaron, you’re the best.
  8. Dating but not actually wanting to date. Wait, what? I don’t know. But I always seem to be into that. I like the thought of dating, but don’t want to try to date more. I’m such a girl. A confusing, dumb girl.
  9. Parting my hair on the opposite side than I’ve parted it in 24 years. My hair doesn’t want to do it, but I’m forcing it to. I look weird. But I’m kind of digging it.
  10. My sweet potato brownies in the freezer. Found out, that after you bake these amazing brownies, place them in the freezer and they become extra chewy. Wicked awesome.

Oh and guess what?! I just saw I made it into the Huffington Post for my poutine recipe!! Woot woot!!