Are you wondering where the hell I’ve been?? No? Didn’t think so. But I’ve been wondering where the hell I was all weekend. It was a whirlwind. And I didn’t even really have time to cook! Am I pissed? Yes. Will I get over it? Never. So let’s recap because OF COURSE I had some incredibly fabulous food and OF COURSE hung out with incredibly fabulous people.

So Friday morning was absolutely fantastic since it started off at Cork and Coffee with an Almond Milk Latte and the company of my always beautiful girlfriend, Joanna. This girl seriously rocks, so getting to start my day off with her made it wonderful! I then meandered my way down the street to Breakfast on the Edge across from Sloan’s Lake. I shared breakfast with my dearest Mother. We seem to like each other much more now that I don’t live at home and dirty the kitchen every 26 seconds. Let’s talk about the breakfast though. As you know, eggs don’t work that well for me (I apologize for my lack of egg-filled recipes) so going to breakfast joints is sometimes difficult. What I loved about B on the E is they serve breakfast AND lunch all day. So I was quite content to order a Hangover Burger, pop the egg to give my burger a little saucey-sauce and eat some always-delicious yam fries. What did I think of the restaurant? Average. I’m particular about how cooked through my burger is (I like it pretty pink) so I was a little bummed when it wasn’t. But they had a fun patio and cool breakfast items on the menu. Check it out! Sorry you didn’t get to see the whole burger. It was in my gut before I even thought about taking a picture. I like eating.

Now here comes the good stuff. I attended a BEAUTIFUL wedding on Friday night with the Domster. Seriously this wedding was gorgeous, and the ceremony lasted a whole 5 minutes (can I get a hells yeah??). Thank God for that since I was seriously about to cry from starvation (exaggeration–but I was a bit grumpy). And we were able to start eating pretty much right after the ceremony. It was a buffet type set up with a mushroom chicken dish, asparagus, bomb ass salad, fruit and then a beef tenderloin. I helped myself to hardy portions but was even happier when Dom put another piece of beef tenderloin on my plate when we got to our table (he understands I eat more than him regularly). I was SO happy with the food. It was freaking awesome. The salad had pears and blueberries in it and the asparagus were the size of light poles. Large. I loved it. Then dancing began. This is when sh*t gets real. Real real. Thank goodness Dom has absolutely fantastically awesome friends because we didn’t really leave the dance floor the entire night. That’s my kind of night. The rest of the wedding guests were confused with what was being reenacted on the dance floor, so many stayed away with frightened stares. It was great. I almost peed my dress and heels approximately 3 times because of Dom’s dancing and him making impressions of what I look like when dancing. Yeah, I wore a dress. No big deal. Did I like it? No.

Yes, they had cupcakes for their guests. Did I eat the cupcakes? Hell no. My stomach would have shot me. And anyways, I would rather have a huge slab of cake compared to a cupcake. It just makes more sense.

Ok, onto my next meal. After doing the 400 regionals WOD on Saturday at CrossFit Lodo, again, with AMAZING people (you seriously need to check out this gym!!), I was absolutely starved. I could literally hear my stomach growling during my last 30 overhead squats. So we headed on over to The Crushery off of Pearl. BEST DECISION EVER!!!! Dear lord this place is good. And when I say good, I mean epic. It’s not only an adorable restaurant with a huge bay door they open up, but they have a ton of food choices. I ordered the beef salad. Even though I was cheating a bit with the gorgonzola cheese/dressing, it was absolutely worth it. One of the best salads I’ve had (along with the Macho salad from last weeks posting), but then things got even more awesome…you can make your own ice cream and they freeze it with liquid nitrogen!!!! Yes. You heard me. They freeze it right there for you after they’ve whipped up your choice of ice cream and toppings. Best part of everything I just said, YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN COCONUT MILK ICE CREAM!! Holy sh*t!! Yes. My life was fulfilled after this moment. I made myself a coconut ice cream with blueberries, coconut, and toasted almonds. I cried. Then I tried Blake’s which had strawberry, toasted almonds, and honey in it. I balled my eyes out. Ok, I didn’t really cry, but I couldn’t stop smiling after the turn of events.

Now, let’s top the weekend off. So Sunday morning I was able to make breakfast with Blake (he was the one who can make a mean strawberry dessert-thingy) to show him how to make paleo pancakes for his fire station. We made some delicious sweet potato pancakes and topped them off with Coconut Nectar (which you should ABSOLUTELY purchase!) and cooked up some sage breakfast sausage I found at Whole Foods. Awesome breakfast. I then got to WOD with some damn cool people at Method CrossFit. The owner of Method, Nate, is truly an incredibly kind person who runs an amazing gym. It’s gorgeous. I love cool color themes at gyms. Check it out!! But after my wonderful visit to Method is when the real magic happened. I was lucky enough to get invited to a BBQ with some great people hosted by the Domster. He used his smoker for good in this world and smoked up 2 racks of ribs and 2 chickens with beers stuck up their butts. Holy. Crap. This was good. I mean REAL good. Like sinfully. My lips burned from the seasonings and looked red and ugly, but it was so worth it. I still can’t decide if I liked the chicken or the pork ribs better. I don’t really care though. Meat is always good. I ate a lot. And had a distended belly after. It was “cute”, just like my always “cute” muffin top I get from eating a pound of almond butter. I avoided the pound of almond butter this weekend pretty well…still had some though. Sh*t that stuff is good. Goodness I’m cursing a lot today. I must be pretty amped about food. Obviously.

Did I make any new and exciting food? No. Will I tonight? Duh. Are you excited? Obviously! Hope everyone else had a wonderful food filled weekend!