I don’t think I have an obsessive side this week. Not sure why. It’s disappointing. I do want a donut though. Maybe I should look into Multiply Delicious paleo donut recipe. I love her. She’s a genius. Donuts are just gorgeous. I miss the days I used to eat a dozen donuts at my swim meet while snacking on nerds and nachos. Ok, not really. I slightly hate my mother for letting me ever consume that crap. Just kidding mom, I don’t hate you. I know I was a demon child.

Wow, that was off track. And now I’m salivating. What a gross word.

Anyways. So instead of obsessing over my obsessions, let’s chat about my week.

  1. The CrossFit Open began. The first wod is 7 minutes of burpees. Burpees are burpees. They always suck. No matter what. But the thing that actually sucks about this wod is that EVERYONE is posting about it on their Facebook status. Everyone. I get it people, you hate burpees. F*ck burpees. Buck furpees. I get it. You can stop facebooking it. I can’t even log on to Facebook without seeing the word ‘burpees’ over 67 times. Kind of like this sentence.
  2. I’ve decided that I really want the baby hair on the top of my head to grow. COME ON HAIR. You’re not a child. Stop acting like one.
  3. I made enchiladas out of sweet potatoes. Genius. And effing delicious. Don’t worry, the recipe will be on the blog next week. The picture kind of sucks though, but trust me, totally worth making. You’ll love life. And me. Then you’ll ask me out on a date, if you are a male, and SINGLE.
  4. This is some cool sh*t. I was very lucky to watch a ton of my athletes do a 30 day paleo challenge and absolutely rock it. Not only did everyone lose weight, but EVERYONE lost inches AND took time off their ‘Jackie’ wod. Sooooo sooooo cool. To change your body in just 30 days is pretty unbelievable. And to see everyone loving how they feel and wanting to stick with eating paleo is music to my ears. CrossFit Broadway, you’re amazing. So incredibly proud of all of you!
  5. I cut myself using a mandoline. Then got orange juices in it. I hate how slowly my brain works at times. Especially when knives are involved.
  6. I haven’t eaten chocolate in almost a week. I haven’t even missed it. What’s that about? I thought I would dream about it. I did make sticky apples bars though. Guess you’ll have to check back next week for that recipe. BOOM.
  7. I spent a lot of time with my roommates. They are both so amazing. And single. A house of 3 single ladies. How much fun is that?! OMGfun.

dancin, Dancin, DANCIN. good thing that shirt was see through. waaaay to be classy JB.

Guess what today is?! One of my best friend’s bday!! My lovely Sarah is 25 today and looking adorable as ever. Sarah may love food as much as I do so obviously, we have a deep connection. Tonight we will be celebrating with hopefully some dancing. Want to see us before the Ke$ha concert last year? That included a lot of dancing. And looking much messier than this picture portrays.

dammmmn hoe dresses for a Ke$ha concert. now that's classy. we were a year younger. so naive.


Thanks for reading this over the top random post! kthanksbye.