I swear I’m not naked in that picture. Or am I? Maybe I am. That’s more risqué. Risqué things get more publicity. Yep, I’m naked in that picture. Definitely naked.

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while. But I was going to post a “my favorite things” post, but Sergio said I do that all the time. What a d*ck. Not really. He’s right. But I like my favorite things. Duh. So I thought I’d show you what I shoved in my face in a day. And I say shoved because I literally am choking on the amount of food I just put in my mouth in one bite. I’m inappropriate, and hungry I guess.

So let’s do this. Let’s talk about every detail, down to the last crumb of what I did in a day, what I ate, and when I took a bathroom break. KIDDING, that would just be weird, right? Not really. I think it’s interesting how different people’s body functions are. Probably because I’m weird.

Ok let’s do this.

8am: Hello breakfast-

  • pork breakfast sausage + a couple eggs + brussel sprouts = yum


10am: I hate you running. 2.5 mile run with one break mid run because of a side ache. I suck. I also listened to the ‘Pitch Perfect’ soundtrack the entire run. It was acamazing.

11:30: I ate one of these rounds. I can’t tell you what they are yet, because it’s going to be on the website next week. But I will tell you it’s a considered a breakfast meal, it will give you a buzz, and it’s delicious. No, it does not have weed in it even though I’m from CO. It may look gross to you, but it’s not. Like my wood floors? They need a scrub down.


12pm: Meeting with Adam of BodeeFit. If you don’t know what BodeeFit is, shame on you. It’s a rad website that sends you daily workouts that can be done at home with little to no equipment. It’s rad. Check it out.

  • Almond milk latte 


1:30pm: Moved on to another coffee shop, after getting a parking ticket (damn you downtown parking police bastards…even though it was my fault), and wrote this blog and did a little email work.

  • Another almond milk latte. I KNOW I KNOW, but it was a coffee kind of day. And I feel bad not buying something when I’m stealing their internet. But obviously I didn’t make a very big dent in that coffee. Guess my body was over it.


  • So then I ate my lunch. ground beef + spinach + prosciutto + hot sauce = semi yum


3:30-6:30pm: Coached CrossFit

6:30-7:30pm: Worked out. Clean and jerks. Power cleans, handstand push ups, and pull ups.

8:00pm: Dinner. I didn’t want to cook or really do anything, so I went easy style…and lazy.

  • Smoothie: 1 cup almond/coconut milk, 1/2 cup frozen cherries, 2 cups spinach in my Blendtec. Best blender ever. That’s it. It was really delish.


  • 2 eggs + 2 pieces of bacon. That’s literally it. Told you I was being lazy.


  • drank 1/2 of a original Kombucha leftover from the day before.

8:30pm: Made breakfast for tomorrow since I’m up by 5am. Ground beef + brussels sprouts + mushrooms + spinach + hot sauce. Brussels sprouts smell like farts after sitting in a container overnight. My athletes love that at the gym. Lucky bastard.

Then I watched American Idol. Nothing else was on. I couldn’t stop staring at Maria Carey’s weird boobs.

Then I folded my laundry that I’ve needed to do for at least a week.

Then I showered. Go me!

Then I slept.

And here we are. HAPPY FRIDAY.

PS- Does anyone else miss Will Smith in movies as much as I do?