This will be my second Weekly Workouts post! People seemed to like the first one, hooray! This week wasn’t full of many workouts. I was traveling for part of the week and it took me a little to get back into the swing of things. But something I love about traveling is that it’s taught me to take more rest days. When I started writing The Paleo Kitchen last year, I was forced to take rest days, some times up to 5 days in a row, and my body absolutely loved it. Not only did I feel amazing when I got back in the gym, but I actually began to lose some weight and feel more comfortable in my skin. Of course some of that weight was muscle and I lost a lot of strength, but I was finally happier in my skin.

I think when you love being in the gym or you have certain goals in mind whether that is weight loss or a competition or a race, you put yourself in the gym constantly. Be sure to give yourself adequate rest. Not only does your body need rest days to rebuild, but your mind needs adequate rest to help visualize your goals for the next day. That’s a little deep, but I mean it. If I would have known earlier that rest days would have made me feel so much better physically and mentally, I would have done it way earlier.

Speaking of rest days, let’s look at all of them I took this week.

Sunday – Traveling day to Dallas which meant brunch and coffee with friends, mimosas, and an actually positive experience with flying Southwest.

Monday – I got early that morning to make the drive in to Austin and get a workout in at CrossFit Central. Since they don’t have a normal class at that time, I worked out in the advanced class. Meaning, I worked out harder than I do at home.

We first alternated between squats and ring dips:

5 x 5 Back Squat with a 3 second decent @ 70% of 1rm (I did 130#)

5 x 5 Ring dips with a 3 second pause in the bottom of the dip

The the workout was ‘Diane':

Deadlift (225/155) – I did as prescribed which I haven’t done since 2012 at the Southwest Regional
Handstand push ups (to the floor with kipping)

I finished in 6:03 which is my now new personal best since I will never hit my PR of 3:40 in 2012. Whenever I do something now that I’m proud of, I call it a new life PR, so I can still set goals now that I’m not competing.

Tuesday – Another travel day from Austin to Houston, no workout this day.

Wednesday – Last travel day, this time back home. I planned to get a workout in, but I napped instead. Then ate gluten free pizza while watching the new season of Ray Donavon.

Thursday – I felt AWFUL this day. Not sure if it was from traveling or what, but I felt stupid slow and my joint ached everywhere. Great workout to come home to at CrossFit Broadway.

5 Rounds For Time Of:
300m Run
18 hand release push ups
15 Deadlift (255/175) – I used 145 pounds
6/4 Muscle Ups or 12 C2B Pull Ups – I did 3 muscle ups per round

2 min rest between rounds

I finished the workout in 32:47.

photo3-8 photo2-11

Friday – Feeling a little bit more back to normal. Another class workout at CrossFit Broadway.

Every minute on the minute alternating For 16 mins (8 sets of each movement):
5 x Back Squats, All sets @ 75% – I used 125#, not 70% for me but no way was I doing 8 sets at 75%, no way
12 KB Snatch (70/55). 6 each arm – I used 45#

6 min AMRAP Of:
30 Double Unders
9 Hand stand push ups (kipping from the floor)

I got 7 rounds + 16 double unders as Rx

photo1-33 photo2-12

Saturday – I HATE working out in the morning, but Saturday morning workouts means you work out in the morning. Weird how that works. This workout was KIND OF fun because the class made it up together. Well, 3 people picked 3 movements and we went with it. This is what it looked like:

22 minute AMRAP:
400m Run
12 power cleans (155,105) – I used 85 pounds
18 overhead plate lunges (35,25) – I used 25 pounds

I got 5 rounds exactly with 5 seconds to spare.

What’s your favorite time of day to workout?