Yesterday was a sleep in day. It was magical. I slept until 8, even though I was having dreams of running. Actually sprinting, while hopping over frogs, in order to make it to a bar on time. So weird. The frogs were huge though. And they were sleeping. I didn’t wake any of them. I’m thoughtful.

You know how dogs will run in their sleep while lying on their side? I wonder if I was doing that. I hope so, that would be cool looking. My legs are just so stupid sore from pistols the other day, that now I can barely walk, let alone do 150 wall balls….AGAIN. Ugh, damn you 13.3. I’d really like to NOT do that workout again. The last thing I want to do is try to rip my shoulder out while doing muscle ups. But I’d also rather not see myself do way worse than last year. That just sucks. Poop. Wah. Ok, I’m done whining.

Sh*t, I need to find a gym in Austin to do 13.4. Ah geez.

So let’s finish talking about what I inhaled yesterday. It started off with an amazing scramble of diced pork, italian sausage, eggs, brussels sprouts, peppers, and who knows what else. It was awesome. And I didn’t even have to make it. Thursday started off on a high note.IMAG2181

Then I cooked, worked on my website, and actually did my hair. I then was so pumped when I opened my front door to a package from Steve’s Original AND ModCloth. I recently bought a freaking awesome summer dress on there and have been looking out my window every single day in hopes of it showing up. Welp, IT DID AND OMGILOVEITSOMUCH. That website is so ridiculously addicting. Now it just needs to get nice in CO so I can sport this dress somewhere. Anywhere. Probably to an ice cream shop. I want ice cream.

Then I coached the noon class at my gym.

Then I headed down to my favorite bake shop, the Sugar Bake Shop, where they had blueberry paleo muffins staring at me. Did I want one? Hell yes. Did I eat one? Hell no. Life is kind of boring without sugar. So instead, I ate my steak, brussels sprouts, and cabbage for lunch, while sipping on an almond milk latte, pretending it was one of the extra caramel, triple macchiato, double whipped cream surprise drink. I don’t know what anything I just said actually meant. But it sounds good.


Then I coached 3 classes through 13.3. That’s a lot of wall balls. That’s a lot of squatting. Lots a lot of sore bums and legs. What a beautiful thing. Gettin’ jacked legs for summer. Then, after I watched literally thousands of wall balls, I did some myself. Last year I got 253 reps (I might have been 252), this year I got 246 reps, which I was surprisingly not disappointed with. I didn’t fail with any of my muscle ups, but I had to make sure I rested a bunch in between so I wouldn’t fail on the dip. So yay, I did muscle ups without tearing my shoulder even more. Wonderful, just wonderful.


just swinging around last year


this year, just swinging around with boys


Then I went home and ate a whole sweet potato. An entire one. I cut the sweet potato into steak fries and baked them with bacon fat and salt. Probably too much bacon fat, but daaaaaamn it was worth it. Then I ate it along with another beautiful steak, wrapped with some bacon, and some halved brussels sprouts cooked in butter. I just really loved fat and carbs with that meal. It was AWESOME. IMAG2182

AND THEN, I finished the night off with one of my 21DSD Green Apple and Coconut Butter Treats. More fat and carbs. I love my life right now, not worrying about workouts and eating delicious food. Does it get any better? Oh yeah, when I’m eating chocolate, that’s when it’s even better.