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My Year of Curiosity

Never have I been a person who felt like I needed to put a name on the year I was entering. I’ve seen other people do that in the past and I always thought it was a little weird. Like…why?


Putting Your Confidence First in the New Year

Something I’ve been working HARD on this year is confidence. For many people out there, confidence doesn’t come naturally…and I am definitely one of those people. Yet I look to confident people with so much admiration and appreciation for what


3-Month Bean Protocol Recap

Back in May, I was taking a walk with my friend Jess with my daily iced coffee in hand. On our walk I was complaining about my skin going absolutely nuts ever since Jackson got back from the vet. If


Guest Post: Breaking Up With Broke

Something that’s not really talked about much on this blog is MONEY! Money is a weird subject. I was just talking to my new therapist yesterday, sharing some stories from my past, and talking about how money has always been


Revisiting The Year of Confidence

Back at the start of 2019, I decided that I wanted to stop wasting my time with feeling insecure and less than. In 2018 I found myself scrolling on instagram, feeling like I didn’t have enough or wasn’t enough, and


Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

Food is my love language.  It’s my everything. I used to be strict paleo, but I have found a much better balance with food ever since healing my gut AND my relationship with it. These days you’ll find paleo recipes along with anything else I’m dreaming up and enjoying! Just like me, my food is ever-evolving!



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