Yep, post workout donut. Sometimes you just gotta have a gluten free sprinkle donut. Especially when my friend Katie is in her off season of training for Regionals. I like that Katie.

I’ve had some people, probably at least a whopping three, ask me to post a little more about my workouts. They’re pretty easy to find because most of the time, when I’m not traveling, I’m just following workouts from my gym CrossFit Broadway. I don’t like coming up with my own workouts unless I absolutely have to. This is pretty much the only place I like to be told what to do. I don’t have to think about much, I just turn my brain off, lift a little, breathe really hard, sweat more than I knew possible, then go home after an hour. When I started doing CrossFit 4 years ago, that was what seemed so attractive about it: you work out for less than an hour, you sweat like a wilder beast, you look great, and then you’re done. It’s awesome. So that is what I’ve stuck to for 4 years. After competing for 3 of those years, now I lift a lot lighter, I only workout once a day, and I rest whenever my body tells me to.

The more I do these posts, the more I hope to incorporate some pictures of the workouts. But I personally feel a little weird asking the coach to get a picture of me when I’m not looking like hangy dog balls, instead of paying attention to the other athletes working out. So for today, all you get is a post workout donut picture. Ugh. I suck.

So here is what last week looked like:

Sunday – made up workout with my friend Jeremy

5 Rounds For Time Of:

7 Power Snatches (115/75)
5 muscle ups for guys/3 muscle ups for girls
50 double unders
200m run

I finished in 19:54

Mondayrest day – I ate some ice cream, made some fish tacos, watched some episodes of 24. Rest days are magical.

Tuesday – regular workout in a class

Strict Press: 3-3-3 – I finished at 80#
Push Press: 4-4-4 – I finished at 115#
Push Jerk: 5-5-5 – I finished at 125#

Add weight every set (15 mins)


5 Rounds For Time Of:

10 C2B Pull Ups – I did regular pull ups
30 Double Unders
10 Push Jerks (135/95) – I used 85#
30 Double Unders

My time was 10:39

Wednesday – regular workout in a class 

Hang Snatch: 3 Reps Every 90 sec for 9 sets (12 mins). Hold onto bar. Start at 70%, add as you go. – I ended up getting a 3 rep max of 115#


3 Rounds For Time Of:
200m Run
32 Wall Ball – I used a 14# ball
24 KB Swings (70/55) – I used a 45# kettlebell
16 Box Jumps (30/24) – I used a 24″ box

I finished in 14:41 with

Thursday – made up a workout with my friends Katie and Tommy

Handstand push ups (to the floor with kipping)
Deadlift (225/155) – I did 125, Katie and Tommy did Rx weight
Toes to bar

rest 5 minutes

Handstand push ups (to the floor with kipping)
Deadlift (225/155) 
Toes to bar

The first 21-15-9 took me 12:58, the second 9-15-21 took me 14:17

Friday rest day – I ate an apple pie pancake from Snooze, went shopping, and had sushi. Carb loading on rest days seems to be a regular occurrence. And I’m into it.


“Whitman” – Hero workout I did in a class
7 rounds for time:
15 kettlebell swings (55/35)
15 power cleans (95/65)
15 box jumps (24,20)

I did the workout as prescribed and it took me 17:18

What are you doing for your workouts nowadays??