You are seriously never going to guess what I did this weekend. I worked out AND I ate a lot of food. So weird. So freaking weird. Oh wait wait, I also danced. And this all occurred in one area, at the Colorado Open. Front Range CrossFit hosts the Colorado Open every year which is a weekend CrossFit competition that helps us little guys have the opportunity to compete since we weren’t fortunate enough to make it to the games. BUT the competition is swarming with some amazing Colorado athletes. And good looking men. Without shirts on. Working out. Yeah, it was a good weekend.

Saturday started off with back squats, pull ups, and running then was finished off with atlas stones and double unders. Can you say legs? Holy balls. All of us were pretty exhausted. Being in the sun and cheering people on all day seems to be exhausting on it’s own, so adding wods to that just spices up everything. I made sure to eat a lot throughout the day. I have gotten really good at eating during competitions. I used to suck at it. I used to be so nervous during competitions that I couldn’t keep anything down, know what I’m sayin, but now I’m quite a good eater. Probably why I am 20lbs heavier this year than I was last year at the Open.  I chowed on some green chile sliders, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. Georgia showed me a frozen sweet potato packaged brand that has the cute little guys already cubed up, ready to be cooked. I cooked up a ton of those guys, making sure they were nice and crispy for Tom per request. They are addicting. I use competition as an excuse to eat far more than I should when it comes to sweet potatoes. It makes me feel better about myself. Stupid. But we finished our Saturday night off with family dinner which included some amazing meat made by Tom. He seriously makes some of the best steak I’ve ever tasted. He’s Brazilian, he better know how to cook meat. And he tans well. Lucky bastard. We dipped our steak in some delicious guac and Rj cooked up some awesome wings and grilled asparagus. Good damn night.

bag o sweet pots

family dinner via tom and Rj

Anyways, the second day was followed by more staring at half naked men while they sweat on the floor….wait wait wait, I mean staring at half naked men while they laid down, in their own sweat, on the floor. Men are so dramatic. Always falling over themselves after a workout as if they were just pummeled with a baseball bat. You weren’t just pummeled with a bat dudes, you just worked out. Stand up. Be proud of what you just did. Ok, that was rude, I know I’m an asshole. You can lie on the floor after every wod if you want, I’ll give you a tissue to wipe your tears. Ok, there I go again being an ass. I’ve cried after workouts. But the only time I ever have emotions is while working out, so I gotta let it out sometimes. Back to the point, we did two more wods and celebrated the night with Little Man Ice Cream. Let’s talk about what I thoroughly enjoyed there…

1. Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream
2. Honey Gelato
3. Cinnabun Gelato

No, there is no picture to prove how beautiful this bowl of ice cream was. I ate it too quickly and didn’t even care to take a picture of it. I ate this even faster than Tom ate his. Victory. I crushed that ice cream’s butt.

So let’s sum up the weekend. I worked out in front of a lot of people, half naked, awkward as a turtle, watched a ton of hot married dudes sweat a lot (yeah I know, it’s stupid they’re married), overloaded on my lactose via Americanos with heavy cream and extremely heavy ice cream, and danced multiple times to the new song ‘Moves like Jagger’ by Maroon 5 in our LoDo tent. I worked out with AND hung out with some of the most amazing athletes and incredible people in the state of Colorado. And I got to do this all, surrounded by the best support team on the planet, CrossFit LoDo. Sergio, Grayson, Jason, and Brad all competed this weekend and proved to everyone they have the heart for CrossFit. So proud of them and so happy to call them my friends. Amazing weekend. Really amazing.

I'm surrounded by good looking dudes. I.Love.My.Life.