Ok, I know you don’t ACTUALLY care what I ate this weekend, but it was seriously too good to not mention. I think I may have to do this weekly, update you on my exciting weekend food choices. It just feels right.

I tend to eat far too much on the weekends. As soon as Thursday nights hit (Fridays are a low key work day) I go into this over excitement feeling for eating. All I want to do with my evening is eat. And watch Glee, but that’s besides the point. I just really like food. I’m sure you weren’t aware of that. And I tend to only surround myself with people who love food as much as I do, or close to it. The other people in the world are just not worth the time. So this brings me to my friend Dom. I’ve mentioned him before in the great Meatza experiment, he’s the sauce maker. He’s saucy. Well, he needed someone to take him to his second (yes, second) lasik appointment on Friday and told me we would grab brunch after. Since he offered brunch, I wasn’t going to say no. Ok, that’s untrue, I would have taken him even without the brunch offering.

So we decided to try out Gaia off of South Pearl in Denver. Oh dear lord, was that the best decision I’ve made in a looong time. This restaurant is in cute little house with dark lighting and a great patio to help you out with your Vitamin D needs. We ordered an amazing French Press to start off the meal and I had a latte as well. AWESOME. Dom tried a bite of one of their brown sugar cubes while we waited. He was still on drugs at this point, and also had eye coverings taped to his face. Embarrassing, I know, but I still acted as though he didn’t look completely out of place.

Now comes the good stuff. So I ordered a spinach, tomato, and mushroom scramble with a side of bacon and duck sausage. Yeah, you read that right. Duck sausage. It was pretty much like eating heaven, if heaven had a sausage casing, and a plethora of spices added to it. I would seriously go back to Gaia specifically for the duck sausage. And the bacon was perfect!! Not too fatty, not too crunchy. Just right. I think I cried a bit during brunch. No, not from embarrassment, but from utter joy at what my mouth was experiencing. Did I mention I REALLY love food.

You HAVE to try Gaia. You have to. If you don’t, your life will end in true disappointment for never tasting duck sausage. Oh and by the way, I definitely ate A LOT more than just this meal. My days included far too much food ranging from baked yams, homemade chocolate hazelnut and pecan butter, a pumpkin bread I made for Laura, and a butt load of coconut flakes and coconut milk. I love coconut.