What in the hell is going on!? Did you just spit up your granola when you clicked on my site and it was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT?! Of course you didn’t. You don’t eat granola…unless it’s paleo granola. Obv.

The website looks different huh? If you are my parents, you just said no. Cool parents, thanks for noticing. Come on guys. Hopefully you notice the difference because it has changed A LOT. Not only does it look completely different, but it is MUCH easier to navigate.

You got some leftover sweet pots?! Don’t you worry, just search sweet potatoes and it will bring up all the recipes with sweet potatoes in it! Genius.

You want to see the recipes with eggs in it, just click on the category ‘Eggs’!

Or do you want to print a recipe so you can take it with you in the kitchen? YOU CAN DO THAT TOO!! OMGOMGOMG. Omg. I’m pretty damn pumped.

I couldn’t have done this without my amazing friend Peter. He knows everything. He’s a genius. I’m not even kidding you. I teach him to cook and he does everything that has to do with anything online. I think he got the short end of the stick. You can thank him for making your life easier on this website. You’ll love him. I sure do.

And even though I was on the phone 24/7 with Peter this weekend and sat at a couple coffee shops for 6+ hours per day, I still had time to learn about things.

This is what I learned:

  • A red eye is delicious. Thank you Garrett. Espresso + coffee just makes way more sense than an americano or coffee alone. My world has officially changed.
  • I’m now obsessed with Italian sparkling mineral water. Why do bubbles make everything better? Speaking of, I wish I was taking a bubble bath.
  • I think they invented cucumber melon soap just so I would actually wash my hands after using my 5×5 bathroom. Yep. For me.
  • I suck at baking. But I still eat everything bake. I’m not going to just throw away money! Those salty apple muffins were deeeelicious.
  • I’m never going to meet a guy at a coffee shop. Plain and simple.
  • My esthetician has me putting on a mask of yeast at night. Yes, yeast. Like the yeast you get in the baking isle. It makes this paste and you spread it on your face like melted chocolate. I wish it was chocolate.  It smells like bread though. It’s weird. Does that make me non-paleo? Debatable. Anyone else wondering why I just talked about chocolate?
  • I really like sardines.

So what do you think about the website?! I’d love to hear some feedback! And see your name in my comments!!