This weekend was fabulous. A 3 day weekend truly never occurs for me. And I was able to eat at some amazing restaurants. Since I just recently moved to Wash Park, I’ve made it a point to try as many restaurants as possible. What better way to get to know your neighborhood than through the food itself, right? Well, my roommate Laura (remember, the one with the meatball thief of a dog?) and I got to spend a good amount of time with each other this weekend. This was much needed. Not only is she a huge foodee like I am (she’s a fat kid at heart that weighs only14lbs), but she also knows every delicious restaurant in town. So when one of our best friends, Sarah, came into town, we just HAD to get some burgers. Park Burger is the perfect place for a delicious burger…you know why? Because they have EPIC sweet potato fries. The burgers are pretty dang good, but the sweet potato fries are where it’s at.

We then proceeded on to Happy Cakes because neither of the two had been there. I, of course, did not have one. You know why? Because my life sucks. Ok, I’m kidding, I really do like my life. But those amazing little cakes of joy would make me violently sick. I like not feeling my insides, personally. But Laura is always so great and thoughtful and offered up us grabbing some almond milk lattes at my favorite coffee shop in the Highlands, Cork and Coffee. Best. Lattes. Ever. Yes, they use the almond milk that has sugar in it, but I don’t freagin’ care. Too delicious to pass up!

The next day, I was lucky enough to spend dinner with the Domster at Cherry Creek Grill. Holy. Crap. This food was bomb. I got a Macho Salad and Dom got the lamb. We also got a $10 grilled artichoke? Are you effing kidding me? $10? Bull shit. It was delicious though, I won’t lie. I’ll apologize now for the picture sucking. The lighting was super dim; I kept yelling for Dom to make sure he hadn’t peaced out on dinner since the artichoke was so expensive. Joke. So when I tried to take a fabulous picture with my incredibly high tech picture phone (that’s a joke, too), with dim lighting, while the server stared at me in confusion to why I was capturing the moment of a beautiful salad on the table, I didn’t seem to notice how craptastic the picture was. Apologies, apologies. Go to this place and get this salad though. Dom even liked it more than his lamb.

I was then lucky enough to have a fabulous lunch with a friend…post Murph; let’s just say I was insanely famished. I’m saying it because that’s the truth. Famished, I tell you. We decided to try out 730 South based on Laura’s recommendation. Once again, she’s fabulous…and knows good food. We both got burgers and I LOVED mine. Medium rare never tasted so good! And the company made it even better!!

The last new joint I tried with Laura was Stella’s Coffee Haus. Delicious latte. Not almond milk, but still did the job. And it was gorgeous! I just love good looking food and beverages!

Ok, now that you’ve judged me for eating out 657 times this weekend, I can at least say I did make some delicious food at home, for some friends, and went to some amazing BBQ’s as well. I first made Steve some paleo alfredo with spaghetti squash for the noodles (by the amazing Robb Wolf) and nut butters for his birthday! He got some chocolate pecan and cashew butter and a honey pistachio butter. Super bomb.

Then I whipped up some Grain Free Magic Bars for Jimmy! Those things are incredible! Be sure to check out the link. I then made some overstuffed burgers and barbacoa! Soooo good!

To make the weekend even better, I cooked up some breakfast for Laura and I on Saturday; I made us some sweet potato (the yellow kind) hashbrowns and eggs and had some mini turkey burgers for myself. Me + eggs = terrible idea. Won’t make that mistake again. But the hashbrowns were wicked good! And Laura loved the eggs cooked in duck fat! I also did the same for Sarah the next morning, but her hashbrowns were a mixture of sweet potatoes and butternut squash! I also made the girls some pumpkin cookies…I probably ate more of them, but that’s besides the point.

Ok, so I ate a lot over the weekend. But I ate good food, with amazing people. What more can you ask for in life? The last thing I was able to try this weekend was a paleo dessert made by my friend Blake. He is an AWESOME cook. It’s always wicked cool when men can cook. He made a strawberry pie-thingy dessert. Looks like i’m going to have to feature his cooking on the blog!

Happy Eating Everyone!!