My Ever Changing Viewpoint on Paleo and CrossFit

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It’s slightly annoying that I have to write this. Especially since no one has really directly asked me to share why I’ve changed how I eat or changed how I workout. They just go on “hate blogs” to talk about me and other people in this community. It’s a very strange thing. People care more about what others are doing, how others are eating or how those people look, than they seem to care about their own diets, figures, and well, lives. I get it. Those people have boring lives. They do. I will look at instagram and see some of the top female CrossFitters post pictures of their jacked bodies and people talk sh*t about them. Right there. They say “I wouldn’t want to look like that” or “Why would you want to look like a man?” Oh, you know what’s crazy? That is THEIR life. Their non-boring life. Not yours. Theirs. People are entitled to eat what they want, drink what they want, workout how they want to, and really do whatever the eff they want to do. But people just have to voice their negative opinions?

I hate negative people.

I went off on a tangent there, so let me get to why I’m writing this. I recently came across a forum saying things like I have disordered eating or I don’t really eat paleo anymore and I should be living up to the brand I created, and things I posted in the past don’t live up to how I live my life now. And that I should post about why these things have changed. They didn’t come to my blog and request that in the comments, they just posted it on a hateful website. Makes sense, right? It’s ok, I get it. They’re scared. So I’ll help those scared people out and post this blog post.

I used to compete in CrossFit, I used to do 2-3 workouts per day, I used to restrict my diet because I was gaining weight and couldn’t figure out why, I used to say I didn’t mind getting bigger because I wanted to compete at a high level, I used to constantly talk about my frustrations with my body, etc, etc, etc. And recently, I stopped talking about all those things. I stopped talking sh*t about my body, I stopped posting what I ate in a day in blog posts, I stopped working out multiple times a day. I stopped all of it.

In my 26 short years of life, I’ve come to figure out that people seem to talk more about the things they are insecure about. Their relationships, their bodies, their jobs, their diets. Whatever. So I constantly talked about my body and appreciating it because I was trying to cover up all those insecurities I had and come to terms with how I looked. When I was competing in CrossFit, I put on 30 pounds. I wasn’t comfortable at that weight or with how I looked. I didn’t care what other people thought, but I wasn’t comfortable with it. I didn’t fit in my clothes, I didn’t feel sexy, I just didn’t feel like me. So I constantly wrote blog posts trying to come to terms with those insecurities.

I would look to other competitive CrossFitters who were jacked and shredded and even though I could beat some of them in workouts, I didn’t look like that. And I was really insecure about it. And frustrated. So I would try to eat completely strict, restrict my intake of fat, carbs and protein, and just drive myself crazy with restrictions. It was so frustrating. I was looking everywhere for control: In my workouts, in my diet, everywhere.

When I look back, I was completely overtrained. I worked out way too much for my body, I didn’t eat enough, and because of all of this, my hormones were out of control. I finally injured myself (my shoulder), was forced to cut back, and slowly over time started to live a more normal lifestyle. I worked out once a day, I cut back on weights to work on my form and I decided that cutting portions wasn’t working and started eating more of the foods I wanted. My hormones began to level out more, my body felt way better than it ever had, and I lost some of the extra weight I had gained from working out too much.

My body is different than every single other person in this world. Completely different. I could workout the exact same, eat the same, sleep the same and do everything the same as one of my jacked competitive CrossFit friends, and I would look nothing like her. That’s because my body is different. And my goals are now different than they were. Before, I wanted to compete. That’s it. I did that and then I changed my mind so I could live a happier lifestyle. I didn’t think I would ever stop training and stop competing, but I did. Have you ever thought you wanted something and changed your mind along the way? If you haven’t, you’re boring.

So here’s the conclusion for all the a**holes out there that want to talk sh*t behind their computer screens on a website dedicated to hating people: you’re right. You can pat yourself on the back. I’ve had disordered eating habits in the past, along with probably 80% of the female population. I’ve tried all kinds of things to feel better about myself like dieting and excessive working out, along with probably 80% of the female population.  I would absolutely love to say that I’m 100% cured and will never have those feelings again, but I think that is a really childish thing to say. I can’t see the future, can you? I can’t see how my body will change, can you? I can’t see the battles I will face someday, can you? Answer: no.

I am absolutely happy where I am now. I sometimes workout 5-6 days per week (I usually do my CrossFit workouts lighter now but sometimes feel like going heavier) then I sometimes take lots of rest days when I feel like it (like the 4 days off last week I took). I’m not as strong as I used to be and I’m ok with that because I’m more comfortable in my skin, but I’m also better with some of my skills like muscle ups since I don’t constantly obsess over them. I eat when I’m hungry, I eat gluten free breads that don’t upset my stomach, I eat a paleo cookies when I want to because it doesn’t upset my stomach like a normal cookie would, and I try to live a life of moderation. Like eating the wedding cake I had this past weekend. It wasn’t paleo, it wasn’t gluten free, it was just delicious and covered with icing. Did I feel bad about it? Nope. Not in the slightest. I want to live a happy life at the end of the day. Not a life of restrictions.

So here’s what I recommend to everyone. Live the life that makes YOU the happiest. Whether that’s paleo, gluten free, pure gluten, CrossFit, jazzercise, marriage, single, muscular, skinny, really whatever. I don’t care. It’s your life. Do what makes YOU the best kind of person. Not because other people do it, but because you love it. And while you’re at it, try to keep your negative comments to yourself. No, don’t try. Just do it.

And that’s how I feel about that.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


419 thoughts on “My Ever Changing Viewpoint on Paleo and CrossFit”

  1. I’m in awe that people feel so upset or bothered that they go talk shit elsewhere. That’s so strange to me. You can do everything right, and have just a few tiny little things that aren’t textbook perfect and all people will remember are those so called “imperfections.” And then we wonder why practically every single person in society has some sort of crazy complex, i.e. disordered eating. If it’s good enough for you, then it’s perfect, eff the rest. Seriously though, I can’t fathom the level of d-baggie-ness of some people. Anyways, glad you’re living your life for you 🙂

  2. My dear Juli. You never have to justify anything, but I am very proud you shared. Your struggle is like many others, and I am so grateful that you have the courage to continually strive to be true to yourself. We all have loved you through competing and now when you are just cranking out cookbooks with George. It is so wonderful to see your evolution. You are a true representation of what Paleo is. You have found the healthy balance that most people seek. I am so proud to call you my role model and keep up the good work!

  3. Well said, Juli!

    If only I was half as insightful and self-aware as you at 26years. It took me double that to get anywhere near close. Wisdom well beyond your years. Keep it up. Continue to inspire others.

  4. seriously? people are dumb. Don’t sweat them…you are a beautiful, incredibly talented woman that brings joy (and laughter, and recipes) to so many!

  5. You rock Juli. Forget the haters. I wonder what those people are doing with their life? If they’re so die hard.. shouldn’t they be at the gym or cookin up some strict diet meals instead of cyber bullying. Sad, soo sad & pathetic.

  6. It blows my mind how judgemental people are, especially in the world of social media. I for one have to say- I have been following your blog for 2 years now and in my mind its just getting better and better. I am also 26 and learning my way through life and find this blog a great place to get a laugh, become inspired with food and more recently to giggle over Jackson pics. You inspire me as a young woman to live a balanced, happy life. Those haters need a good kick in the butt, but then that would just give them something else to whine and complain about. Don’t change! 🙂

  7. Exactly!!! I just love you! I’m a 51 yo paleo woman. Love to be good to myself, that’s why I try to eat paleo and work out!

  8. Juli, as always, thank you for your honesty. People are constantly looking for ways to make themselves feel better and the easiest way is to do that is to put down others. You’re an inspiration to Paleo and non-Paleo eaters. Thanks for doing what you do and remember that you are appreciated. 🙂

  9. I never ever talk about my insecurities, I think because I feel like if I do it makes them real, or people will obstensibly notice them too. But I am probably the most insecure person I know. I guess just a different perspective.

  10. Wow, so well-said. Thanks for being so honest. I’ve had a hard realization like this as well. I’m 23 days into a Whole30 and it has just occurred to me that this whole following the rules things is bullsh*it. We make choices with what we eat – duh. And it’s totally up to us what we choose. It doesn’t always have to be the “right” thing, because there is no such thing as the “right” thing. Life is so much bigger than how one eats. That’s just a little part. It’s so much better to balance eating in a way that makes you feel physically good and eating things that bring you joy.

    You said it exactly. I started bawling half way through Murph yesterday and couldn’t finish because instead of focusing on completing the workout, I was thinking about how I wasn’t as thin or as fit or as whatever as the people who were “beating” me. That’s crap.

    Trying to find the balance here for myself. Keep up your good work. Everybody is on their own journey– don’t let people beat you down for traveling your own path.

  11. you’re soooo the best. THE best!!!! obsessed from behind my computer screen with ya 😉 #whycantwejustbebffs

  12. You are just way beyond awesome 🙂 I admire you. I can relate to you in the sense that I also love paleo because it doesn’t upset my tummy. And I love your recipes… Thank you for sharing!

  13. I couldn’t agree more with this post. My body can handle working out five days per week, but does that mean someone else should? I have no idea. I only know my body so why should I pressure someone else to do what I’m doing? Maybe someone else needs three rest days. I blog because I like sharing my food and fitness ideas, but that doesn’t mean I expect other people to live exactly the way I do. Everyone is different and has different goals.

  14. Bravo Juli. Who decided that identifying as Paleo has to mean you eat 100% Paleo all the time? Isn’t the point of eating Paleo to be healthy and happy? Like you, I can achieve that at less than 100%. I make no apologies.

  15. Juli- WELL SAID!! I follow your blog and Instagram and it is crazy the comments that people make. When I started researching Paleo, your blog was the first to come up and I loved it! You are real and the information you provide is great!
    I love your recipes, your pictures, your blogs posts and most importantly I think you are an inspiring person! Keep doing what your doing! Thank you!

  16. Great post! A couple of things I wanted to share:

    1. Some friends of mine and I were talking about you this weekend. About how awesome you are. We love your recipes, but even more love your blog posts. Keep it up!

    2. I love this blog post for the message. I needed to hear it today. I was just looking at pictures from our Murph event and I was unhappy with how I look. Because obviously I am insecure about my body right now. I haven’t been happy with what I’ve been eating and I am injured so I can’t work out how I like so I’ve been over compensating on cardio. I guess what I’m trying to say is – it is nice to hear that people that I view as experts go through the same thing.

    And I just love your blog. The end.

  17. Kelly McCormick

    As numerous people have stated above!! YOU DO ROCK JULI!!
    I love your blog, your sense of humor, and your recipes…they are inspirational to a lot of people, so never mind those negative ones. Keep it up!!

  18. Well said, Juli! Bravo to you for being as forthright as you are on this blog. I think you are inspiring!

  19. Amen! I am pretty new to Paleo and am loving your blog. It’s more realistic to me and you don’t make it seem impossible. Everyone has to do what works for them, and you are. Thanks!

  20. You’re a rockstar, and I’m shocked that people have nothing better to do than belittle your choices on some other website. Ridiculous! I, for one, am incredibly grateful that you’re so candid and honest with us about your viewpoints, and how your life evolves.
    It’s super inspiring, actually; for years I’ve been the ‘paleo maven’ to everyone who knows me… I’ve been vocal about the lifestyle, very dedicated for years. A few months ago, I made the decision to stop eating meat (based on ethical reasons), and actually… I was embarrassed about it! I was so worried about what people would say about my lifestyle switch, that even though it’s my choice, and my life, I keep quiet because I’m worried about all the little comments.
    Seeing you speak your truth gives me the courage to be more confident in my own. Thank you! You seem like an awesome person to get your gluten free pizza on with, and I hope the haters never EVER keep you quiet. 🙂

  21. This was really timely for me as I’ve been having sort of parallel thoughts as far as my body: workouts and diet. Though why anyone would give a damn what you do or don’t do, I don’t know. Keep on doing you, especially the simpler straightforward recipes I can do after I get home from work! 🙂

  22. I was just discussing this very idea with someone yesterday. I turned them on to paleo eating & they have taken to a place of legalism… I think that is where failure kicks in… It becomes a “diet mentality” our focus is not on a joyful life, or health but this “diet”. It becomes a false idol… & false idols always fall. When I was all about “the rules” I was at my heaviest weight. Why? Because my focus was on food, not joy. It consumed me. Now I have found success is in balance. I generally eat 75% paleo & 25% whatever I want. I work out 3 times a week & love my body (on most days). It works for me! Paleo is a great way to eat healthy, keep carb consumption low, etc. However, sitting on my front porch with my guitar and a large glass of sweet tea (& maybe a few bites of blueberry pie) is ok too. Life is about love & joy… Not about rules & perfection. Thank you for this post! People need recipes & tools to improve their health, not another set of diet rules to adhere to. Way to promote food freedom!!!

  23. I love you Juli. High fives for getting that off your chest. I see those nastygrammers on Instagram and I wish there was a button for me to punch them in the face. People are so hateful! If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only one – I see so much negativity and hatefulness on so many Instagram accounts, and really, it’s like, people just don’t have lives, or they have such miserable lives they have to take everyone down with them. Find comfort in all of us who adore you and your recipes and your use of cheese and everything you do. <3

  24. Boom! Thanks so much for’s relatable on so many levels. Be your best self, no one else’s.

  25. What is WRONG with people??? I would bet that most of the people that read this blog don’t eat 100% Paleo all the time. I certainly don’t but I treasure your blog so much for the 90-95% Paleo lifestyle that I aim for. I recently joined instagram (following you of course) and witnessed some of the hate comments…I just don’t get it. Eat and post all the non-paleo food you want! I do want your abs though 🙂

  26. So….I agree with you on how you view life/food/diet/exercise etc. That’s a great attitude! But here’s where I have trouble with this post – it’s a lot of anger. You, as a blogger, choose to put your life out there for public review, consumption and comment. That is a choice you have made. You’ve also branded it as a paleo lifestyle. Now, I don’t care at all how you choose to eat or workout – whatever works for you, truly! But I do see how the non-paleo stuff could be seen as disingenuous branding. You tout paleo as such a healthy lifestyle, but you don’t actually live that lifestyle. And that’s OK! I’m not paleo. But maybe you need a new blog name.

    1. Honest question – it seems like Juli eats paleo a good 80 – 90% of the time (from at least what she shares on her blog). What exactly is the paleo lifestyle to you? Do you have to eat paleo 100% of the time for a certain amount of weeks before you call yourself paleo? Everyone seems to have a different definition and this is where the confusion and purists come from.

    2. Not that Juli needs me to defend her… but I find your comment inappropriate and unnecessary.
      All of her recipes are paleo… that is the main gist of her blog. But she also chooses to share her real life with us all… she doesn’t say “I did this today, so you should do it too” it’s merely an insight into the life of someone who eats paleo the majority of the time and how it works for her.
      If people don’t feel she’s paleo enough, they have the right to choose to NOT follow her blog, instagram etc.
      What you DON’T have the right to do is to tell her how to live her life or blog. Those opinions should be kept to oneself.
      I’m paleo… 90% of the time.. and I can say I’ve NEVER been offended, put off, unmotivated or any other negative thing by a single blog post, picture or comment of Juli’s. She’s nothing but inspiring… and damn funny too.
      Kudos to her for telling the negative people to F off… this is HER blog… that is HER right.

      1. Now, now…I don’t think it was inappropriate. I was very respectful and agree that Juli has every right to do whatever she wants. But making a whole brand around the paleo lifestyle and not following it can seem disingenuous. That’s all. One wouldn’t say “I’m a vegetarian, but I eat steak” would they? Or “I am gluten free, except for pasta”? Yes, paleo is super restrictive, but people place that label on themselves. They can’t place that label on themselves, use it as a brand to develop a successful business, then be upset if people point out discrepancies between their business proposal (paleo = health) and their actual activities (not eating paleo). This is why I had to stop being paleo – the label stress was too much. I never said I found Juli unmotivating or anything like that. I’m just suggesting that if being uber-paleo isn’t working for her personally, maybe she should also make authentic shifts to her blog/books to reflect that (god knows, I wouldn’t mind some recipes with cheesey-goodness!).

        1. that’s exactly what i do. i post strict paleo recipes on my blog and cookbooks for people who follow that lifestyle then i post recipes on my instagram that include other things like gluten free breads that work for me to give ideas to other who don’t follow as strict of rules

        2. Her recipes are paleo. Do you own either of her cookbooks… they’re paleo. Not sure how that could be any clearer.
          As far as the paleo label… all the research I did before changing to this life… I never found the “label” to be super strict or stressful.
          In fact paleo is just the opposite… it’s a list of guidelines to help you eat the cleanest way that works for you. I find it to be the easiest way of eating! Sure there is the 100% pure way of being paleo… but that maybe works for a small subset of people. But the great thing about paleo… is that it’s flexible. Does dairy work for you… great, add in some whole fat, grass fed dairy to your diet. Allergic to nuts… ok, then try tapioca or coconut flour for the occasional baked treat. No where in my research did I see “You must do A, B & C to be paleo”… and based on my research, what Juli is doing is 100% right. She doesn’t need to change her name because you think it isn’t right. Sucks that paleo didn’t work for you… but that doesn’t mean you should dictate the right way to Paleo for others.
          Her name is accurate… her blog is wonderful… her recipes further more are delicious and easy! That’s what PaleOMG is all about.

    3. I totally get it and get why people get frustrated. but i disagree with you about the changing my blog name. my blog recipes and my cookbooks are COMPLETELY paleo. every single recipe on my blog is paleo (minus probably 3 that use raw cheese, which can easily be removed) but I do not believe that I should change my brand name when everything that is represented in my recipes are paleo and when I do talk about my diet in the “about me” section as more of an 80/20 approach.

      1. Juli – hi! That was sort of a tongue-in-cheek suggestion, but really…if paleo isn’t working for you, what’s wrong with expanding? I know that I (as a reader) wouldn’t mind recipes that included other things. The disingenuous part, to me, isn’t about what is in the book – it’s selling something that you don’t really use. But again, that is your choice. It’s ok…but you seemed furious in this post and I wanted to point out, rationally and certainly not in a mean way at all, that perhaps there was something to be learned here, from potential consumers of your product, right?

        1. She’s finding balance. Being honest about 80/20 isn’t disingenuous or selling something she doesn’t use. She does use it. 80% of the time. Which is probably a reasonable-to-exceptional reflection of the vast majority of her targeted demographic.

          Because she’s not 100% super strict doesn’t invalidate her lifestyle. 80/20? It’s an admirable, attainable, sustainable form of the Paleo lifestyle. Have your cake. Eat it. Eat more cake.

        2. i completely understand. that’s why i create and share some of those “outside the paleo box” recipes on instagram so other people outside paleo can benefit. but changing my brand name isn’t what i want to do. just being honest with people and sharing what foods work for me is what i want to do. thanks for the suggestion though!

        3. I’m pretty sure if you read said post again, she’s angry because people ( at this point you could probably insert yourself here) are being assholes and being judgmental. If you don’t like her blog or have a problem with it, then don’t follow it and keep your mouth shut. The “strict” paleo you so speak of is mostly whole30 paleo in which you restrict everything and go back to basics, then after Whole30 you reintroduce some normal some altered foods to your bodys design. Again if you have a problem, take you hatefullness elsewhere.

          1. Someone needs to tell Ashley to bug off. What a little flea. II’ll do it, “Bug off, Ashley”. Go be self righteous on somewhere else, don’t mess with our JB. She’s perfect. Her blog is perfect. Her recipes are perfect. Now Shoo.

        4. That’s like saying someone can’t have a website full of vegetarian recipes unless they’re vegetarian, or a blog about cakes when they don’t eat only cakes – aka ridiculous and pointless. Juli never said “EAT ONLY PALEO, ALL THE TIME”, ever, as far as I can remember. She posted delicious recipes, and kindly gave us a little window into her at-times hilarious life. And that’s it. It’s a recipe blog. Get over it. Also anyone who thinks that posting about your life on the internet is like putting a sign on your head saying “Judge me” is likely contributing to the problem of judgemental BS on said internet – I don’t care if you think you don’t, because you totally just did. Think about that for a minute, before you go judgy-judging people again missy.
          I know I’m late to the party, but whatev’s. You rule, Juli, never change – unless you want to 🙂

      2. I disagree with changing the blog name too. It’s the most clever one I’ve ever seen. I’m just saying… 🙂

    4. Disingenuous branding? Take a look at her tagline up in the header. “Real Food, Real Life, Real Simple”. In what way has she strayed from her brand?

      Furthermore, just because someone chooses to put their thoughts, feelings, recipes online does not give anyone the right to bully or badger them.

  27. Thank you for writing this. I get called out all the time — OMG I had a couple nachos and a drink at happy hour! And this is by my family and friends. I found that if I stress less about exactly what I’m eating and just listen to my body and LIVE the stress goes down and I’m happier. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Being happy? Cause seriously, you are the only one who has to live with yourself. Not anyone else. You do you Juli! Don’t let the haters get ya down

  28. I’m so sorry people have been talking bad about you. Regardless of whether we say we won’t let it bother us or not, it can still hurt. I loved this post and will pass it on because it is so true and we all just need to worry about ourselves and stop poisoning others with our negativity. We all need to find what works for us. And I have to say, I LOVE your blog! I went Paleo just a few months ago for health reasons and yours was the first website I went to when I needed a little inspiration (I’ve been gluten free for over 5 years and had already made several of your recipes.) I’ve gotten some criticism myself recently and I don’t understand it. I’m just trying to make myself healthier – to stop being miserable – and it’s working and I can’t believe some people just can’t be happy for me. Then again, like you said it’s often things we don’t like in ourselves we feel the need to complain about and they aren’t living very cleanly or healthfully. I would love to give them my opinion in how I feel about that but I don’t because I’m nicer than they are. And happier for not stooping to their level and buying into all the hype out there. Keep it up, Juli. You’re awesome!!

  29. Juli you are such an inspiration!! THank you for this post today, I really needed this and can relate 100% !! I read your blog everyday and making all your recipes!! I was most miserable when overtraining and restricting my diet to pretty much veggies and protein with starchier items here and there.. Balance and moderation is key! I enjoy goat cheese, some gluten free items and having cheat meals here and there with no regrets!!! Thank you for being such a positive role model because you are a REAL normal person!!! 🙂

  30. You are so wise! I’m 64 years old, going into my third year of paleo after decades (DECADES!) of being miserable about my body. I have never been healthier, felt better about myself or been more comfortable in my own skin than these last few years. Good for you for reaching such very sane conclusions at the ripe old age of 26. You will rock in your golden years!

    1. Meghan says exactly what I’m thinking. At 49 I’ve finally reached this same point too. You are wise beyond your years Juli and it looks like you’ve got a lot more supporters than critics here. Perhaps you could consider not even visiting those sites with the haters? Eventually you will be able to ignore those types of post. You’re a rock star now so that’s just inevitable. 🙂 Rock on, girl!

  31. Absolutely beautiful and well said! I couldn’t agree with you more. We all should do what feeds our soul. It’s sad that people can’t either see the positive in what others do…or at least mind their p’s & q’s….I love what you do and the inspiration you give to others…we all have gone through things and are not here to judge others…

    Your a kind soul Juli, keep up the great work 🙂

  32. Preach, Juli! I loved this post. Good for you. You don’t have to explain yourself to any of us and yes, if you didn’t change, you would be boring! Everyone changes. This post was exactly what I needed to hear today, so thank you. Keep being the best version of yourself — whatever that looks like over time. 🙂

    Lots of love from a Denver reader!

  33. Well said! One big lesson I’ve learned in this past year is that criticism oftentimes comes from and reflects another person’s insecurities. And you don’t need to be online to see that. This is your blog, you put the hard work into making it what it is, and you have every right to share your life with the people who choose to read it, whether you’re eating 100% paleo or not. It’d be incredibly disingenuous to not be open about those things, so I applaud you!

  34. Juli, you are doing just fine! Learning about ourselves and discovering what works for is the whole point, and it’s a lifelong journey. What they wrote says more about the writer than it ever will about you. Think how ugly a person must be inside to be that hateful?

  35. I’ve never posted a comment, but I feel compelled to tell you that I think you rock! As a 26 year old woman, I can totally relate to your past struggles and I strive everyday to have the confidence you project. Thanks for being awesome.

  36. I started following you on IG because I love your style of writing and your pics; food, dog, workouts, whatever. I basically stopped following you because I couldn’t stand the fact that at least one person on, it seems, every single photo, would try and call you out. Down to telling you that frozen berries aren’t “paleo”. It is crazy how involved people feel that they are entitled to get in your life and how mean/judgmental/snarky/jealous some of them are! I felt awful for you and kind of hope that you have put your comments notifier on auto-delete.

    This post was very well written, passionate while still being civil and honest. Nice work!

    1. it really is frustrating on instagram sometimes. so many people just have honest questions, then people jump down their throats, but then people just feel like being mean. it’s so strange.

  37. Julie you’re so awesome! When I started changing to a paleo lifestyle (80/20 most usually) yours was the mindset I identified with most. You model to me what a balanced paleo perspective is. It’s not balls to the wall, it’s not impossibly perfect- it’s HUMAN. It allows for tweaking and moderation and customizing. Your approach has helped me be successful in my efforts, and for that I am extremely grateful. I am finally making some sustainable changes that help me feel better about myself. Healthier, and balanced and GOOD.

    Not only that, it’s helped me realize that everyone is different and you have to find what works for you. I take criticism with exactly that mind frame, and don’t offer any because of that mind frame, and let me tell you, I am one happy chick because of it.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You rock. Keep doing your thing.

  38. SO well said! And this is exactly why so many of us love you 🙂 You’re great and there’s nothing else to add!

  39. Great post Juli! F the haters.. seriously people need to find something better to do with their lives!

    I do have a question, for some reason ever since I subscribed to your newsletter (the round up), I don’t get the daily posts I used to get from you. I try to sign up again but it won’t let me, saying, obviously, that I’m already signed up. So basically I’m getting 1 email a week from you and it makes me sad! I always look forward to your recipes/posts. Not sure if this makes sense or if other people have had issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  40. Awesome post! I would have to agree with the previous commenters. Such wise words from a 26 year old! If only your enemies knew how much they were helping you figure out life and gain wisdom…..

  41. Amen.

    My guess is the haters are insecure and unhappy with themselves, so it’s way easier to tear you down than fix themselves. I appreciate your blog, your recipes, and you’re real-ness.

  42. Right. on. the. money. You have no idea how many people love you and all that you do/eat/post. Thank you for staying true to YOU. We all struggle with our body image as women at some point or another in our lives. It’s nice to know we are not alone in the battle. Keep the positive vibes coming and please, for gods sake, don’t stop posting your paleo desserts 🙂

  43. Way to keep it real.

    It sucks you have to dedicate a post to justify YOUR choices and actions, especially when those it is directed towards will probably never have the balls to acknowledge it in the comments…

    I’ve been there right along with you.. doing something for a super long time (medical school..) and recognized that I was freaking miserable and ruining my body (eating disorder..) while doing it. So.. I changed the situation and got out. Yes, sometimes I like to dabble in my medical terminology textbooks and be the huge nerd that I am, but for the most part, I am MUCH happier and MUCH healthier not being in that environment. People suck that can’t understand that. Keep doing what you’re doing and be happy with the freedom and life you have chosen, and choose, to live.

  44. Did i mention how awesome you are? TRUTH BOMB! i crossfit and eat mostly paleo, but there are always those days when you just need to enjoy your life and not freak out about eating a donut or two. love it. keep preachin it girl

  45. thank you for sharing this, juli.

    i have been struggling with the mind game that if i don’t eat strictly paleo, i’ve gone back on what has now been a 2 year experiment.

    i realized lately that i’ve been devoting A LOT of mental energy to this, and i don’t want to be in bondage to whether or not i ate a gluten-filled cookie. it’s a choice, neither moral or immoral–just a choice.

    i’d lost sight of that.

    i appreciate all you GIVE to your readership. only hypocrites throw stones, so don’t listen to the haters. you do what you do because you want to do it, which is what you’re doing. i applaud you.

  46. I don’t know you personally, but I admire your honesty and ability to put it out there. You’re right: 80% (probably more) of the female population have some sort of disordered eating issue. Not necessarily something serious like anorexia or bulimia, but just a slightly distorted way of looking at food sometimes. I know I do. I go get a burger and fries and stuff myself to the brim and wonder WTF did I just do that cuz I feel like I’m going to barf! Then I try to restrict myself after that but of course it doesn’t work. Ugh lol
    Anyways. I used to work at a ‘globo’ gym of sorts and lived that artificial gym lifestyle for a while. It’s full of fake, bitter people who are so unhappy yet continue to do what they do to maintain their ‘perfect’ bodies. I have never entered the ‘crossfit’ community because honestly, I feel like they get a bad rap. And those select few gyms that are a**holes ruin it for the majority of people who have the slightest interest in working out there but don’t. I do have friends who crossfit who do not fit the typically ‘crossfit’ hardcore personality and I like that. I know it exists, and I’m sure it does with your gym. But those select few just ruin it for everyone else.
    So whoever this guy/group is that’s talking shit should just stop. They’re not only a**holes for putting you down, but they’re definitely not helping those who are interested in those workouts but don’t want to join cuz they don’t want to deal with the bullshit.
    Wow, there’s my rant as well:)

    P.S. You look great no matter what! I would love to have your body!! If you’re comfortable in your own skin, that’s all that matters!

  47. I love this and have mad respect for you putting your life our there on this blog and through instagram. I love what paleo/whole30/21dsd/etc has taught me about my body’s reaction to food and movement, but I’m so burnt out on putting a label on it because once you label yourself as “paleo” or “crossfit” people expect you to be 100% all the time. The standard is impossible to meet. Thank you for modeling what a healthy balance is and for showing that your ideas about health can change over time (and will probably continue changing depending on circumstances).

  48. so beautifully said!

    i was raw vegan for a time in my life. and ya know what? haters gonna hate.

    great reminder to spend a lot less time telling other people what to do.

    instead, let’s get busy supporting each other, cheering each other on, and telling each other “fuck yeah!”

  49. I would just like to say your blog was the first paleo blog I read and fell in love with. Your posts are insightful, funny, and you are a constant inspiration. Fuck the haters!

  50. You know what they say about opinions. They’re like a**holes. Everyone has one and they all stink (or are full of s**t). Some people feel the need to criticize everything and that’s fine, but those people don’t always have to share their opinion. You do you. I’m here for the food, and you eat and make a lot of good food. It’s funny how much better we feel when we just shut up and feed ourselves.

  51. JB you rock! You are a strong beautiful woman! You inspire so many people in the paleo community. I have never met a person that doesn’t say “OMG” I love her! Keep on kicking ass girl!

  52. Well said! Everyone is different, and everyone has to appreciate that. I like that you live a life of moderation, and love reading your blogs! 🙂

  53. Good for you. Do what makes you feel good. I don’t understand negative people, other than the fact that they’re miserable in their own lives, and misery loves company.

    Keep doing what you do!

  54. That actually brought tears to my eyes! Everyone should do what is right for themselves at that moment in their lives because it makes them feel good at that moment in their lives. And the funny thing is, what is right today, may not be right tomorrow or the next day or next week or next year because people grow and change and evolve. Hopefully we learn in the process and make better decisions each time, but life is about happiness – the longest, healthiest, happiest life you want for yourself and that is different for everyone!

  55. Thank you for sharing! It must be hard to deal with all that negativity floating around the Internet.

    I follow a modified Paleo diet too. About 80% of the time, I stick with Paleo. Then, when I want an omelet with cheese or tacos or (GASP) a bowl of pasta, I go for it. I feel good, and that’s what’s important. Life’s all about finding your own balance and not about following the rules. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  56. I love this, and I can’t say it enough. There are a lot of hateful people out there who have nothing better to do than pick apart someone else’s life — even when it’s someone that they don’t even know! I have to say that you are one of my favorite IG accounts to follow, and I think it’s BECAUSE you aren’t 100% strict in what you eat. You do what’s best for you on any given day, whether that’s lettuce wraps or a cookie. And I love that!

  57. I just love this. Also, Jackson.

    But more importantly this needs to be said. ALL OF THESE THINGS need to be said. It is damn hard enough to be a girl. The nonsense about improperly branding yourself is the equivalent of expecting every financial investor to be mother effing Warren Buffet. No, quite literally. The man himself. Ridiculous.

    You do you, boo boo. EVERYBODY got time for wedding cake!

  58. ..and this is precisely WHY your blog has been a success and your fans have been dedicated and your books will be a hit. Extreme anything is bad for people. But sticking to a lifestyle that works for you is all a part of that balance that people struggle to keep.

    You’re starting to become a notable figure, Juli. And with that leadership WILL come the haters. You’re doing great. Keep up the wonderful work; at least for the people who love what you’re all about 🙂

  59. Juli – Take a deep breath. One of the great things about growing up (meaning…I’m old) is that once you figure out what makes you happy and healthy it doesn’t matter AT ALL what other people think. Negative people are confused and sad (about their lives) and always largely ignorant (of your life, no matter how much you post out there). As for living up to your brand blah blah blah all you can do – all that we can ALL do – is be true to our brand at the moment. We all learn. We all change. My “brand” from 10 years ago seems silly given where I am now. So I have a new “brand”. And yours will always evolve, too. Enjoy your cookies. You’ve earned them.

  60. Good for you! I love your blog, your recipes, and your cute little dog, Jackson. 🙂 Keep up the great work! 🙂

  61. Juli, I’ve enjoyed cooking dozens of your recipes, following your social medias, and watching your blog grow. This blog post hit home for me, I’ve recently realized that moderation is key, especially for women (like me) who suffer from disordered eating and body issues. Keep on loving your beautiful self, eat how you want, and continue to be an inspiration to all your readers! Thank you for sharing, much love to you layday!

  62. This is awesome and refreshing and comes at a really good time (after a holiday weekend, I feel like ppl think they need to restrict and everyone on Instagram is “detoxing”). I was in the over- working out crew for a long time… I actually ended up with a broken hip and five full months out of working out besides biking and swimming. It’s been really frustrating but it pulled me out of a life of working out and eating super clean. In a strange way, I am grateful.

    Thanks for the post and all your posts paleo/ not paleo whatever. It’s helped me find a life of better balance.

  63. Babe, I know you already have a million comments on this post, but I just want to applaud you. I can relate to being bashed and talked shit about behind a computer screen. So, I feel you, sweetie. I really really do. Great post. This was my favourite line – > Do what makes YOU the best kind of person

    Thanks for being you, Juli 🙂 Wish I could hug you 🙂

  64. Well said Juli!

    I love your site, recipes and your blogs. I think that you’re just a very level-headed and down to earth person who always has something insightful to say.

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the topic of Crossfit or Paleo diet. I’ve also done Crossfit competitively and I’m actually a competitive Olympic weightlifter as well. Talk about screwing up my body and my own body image. There’s nothing that will do that faster then training hard for an Olympic weightlifting competition. I was huge and felt heavy, I did however do great at the sport. However, it wasn’t worth it to me, I took some time off, went back to Crossfit because I needed to for my own sanity and slimmed down since then.

    I definitely feel less bulky and more fit, which I’m happy with. However am I perfect? Uh, not. even. close. Do I eat healthy – yup for the most part, and fairly strict paleo too. Did I have pizza for dinner last night? Heck yeah I did – and not the “healthy” kind – the delicious, greasy, amazing kind!!! I’m not going to feel guilty about it either.

    I think it’s hard and there are all kinds of added pressures. I’m actually a coach for Crossfit as well as just a participant. People ask me for advice all the time on what they should be eating (or not eating). I give the best advice I can – eat what makes you perform and feel your best! As you mention Juli – we’re all different. What works for me won’t necessarily work for another. I also don’t want to live a life full of restrictions – it’s just too damn short too. I want to live a life full of flavor, fun and activities!

    Great post!


  65. You Rock Juli ! I was having a pity poor me day after eating way to much crap over the holiday weekend. After reading that I can get right back on the wagon and stay focused.

    I love the inspiration you give me and so many others. I can’t tell you how many times your blog has made me smile . So screw those negative unhappy miserable haters. And keep up all your wonderful positive work, “I love it”

  66. Juli! You are the (totally took that from total divas)… and I love your recipes and look forward to see what you post each day. It’s great to see other options for food other than just meat and vegetables because that can get boring. Thanks for making paleo more exciting!

  67. BOOM!! {Jealous} people will ALWAYS find a way of saying things that really cut to the core. I think your take of life is FANTASTIC – crazy workouts or not; Paleo food or not. Thank you for saying what I’ve been feeling!!

  68. Well… I am even more amazed. When I was first starting Paleo, a few months ago I lived on your blog. Every day. Because a)delicious food, b)personality and entertainment. Haters are gonna hate, and let them, the self loathing they have for themselves is merely displaced on you. It is an amazing thing to witness someone be happy, if you are capable of such things yourself. If you aren’t capable, you will hate on people. At 26 you are a role model, and an inspiration, I’m on your side. Thanks for writing this piece.

  69. I don’t usually comment but had to log on to say:

    Amen sister! And THIS is why I love you and your site. Amen.

  70. Brooke McClelland

    Very well said, Juli! I couldn’t agree more! Your blog is awesome, it makes me laugh and I make your delicious recipes at the same time, what more could we all ask for??!! Keep the pictures of Jackson coming!

  71. First thing – people who have enough time to seek out websites to talk shit about bloggers, etc, have serious issues. Those people need to get out, get a life and move on.

    Second thing – your blog is one of a few blogs that I started reading when I started trying to “go paleo” from the beginning of the year. Yours is the one I read and use the most frequently because it is the most practical, beginner-friendly, and fun! I think it’s great that you show the reality of eating paleo – it’s not always 100% possible, and it’s not the end of the world if you have a piece of cheese or a (real) pancake once in awhile! You’re doing an amazing job here on your blog, so don’t worry about a bunch of dummies who don’t have enough balls to even come and post here on your own blog. As you can see from all the comments today, YOU ROCK!

  72. Some people compare Paleo and/or crossfit with a cult, but I think you should compare it with a religion. You follow the main ideas/values but make your own choices witch “rules” to follow/believe. For example, if you are a liberal christian/paleo/crossfitter (myself) you will always have extremist that says that you are not “christian” enough and that their way of life are the right one. When one of the main principles of Christianity is forgiveness and not throwing the first rock. Ironic.

    And isn’t the point with paleo to eat more natural? And what is more natural than listening to your own body and eat what is healthy for you? And sometimes eat somethings that is better for the mind than the body? 80-90% paleo are pretty good in my book. There is nothing more boring than people who think that they are 100% perfect… And if they think so they are certainly not 100 %. So ignore them.

    Not a native English speaker so excuse my spelling/grammar.

    ps happiness piss people of, keep smiling!

  73. Who cares what people say. I totally get how your moods regarding eating and exercise change bc I am experiencing that too. And, we are women and have hormones and unfortunatley that affects us too. I feel like no one should be so held to a diet or exercise routine that once you deviate it from it you have guilt/anxiety, etc. I love all your recipes and tips, and people are idiots with too much time on their hands.

  74. The very same thing that motivates us to talk about our weight, our bodies, our workouts, our jobs, our relationships, etc.–our insecurities–is precisely what motivates those behind-the-screen negative creepers. They are insecure and need to find some way to rationalize why you are lean and strong and healthy and happy and they are not. Keep up your good work, Juli.

  75. I would say that 80% of the meals I eat are “paleo,” but if I take a trip to Italy, I’m having a plate of authentic pasta. Or if I’m celebrating a friend’s wedding, I’m going to have the champagne and cake. Why? Because life is too short to not enjoy those things. Like last Sunday, for example, I had a huge bowl ice cream with my fiance. It was a beautiful spring day and it felt like the right thing to do. And I’m so happy I did it.

  76. Hey Juli,

    I personally really appreciate that you very honestly share with us your journey with all your struggles. It is relate-able. As you mentioned probably 80% of women experience a similar struggle, and it really is a shame there are haters out there. But you’ve been with me through a really intense paleo restrictive diet to a more relaxed primal lifestyle. I can say I’m a happier person when I don’t cry over eating a bagel.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your journey and don’t let the haters get you down. Appreciate how far you have come to a happier healthier lifestyle!

  77. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog before but can we be best friends? No really I <3 you.

  78. Thank you!!! Juli I LOVE your blog!! I am recently/slowly switching to paleo due to health reasons and your blog is my absolute fav! I have made a few things and they turned out great!!! I do not plan to follow a strict paleo diet I need to stick with what works for me! Just like you do!!! You are an inspiration to me, everyday when I read your blog I feel like a normal person who has lifestyle/diet that not many understand. Thank you for doing what you do!!!!

  79. Juli! Well said- can’t believe those forums even exist. I love the hell out of your blog, your stories, and your meatballs.

  80. Though a longtime reader, I rarely comment but have to say: Good for you. You are absolutely right. People need to remember that we’re all individuals with different needs and different ways of responding. Folks need to lay the heck off.

  81. This. Totally this.

    It’s not like your blog domain is something like

    Instead, it’s paleomg — a name that (to me) implies an enthusiasm for paleo food. It does NOT, in my perception, imply 100% commitment to paleo and crossfit!

    I love your stance, and can totally identify with the relaxed approach — so thank you!

  82. Juli,
    This is one of the BEST blog posts I’ve read in a long, long time.
    I wish more people shared this outlook on life.
    Really and truly inspirational and something that I’m sure each and every one of us can learn from and relate to.

    Our OWN happiness is so, so important and too often overlooked because we’re too busy being concerned about the path that other people are walking.

    Gay rant over.
    Thanks for this – great read!

  83. Seriously such an awesome post. I know so many women feel this way and you verbalized it perfectly! Rock on Girl!!!!!

  84. Juli Bauer I LOVE YOU!!!
    YES YES YES to everything you just said, and for not letting stupid and boring people change the fact that you are happy doing what is right for you. Loves your blog before and continue to love it now. 🙂

  85. Juli, you are beyond awesome. Echoing others on the blog: Ignore the mean nasties, you rock! You change people’s lives. You motivate others to live a healthier life, make us laugh and bring general happiness to our days. I am about 80/20 paleo and without your blog, recipes and humor it would be tough to stick with. You are my go-to when I need an awesome recipe or a good laugh. Keep it up, you are the best and ignore anyone who tells you differently! Mad, mad respect to you!

  86. Juli, well said, to each their own. I enjoy reading your posts and salivating over the recipes. I don’t consider myself any specific thing when it comes to how I eat. I’m just always on the look out for new, healthy, and creative recipes. I can’t wait to get your book in June and start cooking.

  87. You are the coolest. Someday I’m gonna start at the very beginning of your blog and read every post because I freaking love your humor and all of your recipes. I think it’s so great that you’re so real and you don’t pretend to eat perfect paleo and do CrossFit every minute of every day. Where’s the fun in reading a blog written by someone you can’t relate to? Hats off to you for standing up for yourself. Obviously your lifestyle is working well for you – so glad you’ve found your healthy balance! It’s all about moderation, and it definitely seems like you’re doing it right for you and being an inspiration for a whole lot of people (who aren’t so insecure about themselves that they have to go hating on other people all the time) while you’re at it. Thanks for being awesome!

  88. My friends and I have read your blog for years. I recently moved to CO and hope I get to meet you someday. I’ve also never commented on a blog, but I feel compelled to comment today to tell you this is why I love your blog, I’ve pretty sure I love you (you know, in a friend way), and that I’m thankful you wrote this. And I’m sorry for the reason you had to write it, but it’s powerful. And thanks 🙂

  89. Don’t let haters bring you down!!!!!! I agree that many of us are struggling with the same things and 80% of females have had issues with disordered eating in the past..I know I have. I’m still trying to work through those issues and gaining weight, so to read this about someone I really look up to helps a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  90. Have you ever gotten rhabdo? The first time I did Crossfit, I couldn’t extend my elbow the next day and it was really swollen. I went to the doc and they did some bloodwork and diagnosed me with a mild case of rhabdo. I loved my first experience, but now I am freaked out about getting rhabdo again. P.S. I love your blog and check it everyday for new recipes!

  91. Juli! Just had to say ‘amen sister!’ and give you a virtual high five. What a healthy outlook on life you have, you go girl!

  92. You are amazing! You are teaching and leading by example, showing that life is about balance! Your honesty is needed in this world because so many of us feel the way you feel yet are too afraid to share it. Keep doing what you’re doing. You have my support 100%. I love your blog.

    One more thing…we are all beautiful, just the way we are!

  93. I love this post. Your blog, instagram, cookbooks – all are AMAZING. Your honesty and what you share with everyone who follows is so refreshing. I’ve also had eating issues in the past, and some horrible food guilt that followed anytime I tried to have a small indulgence. I feel like paleomg has helped me get to a healthier place while also actually ENJOYING treats here and there (arepas – can i get a amen?!). Thanks for everything you do – please keep it up, there are far more people who appreciate your work/sites around here than there are haters.

  94. Julie, I haven’t ever left a comment on your blog. I am so moved by how honest and genuine you are. You are true to yourself, that is all that matters. Lori

  95. I completely understand where you are coming from. I have felt that same way many times especially with I was still a swimmer and then when I stopped working out 20+ hours a week and my body changed it took a lot to come to terms with. I was working out 5-6 days a week and eating not enough but still not losing weight. I am just now 3 years later becoming happy with the way my body looks and eating clean but still enjoying food! I think you are amazing!

  96. This is the first time I’ve commented on any of the food blogs that I follow. I really enjoy reading your blog and your recipes are fantastic. But I felt like I should comment here to show support in what you’re saying. Long story short, it’s sad that people have nothing better to do than to criticise other people. But I loved your response to this…and in my mind, you’re 100% correct. These people are just criticising because they are compelled by their own insecurities. I don’t think it’s any secret that the vast majority of women are insecure with their bodies at one stage or another. And it is important for people to find the routine (eating, working out, etc.) that works for them and makes them feel good about themselves. Plus, I’m always happy to hear that I’m not the only one that doesn’t deprive myself from the odd treat! haha. You’re the best, Juli!

  97. Look at all this love you have right here on your own site Juli! Let the haters whinge away their day and just keep doing what you’re doing because clearly you are a fortress to be reckoned with!!
    It does sucks you have to defend your own experiences of the past, but let it be known, if you put yourself out there and the bigger you become (not literally of course!), it’s only natural the haters are going to flock. mwah!

  98. Thank you for posting this!! I have enjoyed your blog and go to it FREQUENTLY for recipes. I have struggled with strict paleo and the best kind of exercise. In the last year I have gained weight and lot of it has been because I keep trying to be something I am not. So thank you for the reminder. Now I just need to figure out what is best for my body not necessarily someone else!

  99. I’m currently making one of your oh so delicious recipes and read this blog post. It was a mirror image of what happened to me after giving birth to my son. I’ve always been in shape, but husky, “big boned,’ but fit girl. After my son, I became just big. I was restricting my diet, eating clean, lean, counting fats, carbs, calories. I was going to the gym at 5 am every morning while getting up 3x a night with baby and working my butt off to get my (still big, husky, but fit) body back. I went back to playing my competitive sport, ringette, though my equipment didn’t fit. I was tired all the time. Truth is, I completely sent my hormones out of wack. My adrenal system shut down and my thyroid was sent into over-drive and then it too started crashing. I felt terrible. But how could I feel so terrible when I eat so healthy and workout, right? I finally got a concussion which slowed me down to a dramatic halt! I found myself a 100% trustworthy naturopath doctor who has helped me with diet and supplements and life-style change to find a balance. I eat a mix of pale and ketones diet and feel better then ever! I might even argue better then before I had my little guy! It’s been a very slow recovery, but I’ve learned to love my body because I’ve worked hard to make my body feel good. I get a lot of flack from people in my daily life about the amount of fat I eat. People don’t get it. But I happily ignore them. Thanks for not only sharing your story, and recipes, but also, thankyou for being such a wonderful advocate for us and our community!

  100. Juli, this post is SOOO refreshingly honest and open, THANK YOU for writing it! I eat 80-90% paleo and for the past two years have felt shamed for not being 100% all the time, and also having backed off CrossFit to lift lighter and take off days when my body tells me I need it. I’ve tried explaining to others that this is the lifestyle that makes me the most HAPPY – where I can see progress and feel my body being happy and healthy, where I can ENJOY the occasional non-paleo treat or meal and not feel bad about it and also not feel like a terrible person who declines meals/treats for the sake of being 100% paleo no matter the occasion. I still remember going out with friends a few years ago for my best friend’s birthday and the servers brought her a special birthday treat, she shared with everyone and it looked, smelled, sounded amazing. I was the only one who declined because it wasn’t paleo, and I felt like a terrible friend. Food brings us together, and if the occasional treat allows me to enjoy moments and celebrate life more, I’m going to indulge now. No more beating myself up in a lose-lose battle of negativity. As a leader in the paleo-blog community, I think your stance on this issue is wonderful, and I appreciate you sharing it with us! Again, thank you! Still hoping to meet you one day in Denver! Please let us know if you’re doing any book signings in the area!

  101. Juli – I am almost 40 and just in the last few years have I figured out that I don’t want to treat my body like a battleground anymore. Your blog is part of how I got there. If anyone gives you any shit, I’ll beat ’em up. That is all.

  102. I so needed to read this! I am constantly thinking if only I was more restrictive with eating or worked out harder i would have those killer bodies I see on TV, magazines, beach,etc.truth is I wont, and have spent 30+ years of my 42 years on this earth trying to be “perfect” whatever that even is. I am trying to slow down and enjoy life more and quit obsessing over things that I cant control. You rock!!!

  103. Juli, I love you. You are perfect, just the way you are. I have suffered from an eating disorder for the past 20 years (I am almost 38 years old) and you have inspired me to take better care of myself. I want to love myself as you have learned to love yourself at age 26.

    Thank you for posting this today. Haters are always going to hate.

  104. I seriously want to be BFFs with you! I love your site and I think your recipes are fantastic. How many of those assholes maintain a FREE website with awesome recipes helping people who want to try something different and see if it works for them? Probably none, all they can do is criticize and mock because they couldn’t do what you do so they sit there and judge. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything more pathetic than that. Oh, you have all the answers mr. anonymous internet commenter? Great, publish your works and share with us your endless wisdom and the answers to everything so we can be as enlightened as you. I’m sure it’s upsetting to read those types of comments, but really, their issue is with themselves. Don’t let it phase you, you’re awesome.

  105. First of all, you’re literally one of my favorite people ever and we’ve never even met, so already this is weird (you liked my Facebook status a couple of weeks ago about CrossFit and I died and screenshot it)

    I know you can’t really answer all of these comments but if you happen to see mine- I just wanted to know if you just knew your hormones were out of whack or if you actually went to a doctor and found out. I’m wondering if that’s my problem. Im with the 80% of the female population who has highly restricted and over exercised .. when I started CrossFit I just gained weight. Love my strength, hate my body. I’m cutting back and doing some more running/cardio. Wanted to know if you had any advice to people in the same Situation as you- I remember you started spinning right? And just going lighter/working on form/less times a week?

    You’re the best !! Please don’t change anything about yourself or your blog

    1. I started running a good amount, but once winter hit, I stopped doing that. Then I did spin for a while, but it bored me. So now I really only doing crossfit, just do the workouts lighter. so I’ll still go as heavy as i can in the lifts before the workout, then usually go way lighter in the workout. like the other day had 135# front squats in the workout and i did 85#. it’s still challenging for me (i’m not the strongest in squats) but I’m not having to drop the bar every few reps

  106. Juli, it’s completely f’ing ridiculous that you even have to write any of that. Who do people think they are?! How can they even be bothered?!!
    I think you’re awesome, and I love that you occasionally cheat. I cheat too. THEY cheat as well, but they pretend they don’t because they care what people think and want to appear as perfection. Do what YOU want, and what makes YOU feel good. Keep doing what you do, cause I have enormous amounts of respect for all of it 🙂 x

  107. Juli, this is without a doubt, my favorite post of yours. It’s so insightful and it gives people a chance to understand the real you, beyond all of the recipes. You are awesome!

  108. I love you so much for writing this, every single word. As a new blogger I know exactly what forums you mean, and I hate that I read what people say on there and wind up feeling gross afterwards. The self loathing on that site is nauseating. Anyway, I’m relieved you posted this because you’re someone I’ve really come to trust, as well as all the other amazing people in the paleo community and I think reading this confirmed for me once and for all not to give a second thought to what anyone thinks about my life and my situation. YOU are an awesome girl! I seriously look forward to everything you post!

  109. I fucking love you, Juli! I want to be your best friend and also be you at the same time. That’s weird. I don’t care.

    Your blog is real and that’s why I love it. I love hearing what you have to say. I don’t come here to follow a mold of how to be a perfect crossfitter-paleo-person. I come here to read about your day, about Jackson, maybe get a new recipe idea to try, to giggle in my office, or whatever the fuck your post makes me do each day. I come here because I want to and I think you’re awesome.

    Anyone who doesn’t? Meh. Who cares.

  110. “Have you ever thought you wanted something and changed your mind along the way? If you haven’t, you’re boring”

    I love this! Preach!

  111. Well said!! You are super brave, and such an inspiration !! People are really just so judgmental , and I feel sorry for those people!! You are awesome! And, you have JACKSON woot woot , best dog ever ( shhh don’t tell my pups, haha) keep up the good work, I can’t wait to get your cook book:-))

  112. You are a hell of a cook, with an amazing ability to make delicious whole foods.
    People are such assholes about diet. The dietary “smug” get so old so quick. You still provide great recipes…. I could care less if you eat McDonalds with a side of pepsi and a slab of cake for dinner.

  113. Juli
    You should do what makes you feel good and makes you feel healthy. Forget everyone else who is not supportive because in 1 day from now their opinion won’t matter! Keep the yummy recipes coming!

  114. Good for you Juli – enjoy the journey and keep sharing your adventures with us along the way. Love the recipes and love the commentary.

  115. Bravo Juli, People need to keep their traps shut about people and their lifestyles. I try to eat Paleo as much as possible but ya know, sometimes a girl just likes a little cheese. And I’m fine with it. I’m also fine with people who are vegetarians who eat fish or chicken. Whatever gets you out of bed in the morning. I’m also ok with people who live off of fast food, ya know why? Cuz I’m not a judgmental person, I realize we are all different and what works for one might not work for the other.
    Grrrr…evil rant over.

  116. The internet is a crazy, scary place.

    Thank you for being a trailblazer and putting yourself out there for all of us to benefit from. It can’t be easy… I’m personally grateful for what you do and in awe of how you handle it all with such honesty and grace.

  117. As a 43 year old, I remember the pre-internet days when people just talked about you behind your back and their audience wasn’t nearly as big :-). I have three things to share with you from my years of wisdom and being the mother of a 22 and 16 year old:
    1. Success is the best revenge. (Keep living your great life)
    2. Who cares what others think of you? You shouldn’t… don’t waste your energy.
    3. Love of self comes from the inside out. (sounds like you figured that one out early)
    ps I love the Jazzercise mention – I actually used to teach that!!! LOL!

  118. PREACH! I’ve been following your blog for years, but haven’t commented until now because I wanted to say I completely support your philosophy! You go girl!

  119. Denise finocchio

    Beautifully stated. You know yourself and what is good for you…….some people never come to this reality!

    You are amazing as well as your recipes too!

    I’ve struggled my entire life accepting myself and finally found the balance of eating healthy and fitness. Forgiving myself for falling off the wagon and how to get back on!

    Keep up your great work you inspire me!

  120. Hey Juli,

    I’m eatin Ben & Jerry’s froyo for dessert after my paleo dinner and if anyone has a problem with that they can play in traffic. I’m not perfect I eat what works for me and sometimes it’s paleo and sometimes it’s gluten free and sometimes I throw in a treat that’s neither. Eff the haters. Keepin doing you girl!

    Xo Krystle

  121. Your blog is the only “paleo” blog that I read (consistently) – and the reason for that is you are the MOST human one of them all – that’s what I love about your blog, your not strict paleo and to me that makes you super relatable – I look forward to reading your blog every week – thank you!

  122. I love you, Juli! You’re funny, smart, strong, and beautiful. You’ve come a long way since I met you at Evolve, and I’m glad to hear you no longer obsess about food (or CrossFit) but instead focus on enjoying a healthy life. You’re so grown up now! 🙂

  123. I think your blog is PERFECT just the way it is, title and all. It evolves just like people do which makes it very real. I hope you focus on the 99% totally positive comments and ignore the unproductive hateful ones. Please don’t change your style, So many of us look forward to reading every day 🙂

  124. Woman! share that opinion…. that’s what we read your stuff for. & yes you may hate negative people and I know being open to hearing people whether they are being positive or not goes a long way in life. Humans are always changing, it can’t be helped… so those against change are seriously confused about nature and humanness. Your realization is so empowering. Your changes are a blessing. Keep sharing. We’ll all keep growing, & hopfully “those” that really need to change for the positive will get a little wiser;)

  125. Girl, I feel you. Like so, so much I understand what you’re saying and going through. A year ago I was in tip top shape for my wedding and the over the course of the past year, I’ve moved cross country, made a huge career change, and just have different priorities. I was stressing over gaining weight and was just generally uncomfortable in my skin, no matter what I did. Now I’ve found a groove and as I’m thinking/stressing less about what I eat, I’m feeling better about my body.

    It’s amazing how many people go through this, even without realizing, and it’s such a hard thing to admit to yourself, let alone to the interwebs. Good for you for sticking up for yourself and doing what’s best for you. Keep it up!

  126. One of my mottos is this:
    F@ck the haters.

    I don’t know why people are hating on other websites, on instagram or even in the comments here. If people don’t like this blog then move along. Its the friggen interweb and there are a million paleo blogs out there! Don’t wish that this ONE is something other than it is.

    Juli, keep up the great work providing free paleo recipes en masse to those of us who are soaking it up!

  127. That totally brought tears to my eyes. It is the encouragement to be “YOU” that got me. :*) thanks!

  128. Love the post Juli – you are really inspirational to us all – you are a real woman and I love the fact that you talk about everything, the good and the bad.

    I am a paleo CrossFitter and my body is changing. It’s so hard not being ‘the norm’ and going shopping is tough when you realise that nothing is made for an athletic body. But knowing that others out there go through the same things i do helps me through it. (I found denim shorts that fit the other day and did a major happy dance in the changing cubicle!!)

    Also I think it is healthy not to promote paleo perfection and that’s why I love checking out your Instagram. It helps my head when I want to eat a paleo snack or GF muffin but my head says no – I just ask myself, what would juli do! Helps me make the right choice for me every time.

    Thank you Juli for doing what you do and helping me on my journey.

  129. Julie

    Some people are just going to hate …. Its the old ‘keyboard muscles syndrome’ It’s sad but true. What’s great is that you are true to yourself!!

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Some people on the other hand get lemons and just suck them inside out.


  130. What a great post!! you are a GEM …. keep doing your thing.. I iwll keep reading your blog and buying your books …because your recipes ROCK my socks and so does your writing and personality

    Lexi from Toronto
    ps— come to Canada soon !! Toronto is awesome in the summer and so many great food fests!

  131. Amen Sister!! I do not understand why people spend so much of their energy on negative bullsh*t!!! Don’t they realize they will never, evah evah evah get that time back? i mean, duh!! love your blog, love your instagram & most definitely have a crush on Jackson 🙂

  132. Thank you for this. I am always trying to reconcile my CrossFit goals with my body image goals and they are ALWAYS at odds. I, too, can train super hard, eat super clean and never look ripped like my friends. I think it may be time to evaluate what’s most important to me.

  133. Great post, Juli. Good for you for having a handle on this at 26. You are so far ahead of the game. Something I am still trying to come to terms with in my 40s.

  134. Hi Juli,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it. It’s fresh and honest and makes me smile every single morning. I’ve tried many of your recipes and tricks and am having a blast.
    Insecure people try to convince themselves that their opinion is right and yours is wrong. I say whatever, life is too short and drama just ends up sucking the energy out of people. In the past year, I have come to realize that I have serious issues with food. And it’s ok to talk about it, work on it and try different things. I did Weight Watchers for over a year, lost a bunch of weight and then slowly moved to a Paleo-ish diet. Why? Because it works for me and my lifestyle. Some people seem to want to debate things like someone else’s diet and exercise routine. Why???? My body, my choice. Judgy people need to calm the EFF down and worry about their own issues.

    You are a great person and I love your blog. It makes a difference in people’s lives.

  135. I just read this post and I am in tears over it. It is so ridiculous how people talk about others decisions. Your blog is one of my favorites. I hunted you down at the Paleo f(x) conference to sign your cookbook, that I brought with me! LOL. I have struggled all my life with my weight and I hate my body. I have had 3 kids, but can’t really use that as an excuse…my youngest is 16! I just love to eat! But since going Paleo, Aug 2013, I’ve lost 30 lbs. I have hit a brick wall, Dec 2013, and am struggling to lose anymore. Could be because I don’t workout enough..kinda like ever. My family is kinda demanding and I’ve had to start college classes for my job. I know I know, excuses! But your blog is such and inspiration to those of us out here that are kinda lost. I don’t have a support system at home. I’m the only healthy eating person in my household so its hard. Please let the haters hate and don’t ever stop this blog!!

  136. I love your blog, your IG, and your honesty. Eating healthy and exercising while finding balance in daily life is extremely difficult; I struggle every day. You are clearly a real person with real struggles and real initiative to work toward being a healthier, happier person. I admire that and that is why I creep your blog every day. Your recipes have been so helpful to me and so many others. Keep your head up!

  137. Awesome post! Just awesome! Thanks for sharing that and as someone who has struggled (bad) with disorderd eating and overexercising it’s comforting to hear stories of stopping it in it’s tracks and recovering. Give me hope! I often get wrapped up in working out like others do and wanting to look like they do. I need to take your advice here and do what works for me! Thank you for being so inspiring. And haters gonnna hate, just ignore them. Cause karma is a b**ch and they will get theirs!

  138. A lot of us are in this boat…and sometimes just too afraid to admit it. Especially since starting CrossFit I have let my ego get in the way of decreasing my volume or taking time off. Do I seriously care that people won’t think I’m “badass” anymore?? I did care but I don’t anymore. Thanks for this post!

  139. Live your life fully and unapologetically. Life is too short and the more time you give to negative people, the less time you have to grow. Just look at how much positivity you have brought to all the people who love your sight! I know I get excited every time I check to see if theres a new recipe posted.

  140. Yup. It’s bizarre. People LOVE to analyze and criticize those who are attempting to do things that are good for THEIR body, and yet heaven forbid if someone mention the BAD things they are doing to their own bodies. We’re being trained to be hyper-sensitive to the the unhealthy people, but it’s perfectly OK to slam people who are being healthy. Makes perfect sense, right?

    I have stayed away from FB lately because I’m tired of all the “gluten sensitivity is all in your head” posts I’m seeing. I DO eat gluten when i’m tempted, and I pay the price for it over and over and over. I know the cost, and I sometimes do it anyway, but I pay a high price and since you don’t live in my body, you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how is affecting me. :/ (heh, maybe I should drag them into the bathroom with me next time?)

  141. Amen, sister! It appears you have tons of positive comments for this post, but I want to add one more because we all deserve to be told we’re great once in a while. I appreciate your honesty and your style. I feel sad for people who don’t embrace some flexibility in their lives…

  142. I never comment on blogs, but it felt necessary today. I feel like people post negative things elsewhere just to get you to write something like this… silly people.
    I really enjoy your posts/rants and of course the FOOD – you are someone I can relate to as I have an obsession with food too! THANK YOU for all the wonderful posts.
    I originally found Paleo because I found out I have hormone issues too – mostly because I was working out too much (not CrossFit, but just my general ‘want to do everything fitness related that is fun’ me). Who knew too much of a ‘good thing’ would do that? Happy to hear you have ‘found yourself’ a little earlier than I did. I am a health fanatic in general & get rants like ‘how are you so healthy?’ and ‘you really enjoy eating THAT?’ ALL the time. The joke is on them though – they probably don’t feel as great as we do. Fine tuning things and moderation can be hard, but isn’t it great when you finally figure yourself out? 🙂
    Thanks Juli!!

  143. This resonates with my own story so much. Thank you for putting into words what I have been struggling to do for a while 😉

    Screw the haters, you’re ace!

  144. Thank you I enjoyed this post — and it makes so much sense to me and I admire you for being YOU and letting people know we are all human and have to do what makes us happy to survive this crazy world.

    You give me inspiration!

  145. As a fellow crossfitter and (mostly) primal eater, I have had this struggle for years. Even when I eat well, train hard, my body will never look like some of the jacked crossfit girls I have worked out with. After 5 years of going through a mostly mental game with myself, I have finally come to the realization that all I need to do is focus on what I can do in this moment in time. Two days ago I PR’d by 20lbs on my push press, and I couldn’t believe it. I have been eating healthy but not punishing myself when I don’t. It’s okay to have a piece of cake with a sh** ton of icing on it!!

    Thank you so much for this post. It makes me feel better. I am who I am, and I shouldn’t let anyone make me feel guilty for my choices.

    Thank you!

  146. You totally made my day with this post. You rock. People that critize how you live are insane. I think you’re awesome!

  147. Bravo! Thank you for writing what I’m feeling. We need more women like you to talk the truth about listening to your body, choosing to enjoy the ride. I love how you write and I love that you look an issue in the eye and called it out. I love that you are happier being you. And I love you’re recipes and humor. Lotta love happening here 🙂 Keep up the great work Juli! And tell the haters to kiss your a$$!

  148. Thank you for posting this. After having a baby people can be extremely rude and you can hear them say “Man, she STILL didn’t lose the baby weight?” And then once I found your blog, started eating better and losing the weight, now I hear “Man, she must be anorexic or doing something unhealthy.” People will always talk and have negative comments. It takes a truly strong person to ignore it all and be true to themselves. Thank you for helping me get there!

  149. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Juli!!!!!! This post just literally made my whole week! I am currently re-calibrating my relationship with myself and my eating habits and it is quite honestly one of the hardest challenges I’ve experienced. I, like you, have done all of the over training, under eating, obsessive counting and tracking, thinking “what’s wrong with my body…why won’t it look like that girls” and it’s exhausting and unnecessary! I am so happy that you’ve found a peaceful place and am going to use this post as motivation and inspiration to continue on with this challenge and hope I come out the other side in a happy place like you are right now. I couldn’t agree more about just eating what makes YOU FEEL good and what you CRAVE and enjoy eating when you are hungry and not worrying about what macronutrient it is….it took me 28 years to realize it…but hey – we can’t all be quick learners! 🙂 I absolutely LOVE reading your posts everyday and think the social media needs more innovators like yourself!! Also, your dog is adorable!! 🙂

  150. Attention in the messhall! Julie, my wife and I find your blog to be the most refreshing, hilarious and appetizing out there. We both read it everyday to pick up ideas for our meals. Mark Sisson, who knows a thing or two about being paleo, says that he wants us to be at least 80% paleo but NOT 100%….it’s just too stressful. I’ve learned to completely ignore what others think about me. I will live my life as I please while being respectful to others. Keep up the great work, please post more pictures of Jackson!!!!, enjoy your life with your boyfriend and other crossfitters. Thank you, Roger Beck, US Army Retired, Airborne Ranger

  151. Judgy people suck. I get where you are and honestly who cares what everyone thinks as long as you’re happy 🙂

  152. I know this post has already gotten a bazillion comments, but I just have to add my own. Sorry. Deal with it. Like you and the other 80% of women, I struggled with my weight, diet and health. Health blogs and diets just made me feel frustrated and defeated because I could never perfectly follow the restrictive diet they preach. When I discovered your blog and way of thinking, it changed my life. It made me feel like I could eat healthy a majority of the time and still allow myself to indulge on occassion without beating myself up. So eff the haters. Your blog rocks. I am now a healthy weight for the first time since I was probably 8 years old. (I’m now 24.) I work out 4-5 times a week and feel great! 🙂

  153. Thank you for this post, I really needed it today. I have hit a plateau and was starting to obsess about what I could do to change things up while also stressing about not being happy with what I have. This is exactly the motivation I needed to put things back into perspective. Keep it up, you are an inspiration!

  154. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been on and off the Paleo wagon and have just recently decided to get back on but I a not taking myself too seriously. I just started Crossfit and I love it. I happened to find the perfect box that I know is not expecting me to compete. I have learned that I am doing pretty darn good for 42 and I am learning to love my body! If I cheat every so often i don’t let it ruin my life.

    You go girl!

  155. There goes Juli B keeping it real. Just part of why we love you! You’re right. The haters are boring and stupid. Cowardly too. You just keep being you. We like you that way!

  156. The Internet is full of weirdos who like to judge. I love your blog and your attitude, so I’m glad you wrote this post. I’m starting to come around to that kind of thinking after years of messed up ideas about food, and it’s starting to feel really nice to feel good about myself first and foremost. You rule, girl.

  157. High five to you for paying attention to your body, and doing what’s best for you. I too have a history of disordered eating, and found that the Primal 80/20 method is perfect for me. I have friends who thrive doing Whole 30s and strict Paleo. That ain’t me. Trying to be “perfect” like that, makes me obsess over food and then HATE myself if I have a small splurge. No thanks.
    Good for you for taking such good care of yourself and thanks again for posting such fantastic recipes for all of us to enjoy here, on your site. I just made your chewy chocolate cookies this past weekend, and your apple bars are one of my favorite treats to make, too.
    Haters gonna hate, man.

  158. I went through the same damn thing, minus the whole my life being online part. I found that anytime I went off my diet slightly I had tummy issues, on top of not looking the way I wanted. Who wants to live like that. I gave up my dream of competing in figure competitions, simply because of this. I would much rather lead a more balanced, fuller, and happier life than restrict myself, and be miserable, and who cares what others think!

  159. Michelle Vicino

    Well said. Let them hate. You are the only person you need to worry about…..and Jackson 🙂

  160. Thank you Juli, I truly believe that things happen for a reason. I have been getting down on myself because I have been eating chocolate lately more than I ever have in the past couple of days and have made myself sick with guilt over it…. Which makes me eat more (screwed up I know). Anyways, reading your blog post lifted a weight off my shoulders because I had decided this afternoon after eating (where I yet again over ate at lunch) to let it all go and be happy and not let it bug me anymore and no more guilty feelings. It was crazy how much I could relate to your post and how I felt the same way (insecure about my body/skin/etc). So thank you for being so inspiring and helping me smile today and helping me move one step closer in loving myself. Keeping doing you Juli and I will happily continue to follow you on your beautiful journey

  161. LOVE this post Juli!! Couldn’t agree more. It’s your life – your rules. We’re all just here, reading your blog religiously, because we support you! Haters gone hate!

  162. This was an awesome post, Juli, but at the same time I’m sad that you had to write it at all. The trolls of the internet take such a sadistic joy in talking shit and trying to tear other people down and I don’t know why; perhaps out some deep seated insecurity? This post brought to mind one of my favorite quotes: Comparison is the thief of joy. People need to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and just focus on becoming better versions of themselves. Anyway, keep on keeping on! I love what you do.

    P.S. I ate donuts from a hipster food truck for dinner last night… I regret nothing.

  163. Juli, never let the haters get you down. Keep being real. Anyone who is 100% at anything is lying or boring. I did a Crossfit WOD this morning, ate mostly paleo all day, and this evening will go out and have a beer because I can and I enjoy it. I will toast to you!

  164. Thank you for being so brave and courageous! Please don’t ever stop. I love your books and your blog! You inspire so many people. I just started reading a book called Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. I think you would love it too.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us, I truly appreciate it.
    P.S. to all the haters out there I would recommend a book called Soul Detox by Craig Groeschel. 😉

  165. Thank you for always sharing your journey and for your honesty. Life changes and we change. I applaud you for your ability to recognize what YOU need and to move toward it.

  166. I am saddened you had to write this. Finding your blog and following you on Instagram has been a breath of fresh air! I LOVE that you’re real and hide nothing. It has allowed me to feel so much less guilty when I eat non-paleo foods – as we’re not freaking robots who don’t have cravings or temptations! Please don’t ever change in that manner.

    As I write this I am treating myself to the most delicious, creamy salted caramel ice cream which is in no way paleo and I regret nothing!

  167. Juli, you are fantastic. I never comment… Ever. I’m that creeper who just reads the crap out of the archives and thinks of things to comment and goes “nah this post is old.” But this was a great read. Thank you for being so honest! I follow your Instagram and get so angry when I see people saying mean things. It’s so unnecessary. I’m glad that you’re finding a balance that works for you! That’s something I’m constantly struggling with. It’s all or nothing for me too much. Thanks for being you and being awesome and taking delicious food pictures and being honest about everything and sharing delicious (FREE!!!!!!) recipes.

  168. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes and experiences on this blog. You are an inspiration and are making a positive difference in many lives.

    I learned an important lesson about critics that has always stayed with me. Criticism and downright nasty comments are a mirror. They reflect more about the person making the comments than about the person they are trashing. Smack blogs are a gathering place for people who want to make friends by creating scandal and spewing judgmental comments about their target. They are snipers who shoot from anonymous hideouts. Your post shown a spotlight on their behavior, not yours.

    Focus on the people who will love and support you. Continue to dare greatly and courageously share out in the open from a caring and giving heart.

  169. Thank you for the blessing you are to your regular readers. I always check in on what is new and evolving in your journey through life. I love your spirit and your honesty. I am old enough to be your mom, but have found you very wise and open. Please know, there is a vast sea of supporters who like you just the way you are.

  170. Oh em gee will you be my best friend?! You freaking rock!!!!! I feel like that was me writing this article. Stay true to you girl. Love love love your recipes. Keep it up!

  171. I just wanted to send more positive energy your way! Thank you for your delicious free recipes, and sharing your ideas and humour via the internet!
    It sucks the internet is a double edge sword. It’s weird to me that people can’t wrap their head around the 80/20 rule or being Primal. That people care so much that others are not strict Paleo one hundred percent of the time. I sometimes add some safe starches like white rice in my diet, white potatoes, or even some dairy because it keeps me happy. I even take four tbsp of unmodified potato starch a day to feed the good bacteria in my gut. Gasp! Being happy is what matters.
    Keep being awesome like you always are!

  172. Good for you for staying true to yourself and not letting others get to you. don’t let anyone else get to you and realize their comments are a sign of jealously for your success!

  173. You are awesome 🙂

    I’m not Paleo….so far from Paleo….but I read your blog because you make great food. I just want to eat all of it! I also follow your blog because you are REAL! Let the haters hate…they are all miserable people! And you just keep on eating cake!

  174. Juli – people that give you a hard time confuse me. If they come to your site, I would assume that they would read your “about” section. Your posts and recipes are true to your about section – why make assumptions from a website based on the name alone? Your name is awesome – it is your brand – I personally love it.
    In today’s world of never-ending information, if people don’t like something, they should move on. Period. Move on and keep your mouth shut. Don’t insult the person who brightens my day with witty posts (not to mention cute dog pictures) and who gives me healthy ideas on what to feed my family. I am not Paleo, but I come to the site every day. Keep your head up and keep posting for those of us who love you and who appreciate all you do.

  175. I really just want to give you a hug, though that would be awkward for both of us because you have no idea who I am…but I really loved reading this post, and I applaud your honesty.

    No one is perfect. No one is ever perfectly happy, perfectly fit, and perfectly whatever, including perfectly Paleo. I love that you are open about the fact that you are not always strict Paleo, and in my opinion, it shows how UN-disordered your eating is and helps others know that they don’t have to hold themselves to an impossible standard. As someone who was diagnosed with an eating disorder a few years ago, I especially appreciate that.

    And if you keep posting food you love and that other people love and that mostly fits what you built your blog/brand on, who should feel entitled to judge what you eat in your spare time?

    Not me. You rock. And the people who say otherwise are, as you point out, displaying their own insecurities.

  176. I love this. I was nodding my head through the whole thing. I am the same age as you and have completely done the same thing. Over-trained, under eaten, binged inappropriately because I’ve under eaten and then looked at my body and wondered why it doesn’t look like the next persons.

    I recently went on holiday and I ate what ever I wanted that didn’t make me feel horrible. I had a beer if I felt like one. I still kept active because that’s something I like doing but I did it when it felt right and not when I felt tired. And guess what??? I was the happiest person ever. My body was glowing. It felt and looked great! I came back and even PB’d a couple of lifts 🙂

    This made me realise I was too consumed with Paleo and CrossFit. I love both but I tried to love them in a way that wasn’t me.

    I so agree with the hormones and the balance stuff.

    So now I just do what feels right. And I get out of the gym and do active stuff outside and live my life like someone who is always searching for fun! And read your blog a lot 🙂

    Thanks heaps champ 🙂

  177. Trolls be trolls and unfortunately the internet is a safe playground for them. 🙁

    The bathroom scale got ditched four weeks ago, I would love to say I did this myself but hubby hid the batteries from me. I was super annoyed at him at first, but then I realised that my eating habits were out of whack. I ate according to that stupid number, I am exercising more so of course the number would shift up. It drove me nuts.

    Now, I don’t know how much I weigh but my clothes are fitting well and I am eating better. My moods are even and I am not obsessed about a number that keeps changing.

    My waistline is better, I fit into pants I haven’t been able to get into and there is peace in our house…

    You are happy with how you look and live, and screw the haters. 🙂

  178. GREAT post Juli!! In the end, the only thing that matters is you being comfortable in your own skin – and you realizing that what these haters are saying shouldn’t affect that is so important! It still blows my mind that people just go out there and talk sh*t about others because they’re so insecure, or the way you choose to live your life and be happy doesn’t fit in their perfect little box.

    I think they’re just jealous, seriously. You have a kickass food blog, TWO kickass cookbooks, what looks like a kickass crossfit gym and friends, a great boyfriend, adorable dog…should I go on? Haha. They’re definitely jealous.

  179. You are awesome! You have inspired me more in the past couple of weeks, not to do cross fit, but to live a healthier life and that is what my happiness is! Sometimes I work out 5 days a week, some times 2. Its okay to not feel guilty about it because life happens!!!

  180. Well said! Our goals and our preferences evolve with us as we experience things throughout our lives. Do what’s best for YOU and ignore the haters because you have plenty of us supporters in your corner!

  181. PREACH it girl! You are honestly one of the most inspirational paleo bloggers out there and it’s because you’re REAL. You don’t set insanely strict standards for what is and is not a good diet and what we should be doing to be healthy. That’s why your so awesome. Motivate without the hate 😀

  182. Juli, I’ve got nothing but love for you. Thank you for your blog, your honesty in your journey, and all these fab recipes. I know this is such hard work, and I really appreciate all you do!

  183. My God, I got SO mad yesterday after reading this. Not because you posted it, but because you HAD to post. And to the woman who commented earlier that she didn’t like that your post came from a place of anger, PALEASE. That’s what makes great blogging. No one wants to read PC, I love everybody even though they say mean things about me, kumbaya bullshit. THAT’S BORING. And fake. Hope she never visits my blog! Anyway…THEN I started seeing the anti-CrossFit articles flying around my newsfeeds and just about lost my damn marbles!! It’s your blog. Your brand. You can do/say whatever you want. And you know what? IT WORKS. You’re successful doing YOUR thing. The haters are jealous. PERIOD. They sound like a bunch of whiny bitches. My message to them is go do something that makes you happy, and this world would be a better place because of it! Emily, OUT.

  184. Thank you for writing this post. I think many people can relate to you within and outside of the crossfit/paleo world. Excess is everywhere and it’s interesting to see how in some cases can actually be an over compensation for things that people aren’t happy with. Great food for thought. Well done!

  185. Nohemi West-Phelps

    Hi Juli – I think its the classic case of people aiming to bring down those at the top…you are having great success with your blog and recipe books and that when people become critical. I too went crazy with my eating restrictions and working out like a mad woman and ended up with Adrenal Fatigue and with extra pounds I just couldnt shed. The Solution: I gave myself some TLC, cut back on the working out, started eating more and incorporating rest days (what a concept) – the pounds came off and best of all I am healthier and happier. On a Kumbaya note – I am thankful for the negative people because they drive us to stay the course and stay true to ourselves. Congratulations on all your success and I look forward to seeing all your wonderful recipe ideas!

  186. Love Love Love!!!!
    About 1 year ago I started training to compete in crossfit. I made the sacrifice of being with my family for that full year, stressing about everything I did (sleep, eat, drink, dress etc.). I loved seeing the advances I was making at the gym. But I hated coming home to an angry annoyed husband. Lond story short, I have stopped participating in the competition team and have started taking advantage of judging. I have found myself in a similiar position as yours. I live a healthy lifestyle and try not to reach to one extreme or another. If I was ice cream, I get ice cream!!!!! If I want to take a rest day just because I can I will. Your words spoke volumes to me and supported what I have recently been thinking. Im happy you have found the balance. I am also very happy that your recipes are so incrediably amazing that I never have a shortage of ideas for food. Your speak the truth, with not reason to sugar coat your words or meaning. That is much appreciated in today’s world. Keep up the great work, but don’t work too hard:)
    Thank you!

  187. H*ll yeah! People change. People evolve. People grow and learn new things. BRAVO to you for learning and growing. And eff the rest of those “boring” stagnant haters.

    You rock 🙂

  188. Please always have something to say when they aren’t happy with their life. They need to learn to better themselves instead of critcizing. I think you help other people go through the same journey with a great name. Thank you!

  189. I wish everyone would just “calm. the f***. down” (I’ve seen Shaun of the Dead more times than I care to mention) shove their faces full of bacon and mind their own damn business.

  190. Way to go lady! What a great role model for young women and pretty much everyone out there that your life should be lived in the pursuit of happiness – even when that means having a piece cake at a wedding!

    I liked you before, I admire you now!

  191. I actually love you so fucking much!!! Thank you for writing this. This is me 100%, Too much CrossFit made me heavy and bulky and no I was not happy with my body despite becoming stronger. I was also restricting my food level to much. Now that I take it easy on the exercise and work with my body instead of against it, I am much happier. I used to eat paleo and preached the crap out of it but then when it stopped working for me I was confused. It took me a while but now I pretty much eat whatever the hell I want in moderation and I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin. So thank you Juli, you have no idea how much this post means to me. Thanks for keeping it real. Sincerely, a loyal reader.

  192. <3 Wish I could hug you right now! I have loved your recipes all along, and thank you for sharing a bit of your heart here. I can definitely relate to a few years of competing leaving me feeling overtrained, hormonally out of whack, injured, and overwhelmed. So glad to see you happy in your skin!

  193. AMEN to all of that. Everyone is different and who cares what anyone does or how they eat or workout. Each person needs to learn what is best for their body just like you’ve done and not try to stick it in some label just because they think it’s right. Virtual high five for doing your own thing regardless!!

  194. I appreciate this post so much. I read your blog but I’m not paleo, I have tried to, but it’s so overwhelming to me that I’ve stopped. I do want to give it a try when I’m ready, have been tagging many of your recipes.

    One of my frustrations with other Paleo/Primal blogs were the comments. Someone would post a comment about adding anything to their coffee or eating almonds and they would be attacked with comments about how almonds are bad and how this and that is not raw or paleo enough, and, therefore, unhealthy.

    That negativity was such a turnoff that I stopped following all those blogs, except for yours. I have enough stress in my life and don’t need to obsess about every single item I eat. I’ve obsessed enough before, and this only caused me to have an extremely unhealthy relationship with food, and to gain tons of weight. Now that I’ve relaxed more, I am starting to get back to normal.

    I applaud you for being brave enough to share with us how you feel, and please keep in mind that some people only feel better when they bring others down. Such a miserable way to live.

  195. You are awesome. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and instagram! My husband and I also LOVE every recipe I have tried of yours! And now, more than ever, I love your beliefs and personality! Totally agree with you. Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about what others think.

    You are a gorgeous, smart, and talented woman. Don’t let anyone else ever tell you less.

  196. I think the overriding message here is fantastic! DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU! No matter what you label it, finding the things that really bring you bliss and great health is all that really matters. 🙂

  197. So freaking proud of you, both for your brave post and encouraging others to live the life they were meant to live. Your blog is so much more than amazing recipes: It is beautifully raw and absolutely hilarious. You’re a rockstar Juli- Thank you for all you do!

  198. Well put Juli!

    I feel like people make themselves so crazy over labels and ” Is this paleo?” “I’m more paleo than you” when really they need to focus on what feels good to them. And I’ve been trying to articulate your last point about living life without restrictions for awhile… I might have to quote you.

  199. This post is great!! Thank you so much for sharing this. At the end of the day all that matters for any person is finding that healthy balance of feeling good in your own skin and being happy!! What good does it do to be ripped, perfectly paleo but yet be unhappy?

    This has been a topic of dicussion with some of the girls at the gym I belong to (not Crossfit) so the timing of this post is impeccable and I will definatey be sharing it with them.

    Thank you again!

  200. Love this post. I always feel like I have to justify what I eat. It’s easy: I eat what makes me feel good at the moment. Usually it’s paleo, but sometimes it’s not. I don’t feel I should need to say more than that. I’m still longing for the day when I’m not being called a liar/hypocrite/evil-word-of-choice for either not eating paleo ALL the time or not eating like “normal people” (yes, they sometimes suggest that I’m not normal) do.

  201. PREACH IT SISTER! I’ve learned one thing about sharing with people my diet and food choices, there is always going to be somebody that has something negative to say. I was introduced to paleo by my DOCTOR and I have been in love ever since! I follow your blog religously, mostly because you’re hilarious and so very straight forward, your recipes are amazing. So keep on keeping on, you have a great following and all kinds of support! Let the hatas’ hate!

  202. I been following you for a while, but I have never commented. I am so glad that you wrote this. I have been struggling with the same thing but I am honestly scared to start adding things back to my diet on a regular basis. Everyone talks about how Paleo is the perfect diet, but it hasn’t really gotten me anywhere.

    I wish there were less negative people in this world so you would feel comfortable sharing what you have started doing because I feel like it might help people like me. I know I am not the only one!


  203. Criticism is really a complement. People do criticize people that aren’t doing anything. You must be doing something right and having an impact or they wouldn’t bother!

    Your post is the reason why I consider myself Primal not Paleo. Primal living is not about restriction it is about being smart about what you eat and how you exercise to enjoy lift to the fullest.

    In the word of the modern day poet Lil Wayne “Haters can’t see me, nose bleed seats And today I went shopping and talk is still cheap”
    Love your blog!


  204. I just finished reading THE PALEO MANIFESTO, you know THE Paleo bible, written by the guy who was instrumental in making Paleo what it is today? His message is Juli’s life. Choices based on information and how you want to live your life. Period. The thing is, after I read this book, I realized the Paleo Police people push the antithesis of the intent of the Paleo “lifestyle,” in that there IS NO PRESCRIBED LIFESTYLE.

    If you haven’t done so, read the book. The name is militant, so It wasn’t hot on my list, but it’s just a poorly named book given today’s climate around the word “manifesto.”

  205. Paleo is not just classified as a diet but as a way of eating for many of us so that we are not in pain. Like you said, YOU eat what YOU can for YOUR body so that you feel the best you can. It’s a horrible feeling that is a HIDDEN pain when food does not agree with you. There are people with autoimmune diseases that benefit completely and turn their life around from eating this way. Crossfit takes a lot of courage to do whether you are in shape or not, so cuddos to you on being successful with this! I am dying to try it out! You are successful and sometimes that brings out the worst in OTHER people. Keep positive and don’t drowned in the negative gossip! Much love and success!!!

  206. “Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
    I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size
    But when I start to tell them,
    They think I’m telling lies.
    I say,
    It’s in the reach of my arms
    The span of my hips,
    The stride of my step,
    The curl of my lips.
    I’m a woman
    Phenomenal woman,
    That’s me.”

    ~Maya Angelou

    Thought this was fitting here. 🙂 You do what you do, girl. Do what you do and love and live your life. It’s so infinitely precious.

  207. seriously, the best blog i’ve read in awhile. Keep on living your life and inspiring others to do the same! eff the haters man!

  208. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I loved this post, and while I hate that people were hating on you elsewhere, this might be the best post I’ve read on your site (and I love your posts because of your humor and stories and definitely the food). I’m working on getting more comfortable in my skin, and while I’m on the other end from you (gained a lot of weight from hibernating for several years), I’m getting to a point where I want to say, “I’m happy with how I feel.” It’s a daily struggle, but this post hit the nail on the head. Also, I feel like we could be friends…I sit at my desk and actually giggle to myself reading your stories and anecdotes!

  209. This was an excellent post. I wouldn’t even call it a rant. It was pretty rational. (Pity the fools who have to listen to my definition of a “rant”, I guess.)

    I want to say – your change over time is a huge help to me (and others). I struggle between “perfect paleo” and “going shitballs crazy at the state fair” and trying to find balance. So I LOVE that you are changing your goals and your approach over time. Because I am too. I think everyone is. I mean for god’s sake, at a minimum it changes when I get to a healthy weight and maintain. Right now, I’m working on getting a pull up. Someday I hope my goal is “training for a weightlifting meet”. I assume I’ll eat, sleep, and train differently. Duh.
    Anyway. Thanks for all you are doing.

  210. Excellent post Juli! I love you and your blog! I completely agree 100% with everything you said here. I have very similar experiences and always wonder, why do people care so much? Why are they so unhappy with themselves that they have rain on our parade? I am paleo, a yogi, and a Crossfitter, but things sometimes get funky and you need to change things up to figure things out in your own body. It is what it is.

    Keep up the good work and keep inspiring us all!
    Namaste <3

  211. Wow! You are so wise for your age.
    I spent way too many years doing what so-called experts said was the correct way to eat, exercise, etc., but I finally decided it was more important to listen to what my body tells me it wants. Now I’m on a good path. Why shouldn’t we follow our own guidance system since each of us is so unique.

    It’s too bad that some people are so critical. We are all special individuals who should be able to do what we came to this earth to do. Live and let live, as the saying goes.

  212. I applaud you, Juli, for being brave enough to share your learnings and evolution as you move forward. To me, the big messages here are that everyone is different, and we have to find our own path to health and well-being, and that nothing in life is static. We all learn and grow and change (hopefully!). You’re just more courageous than most about putting it out there for us to see. I’ve made the evolution from gluten-free to mostly Paleo and now am learning about the Paleo autoimmune protocol due to some health issues. I’m working to heal hormonal imbalances, as you did, and I appreciate your honesty about the bumps in the road. Your humor often makes my day!

  213. CentralCaliGuy

    Juli- Just started following you, and I applaud you for everything you are doing.

    No matter where we wander in life, there will always be angry, judgmental people. You know who you are, which is winning the battle. Let the haters hate and be negative.

    Stay true to yourself, be the best you can be, and keep on rockin’!

  214. I don’t know… maybe this is too simple, but if you don’t like me… my blog… or stuff I post… just ignore it? What is wrong with that? It makes me so mad that you even had to post this. I follow A LOT of the Paleo bloggers and each and every one of them have dealt with this same issue. Why? It is so silly! Why do people feel the need to hate behind their computer screen! Ugh!

  215. Thank you, Juli. I can’t express how badly I needed to read this today. Thank you for keeping it real, and helping me through what has been a day full of self-doubt. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  216. Juli,

    Ef the haters. I hope you put no more energy into what they have to say than this post. Which was great. I think you’re doing it all right. The website, the cookbooks, the social media, your brand, the videos, and even the dancing. You’re a positive person full of fun energy. I think you’re a babe and you seem like a really cool human.

    Good for you for learning these lessons at a young age (how many people NEVER figure this out??).

    You’re currently one of my biggest role models, and even though I don’t follow your posts that closely (you do so much and there’s just not enough time to live my life and follow yours!), I love everything I do see. When I started eating Paleo your site was my go-to for recipes.

    You were a major inspiration for me to start my Paleo blog (

    You’ve got a bazillion followers who love you. But like you said, as long as YOU are doing what you want, that’s all that matters. That’s what fuels the smiles and the dances, no?

    Ef the haters. You’re killing it.


  217. Karen in Dakota

    Wow. Knew there were a lot of “extras” out there in cyberspace but didn’t realize there were special “hate everything” spots. No plans for this child to hunt them up!! You take good care.

  218. Your recipes are incredible and I thank you for creating and sharing them! They help me feed my family well, on a budget, and without ridiculous amounts of time and effort. Sharing your ever changing, authentic, growing self is icing on the cake (grain free, of course). Thank you for being, doing, and sharing.

  219. You’re awesome. Your recipes are awesome. And the Internet haters who post stupid crap can all just shove it. The paleo/primal/fitness community can be awfully narrow-minded sometimes.

  220. Hey there, ladybug,
    You are 100% right; the only way to be happy is just to do YOU in the ways that make you most comfortable and confident. All we can do is just send a little light and love to those said “haters” and hope one day they figure out how to find their own happy and stop trying to hijack others’ happy by being mean and nasty. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m in a funk the quickest way for me to snap out of it is by making someone else’s day or making them smile–that feeds MY happy. Anyway, I think you’re incredible and I heart your blog. It makes me laugh so hard! I hope we can hug it out one day. OK, As you would say, anywho…. I will leave you with this quote that I read just yesterday from the speech musician Janelle Monae spoke in acceptance of an award; “…I’ve learned through my journey that perfection is often the enemy of greatness. Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable.”


  221. Juli,

    Funny how life works, this is exactly the type of inspiration I needed today. I check your posts weekly and/or daily and I think “omg, that’s where I want to be”. At 22 I’ve battled bulimia for the last 5 years and have recently and on my own decided to end the abuse and self hatred. Trying your recipes and seeing the “dessert” options I won’t feel guilty about has played a huge role in my decision to take control of my mind and eating habits…I guess all I’m trying to say is – just remember, that for every hater you have, there is a handful more people that you have inspired to be healthier and happier with themselves. Wish I could thank you in person for the inspiration you have given but hopefully you’ll have a chance to read this.

  222. Melissa Wistrom

    I am a co-owner of a CrossFit gym. When I competed in the crossfit games on a team I was 30 pounds heavier as well. My journey has been very similar. I can’t tell you how helpful your sharing your story is to me. It gives me great comfort and peace as I struggle with the same issues. Thank you for being willing to put it out there for the rest of us.

  223. Its amazing how the anonimity of the internet lets people feel they can say whatever they like without thinking of the real life person at the other end they may hurt with their thoughtless words. People who need to put such strict labels on how they live (and want everyone around them to do the same) perhaps should learn how to live and let live…take what applies to their lives and leave the rest. I admire how you put yourself out there Juli – your blog has been an inspiration to me as I plod along trying to work out whats best for me. Thank you!

  224. I am so proud of you! And so inspired by you! I have had a very similar journey and have recently cut back on my workouts.. it’s all about learning our own bodies!

    I’m so happy for your new discovery and your happiness! AND I FREAKING LOVE YOUR BLOG! I cook from it at least once a week. 🙂

  225. julie, i love all your recipes, don’t change anything. haters gonna hate, you rock. I’m super excited whenever you post.
    keep it really!

  226. You’re so awesome! Let the haters hate, you remain beautiful, talented and funny as hell! I’m really glad to see all the love people are sending your way in the comments. You deserve it! I have nothing but respect for you and I’m obviously not alone!

  227. Amen! You nailed that in the head! Thank you for being real!! At my age (45) I am now just coming to terms with myself! It’s awesome that you have figured that out at a younger age! Last month I competed in two bodybuilding competitions and now I’m going through the post competition mind-f&@k!! What you wrote just hit home and something I needed to read. Thank you and keep on rocking!!!

  228. Awesome post, Juli! You’re such a role model to so many women. Don’t forget that! Being happy in our own skin is what life is all about. It makes me proud to see women empowering other women. Way to go! You’re the bee’s knees.

  229. It’s lame balls you need to defend yourself to ignorant strangers.
    Hate to sound like a downer, but sadly I don’t think this will get you too far. You might find a better outcome by posting the instructions on how to log off the internet.
    You’ve got my respect. You like waffles, I like waffles. I now own a food processor, full credit to you.

  230. I’m glad you are feeling better and making the right decisions for you. I’m 32 and still struggle with the same issues. Keep up the awesome self-awareness and personal development.

  231. oh Juli we feel your pain!!! We totally understand where you are coming from as we have dealt with this too. And still do!!! We are just like you. We have the same mindset and we change all the time!!! It’s that what life is about…changing, learning, growing? We love all that you do and what you stand for. Please know we got your back!!! We believe in doing what makes you happy and that everyone has to be purely them.

    love you!
    L and M

  232. Great post! Have you heard Lily Allen’s new CD? You should! Check out “Hard Out Here” and “URL Badman” — I think both are relevant to this post.
    PS The 333 posts that came before mine should reenforce that you do have *some* supporters!

  233. Ay nearly 60 I wish at your age I had come to terms with me. Good for you do what is best for you. Doesn’t matter what others do

  234. This was GREAT. So glad you ranted, because there is no way you are the only one who feels this way, because it is only human to do so. Speaking your mind like this is truly inspiring in many ways.
    Thank you for being awesome.

  235. JB I love you! I think you’re so great! I’m happy you stand up to those people. I’m sure you felt a big BOOOM go off in their faces when you posted back. You deserve to be treated just you treat yourself. I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated. You well have haters out there just b cuz they are unhappy people trying to bring you down. I know you won’t let them. Eff it. They can be sad, lonely, insecure, or whatever, but you can keep on keepin on being AWESOME!


  236. You are awesome! Kudos to you for standing up to the a-holes that have nothing better to do than to talk $hit about you. And even more kudos to you for facing your past insecurities. We all have them…and we all cover them up. Most of us aren’t blasted for them because everyone around us is unaware! You shouldn’t be punished just because you write a FABULOUS blog and allow people into your life.

    Keep doing whatever makes you happy! And screw everyone who doesn’t!

  237. I’ve been a long time PaleOMG follower, but I’ve never commented. I had to comment on this post though, and I only have two words:

    AMEN, sister.

  238. You rule! Keep doing what you’re doing. I have basically opposite workout/eating habit from you but still come to your page constantly for inspiration and recipes.

  239. Juli! Thank you so much for this post. I love your recipes and you instagram pics, however I never read other peoples comments on them because there is bound to be a few negative ones.

    I have always thought you looked amazing, and you changing the way you ate to help you feel better just made me respect you even more. I feel the whole reason the Paleo idea of eating became so popular is because it is supposed to be healthy and make you feel better. If eating strict Paleo doesn’t achieve this physically or mentally then why continue to do it, right?! Being extremely strict and restrictive may not be whats best for one’s mental health. I kind of think that all these negative comments stating “THAT”S NOT PALEO!” are coming from people who are so restrictive that they are just not happy. I, like you, chose to be happy and not super restrictive. =)

    The only thing I disagree with you on is the 80% of the female population having disordered eating habits. I fear it is much higher than that. I have never meet a woman who has not been unhappy with the way they look or looked, at some point in their life, and have changed their eating habits because of it. It’s posts like this one that lets the rest of us know we are not alone in this issue; that even strong beautiful women like you have dealt with being uncomfortable in their own skin. It’s not only refreshing but comforting. Thank you again!

  240. I look forward to your Instagram posts, recipes, all of it. Thanks for keeping it real. Oh and I totally love the Jackson pics 🙂

  241. “Have you ever thought you wanted something and changed your mind along the way? If you haven’t, you’re boring.” Hhahahaha!! Love it girl! Honestly, I am the exact same way. I change my diet/workout regime regularly because I feel it’s good for me. I develop new goals, wants, dreams -constantly! WE ARE WOMEN! I always come on your blog just to check for a new, nutricious and delicious recipe, whether ot be paleo or not who cares?! I’m looking for flavor and you ALWAYS bring it! Thanks for leaving yourself ceciptable to internet creeps, because in turn we have gotten to know and love who you are. Keep writing Juli 🙂

  242. Juli

    I just love you! I love the way you speak your mind, always have a sense of humor, and basically don’t give a s**t about the haters. Good for you.
    You make me laugh EVERY single time I read your blog and posts, and I love your recipes. I’ve been Paleo for over a year now, and was very strict in the beginning, but now I’ve relaxed a little. I know life is short, so I WILL indulge here and there, but I always find my way back because of how great I feel, and because of people like you!

  243. I just finished reading “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown and she talked about how the people that tear people down (mommy wars, diet, etc.) aren’t completely comfortable with the decisions they’ve made in that area. That was totally eye-opening for me and I realized that rather than tearing others down (even if it’s only in my head), I should be spending my energy on building myself up. I thought it was good advice and sounds like it applies to those folks 🙂

  244. Hi Juli,
    I am strictly no label, I go through stages with my eating and try to eat everything in moderation however when I do jump on the ‘paleo’ bandwagon I know exactly where to come to for easy and delicious paleo recipes. Without your website my paleo journey would have been very boring and you have even added a bit of laughter in with it, now that’s a great recipe!! So I just wanted to say “thank you”!! At least you are keepin it real by being true to yourelf.

  245. I just wanted to say that you are amazing and an inspiration to me! Thank you for your honesty and your willingness to share your struggles. Please ignore all of your haters, because you are the only one who can decide how to live your life, and your blog and recipes are incredible!

  246. Hopefully, you see what I do, as it took me like 10 minutes to scroll down your page of comments, that you have directly impacted and helped more lives than any group of Negative Nancy’s.

    I too have disordered eating. I’ll save the life story but my mom’s continuous dieting of the latest fad really ducked up my view on healthy. Finding Paleo made so much SENSE to me, but finding ways to cook are not my forte. Enter PaleOMG, which not only provides me with some amazing go-to recipes but following you made me realize, perfection is not happiness. I feel better eating mostly paleo most of the time and not fretting about the Times I don’t as long as I am happy. And I came to that realization king before this post.

    Lots of people suck. But you don’t. You’re hilarious, inspirational, dedicated, and a damn good cook and blog writer. I frankly try to be more like you a lot. Keep doing what you do and being you, cause that’s why we follow you. <3

  247. There so many supportive, positive comments here. Wanna know why? Cuz you are awesome! Thanks for keeping it real, and introducing me to cross fit as I was looking for food. Only props from this corner here. No hating!

  248. So sorry you had to read this but praise all heavens you have found something that usually takes a lifetime! Be strong, be YOUR strong. Screw the haters. They gonna hate. I read your blog occasionally and mostly just drool at the awesome stuff you post on IG, but I am a fan. A fellow CO fan actually. Do your thang girl.

  249. I’ve visited your site a few times for specific recipes but I’ve never read any other posts. For some reason today I did. This is a wonderful, honest open post. You’ve definitely got a lot more figured out at 26 than I did and you’re ahead of a lot of people a lot older.

  250. Well you obviously have a gazillion more supporters than you have critics. It seems like any time anyone puts themselves out there and becomes successful from it, people have to gripe about the dumbest things. You’re sooo right, they are boring people! I can’t imagine having enough time on my hands to complain about the way someone eats. I have been following you for about a year and a half, after I found that eating paleo cured a long time bowel disease. Every once in a while I eat gluten free and it doesn’t hurt my guts in moderation. I eat the way I do so I can keep my colon, and if it wasn’t for your blog me and my family would be eating very boring meals. I love love love all of your recipes. They are delicious and easy. I just wanted to thank you soooo much for sharing your recipes. I remember being really nervous about having to be so restricted because I used to eat a whole bunch of processed food, but you have made it possible for me to eat healthier, better tasting food than I ate before, with simple ingredients! I started healing myself with food during a time when gluten free and paleo are considered fad diets and something for everyone to jump on and try, when all I’ve been trying to do is not have to have major organs removed. Even my friends and family who have seen me at my sickest are confused by my diet choices and act like I’m just doing it for funzies. I read a person earlier saying that if u don’t eat %100 paleo then its disingenuous for u to have a paleo blog…well I don’t care if you solely live off of loaves of wheat bread and have a paleo blog (maybe I would be a little concerned cuz you’d probably feel really awful) but what you eat and how you work out and your own personal goals are REALLY nobodies business. Thanks again for all that you do!

  251. Great Post! I think it is normal that you changing as time goes by. People evolve and their desires and interests change. What worked for me three years ago doesn’t work for me now. Things change. Change scares most people. Bravo for being honest and saying that you have tweaked things so that they are better for YOU.

  252. This was a fantastic post. I have been following you for sometime and I love that you will have cake here and there and not feel guilty. I hate when people look at everything I eat and say stuff like “well if you eat that you are not paleo”. It drives me crazy. I live a happy healthy lifestyle for me and my family. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable in such a public forum!

  253. What a great rant! I appreciate everything that you said about comparing yourself to everyone else and strictly monitoring what you eat. I wish that people could appreciate and admire the courage that it takes to put yourself out there like you do and offer your opinion and lifestyle for judgement. I am recovering from an eating disorder (anorexia) and Crossfit saved my life. I learned about Paleo lifestyle from the owner’s of the box. I can’t thank them enough for helping me realize that I didn’t want to be skinny…I wanted to be STRONG. I still struggle with the 30 pounds of HEALTHY weight that I’ve gained. (115 pounds at 5′ 10″ is sickly) I struggle with the way my clothes fit. I struggle with how my body looks in the mirror. I always will struggle with this– for the rest of my life. I have to tell myself everyday “Comparison is the thief of joy”. If I compare my PR’s, Times, Body, weight, etc. to everyone else all the time, I will never be happy with my own success (in crossfit, body image, and life). Crossfit is an individual sport where you can compete against yourself– and turn it into a competition if you wish. I personally feel as long as there is improvement you should be proud of those personal achievements & and celebrate them.
    I adore your website and I love your recipes. (my pinterest is full of them) Thank you for helping me know that I’m not alone in my daily struggle to find “my joy”. Keep up the good work!

  254. I normally look at your site just for the recipes, but I was compelled to read this article. I am glad I did. Like you said, there are many women who struggle with the same issues you have with Crossfit, Paleo, dieting, etc. Myself being one of them. It is comforting to see someone else with the same struggles. Like you, I have had to find that balance between Crossfit and my diet. My diet may not be strictly Paleo, but because of it I feel healthy, perform well, and am happy. Thanks for sharing this as well as your awesome recipes!

  255. You are FANTASTIC. So sorry you have to deal with so much hate. It was enlightening to hear your story. Thanks for sharing.

  256. Awesome post. It’s ridiculous how people behind computer screens feel it is their responsibility to comment on other people’s lives and looks. I love coming to you site to find some delicious paleo meals to throw into my weekly line-up, or delicious looking paleo desserts!

    I really don’t understand the problem people are having with your eating non-paleo sometimes. This site is for delicious paleo recipes, it doesn’t mean you have to eat paleo ALL the time for the recipes to be legitimate. Good food is good food 🙂

    And I’m glad you’re happier in your skin now. Being comfortable in your own skin, whatever that means to everyone individually, is a really hard thing for a lot of women in our society. There are too many mixed messages in media and so on, that unfortunately disordered eating behaviors are rampant. Good job on finding that good balance!

  257. Good on ya, Juli! I know exactly what you are talking about! And you are absolutely right with every single word! Love your blog, really I do!!!

  258. Do you think some folks might be jealous? I think it’s possible.

    Commenter above refers often to “the business you’ve built”. Maybe some folks see your success, and root against you? Humans can be pretty primal that way.

    My family and I have been “Paleo” for several years. Our application of “Paleo” has evolved, as we have figured out how are body responds. It isn’t very intelligent to assume one size fits all.

    I have been reading this blog for a long time. I love the recipes and I am grateful that you share them, Julie.

    I also used to wonder if you weren’t over training. I’m married to a recovering fitness junkie. Some things seemed familiar.

    As almost all the others above have said, I totally support your right to learn in public. It’s a cool thing, and something you’re really good at doing. Thanks for that.

  259. YES. and more YES. I have had that mindset for so many years…workout, workout harder, eat less, eat this, eat that, do more, feel terrible….ug. So after a health scare last year I said to myself, that’s it, be happy, do a workout you love that fits your body (kettlebells) not one you dread (running…still do a little running), eat what your body needs to feel great, take a break if you are sick (so you get better!), sleep and love your body for what it is! Thanks Julie, you totally ROCK.

  260. Note: it’s not just women who deal with disordered eating and issues concerning their bodies. Loooooots of guys (I would even say most) have very, very similar concerns. It’s just even less acceptable to talk publicly about those concerns.

    This big ol’ homo has a girl crush. Thanks for being honest… and for being the authentic you.

  261. Thank you so much for writing this post. I feel like you were writing about my life. I have never been a competitive crossfitter but I loved every part of it. I was also frustrated that I didn’t look like everyone else in my gym. I wasn’t happy with my body. I’ve taken about 3 weeks off because of an arm injury and I’m starting to feel better about everything. Reading this post has helped even more.

  262. This post could not have come at a better time for me. You impact so many peoples lives in a positive way- I hope you keep that in mind and keep on posting honest, funny blogs just like this. Thank you so much for putting it out there!

  263. Julie – keep doing what you’re doing – we all love you, and when someone starts talking smack just say this to yourself a couple of times:

    “Not My Circus – Not My Monkeys”

    We love you!

  264. I love your point of view on the whole entire thing! It’s like your reading my mind, or possibly saying what women are really too afraid to say. As someone who doesn’t have a thyroid at all and takes replacement medicine, my weight has fluctuated on and off for years.Right now I’m somewhere in the middle of where I have been. At the end of the day, we are all just trying to feel comfortable in our own skin.

    However, I love your balanced mindset. I don’t want to live a life full of restrictions either. I want to be healthy, work out, and eat good food. I don’t want to spend my life obsessing over calories and not stopping to enjoy that piece of cake every now and then because I’m consumed with guilt. It can be so cutthroat out there and women on a mission to destroy each other doesn’t make it any better. Thanks for your blog and opinion, you are so right for what you said and about enjoying life without constant obsession over food and weight.
    And your food is delicious by the way! You make eating healthy FUN. I don’t want to eat a chicken breast for the rest of my life.

  265. Hey Julie,
    What I love about your blog is your honesty, your willingness to be real, to talk about your insecurities, etc. Oh, & recipes! I follow a pretty strict paleo lifestyle most of the time, though occasionally I deviate, & pretty much always regret it, but that’s my journey: experimenting with what works for me & what doesn’t. Someone once said to me, “Whatever others think about you is none of your business.”
    So who cares what others think? You do what works best for you, because anybody who wants to judge is probably secretly eating twinkies in the closet anyway!

  266. I recently when more Paleo in the past two months, and its put me in a much better place, physically and even mentally. I’m happy with the decision I made. But there are those people that joke about what I eat, ask why I do, and say they could NEVER do it because they love their dairy and gluten far too much. And sometimes they make me feel bad about making this decision for myself. But the funny thing is, even though I know that not eating pizza every Friday at work makes me feel amazing, I’m not going to be a downer to my coworkers – because ultimately, I want people to love this beautiful life. And most people don’t know that going Paleo has helped me through a tough hormonal imbalance battle…something I would never push upon anyone. Yes, I have days where allthecarbs are all I want, but I know eating my eggs and bacon in the morning, and some veggies + shredded pork for lunch will make me feel the best, so that is EXACTLY what I do. I’ve learned to live this life for ME, and to not let the external world tear me down…nobody needs that in their life.

  267. The haters on instagram and other social media sites literally bewilder me. They are so judgmental. I want to punch each of them in their stupid faces. LOL

    You are great and your honestly with not being 100% perfectly paleo all the time is refreshing. That is real life. I am about 80-90% paleo myself.

    Love your face!!! You rock!!!!

  268. I love this posts. What people fail to understand when looking at someone else’s workout plans or macros is that they are different. Different is beautiful. Exercising for me is a antidepressent with no side effects (well soreness and the occasional clumsiness!). Healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand. You will never see the results you seek by eating unhealthy and exercising, they just do not coincide. We both exercise in two different areas, I focus on workout out at home, running outside, and strength training. But I love implementing crossfit workouts into my routines!

  269. For what it’s worth, I love you! After I found your website, I lost 40 lb of pregnancy weight. I isn’t that I only used your recipes, it’s just that you made me feel like a healthier lifestyle was doable. People talk negatively about others to justify something about themselves. Maybe they don’t wish they “looked like that”, but my guess is they are really jealous about the amount of dedication the person they are criticizing has. And people who criticize your food choices probably wish they had enough self control to have an off day every now and then without going overboard. Please don’t get discouraged. We need you!

  270. I saw this post at a perfect time. I am so glad to hear that I have the same food struggles as other people! I have gained 30 pounds since starting crossfit and paleo 2 years ago (too much training, too much butter in my coffee, too much bacon, and little sleep). Recently I have cut back on crossfit to 4 times a week (it was 6), and got a personal trainer 2 times a week and started running (EW) but I want to slim down a bit so I feel better about myself. BUT I just LOVE crossfit and bacon, it makes me feel good.. my skin is clear, my complection is perfect, I feel good, I have energy, friends at the gym whom I get excited to see daily… its a lifestyle. I just needed to calm it down a bit. So I enjoyed reading this post from you. Thank you! Keep posting real life stuff like this! I am trying to go to your book signing tomorrow in Seattle 🙂

  271. I love your blog, your recipes, and your honesty. Super positive chipper people mostly just annoy me, so it’s weird that I like you. But I do.

    I’m quite a negative person. I see most of the world as completely fucked up and going to hell. It works for me. Negative people are fun, and I’ve found them to be more honest. Where do you think comedy comes from?

    Point is: You can’t change other people, you can only change your own reaction to them.

  272. Happy you are finding your balance, and grateful you freely share your thoughts feelings & bad ass recipes with us along the way. The saddest thing about all this is knowing that people who (half ass) publicly shame others for not adhering to their personal definition of a principle are likely even harder on themselves, and of course miserable for it. Thanks for being a (hilarious) voice of reason!

  273. And this post demonstrates why you are my favourite blogger. Thank you so much for being real and honest in everything you put forth, it really is refreshing. I’ve been hating on myself recently as I have begun to deviate from a strict paleo diet but then I realised that those brown rice cakes I’m eating really aren’t that bad and my body doesn’t hate them so why should I hate myself for eating them. Screw those mega jerks for putting dirt on you! You’re amazing and I am beyond thankful for your fun and realistic approach. Thank you!

  274. found your blog and IG, just got your book. my casa is down with you, boo. keep on rocking it. and remember if you ain’t got haters you ain’t doing it right. ha! love em and leave em to their very lonely lives. xo

  275. I’m mildly obsessed with your writing. But not in the “I want to wear your face” way (which now that I said that seems like I obviously want to wear your face.), but in the WAY TO GO, you inspire us ALL way! Being yourself is a vulnerable, brave thing nowadays. People can’t handle it half the time. But eff it, BE YOU!!! And love it! Being real is the best gift you can give to people 🙂 Being genuinely yourself is bada$$ and even at 30 years old I’m still reinventing a new normal. Erry dayum day. Be you, boo boo. Be you. (LoL) 😀

  276. We reinvent ourselves every day from birth to death. We don’t have a choice, it’s nature. We have to try different things on for size; throw out what doesn’t fit, keep what does. Our bodies change from birth to death, we cannot expect that everything that worked for us at age 15 will work at age 35 or 45 or 55. The world is full of small people, lost and sad and jealous of what they don’t have or are not, yet they are not trying hard enough to improve themselves or to make a contribution. YOU set a fabulous example for everyone (even the haters) to follow. I am not going to tell you to be you. You will do it regardless, because it’s what you do.
    I just want to congratulate you for being strong and vulnerable and human and for making a hugely positive contribution to the world.
    Personally I would like to thank you for inspiring ME to improve myself and setting an awesome example for ME to follow. ( I don’t know what’s wrong with other folks ) Thank you for what you do and for being you.

  277. Thank you so much for this article. It made me feel so much better about what I am doing to improve my health.. You see, I am seriously overweight. I just recently went paleo and started training with a personal trainer to finally get rid of all these jiggly bits.. I tried running and having big boobs and excess jiggly bits, well it didn’t work out.. lol.. I almost quit one night, because of snarky comments. I was in the gym and as usual I get the second and third looks, but this particular night, I actually two ladies snickering and said ” Look at that fat lady. Does she really think she should be here”? Then the response from the other one. ” She will give up eventually, they always do”. I was furious and hurt. I went in to the locker room and balled my eyes out… Then a light bulb went off in my head.. Who are they to predict anything about me.. They don’t know me.. They don’t know my situation for being overweight… So I pulled my big girl panties up, went back out there… As I passed them, I simply smiled at them and said, ” you know, you should really lower your voices when talking about someone”, and then I told them, ” Yes I am overweight, but I am here and I am giving it my all, and with people like you around, I am sure to succeed”. They turned all kinds of colors but didn’t say another word… I go to the gym everyday and work my but off, literally… haha… So thanks for your wonderful words…

    1. holy crap!! what absolutely terrible people. aren’t people who are overweight to be the first people you want to see in a gym? I don’t get that. what assholes. good for you for saying something! that takes balls! And great job working your ass off in the gym every day. perseverance is what it takes! proud of you 🙂

    2. Stephanie, I hear you! It isn’t hard enough to just get out and do something about weight and fitness, and then people make rude comments about it…. My usual response is “well, hey, at least I am doing something about it!”

      Juli, thanks for all of your amazing recipes, which are helping me enjoy eating, and getting healthier!

  278. Juli,
    You are incredibly talented and I LOVE your recipes. They are my go to and never fail! Thank you for sharing your journey so transparently. God has gifted you and created you beautifully. SO excited to see you will be in Dallas on Sunday! What what! I will be there! Can’t wait to get the book and hopefully thank you in person. -Laura

  279. I really enjoyed this post Juli, I myself often obsess over my eating habits, and workouts, etc, but this really reached me that I should just be happy with me, and the life that I live. Thank you. Keep doing your thing, I love the recipes (I often cook for my girl friend, and your blog is very descriptive and super user freindly that even I can concoct something delicious, so thank you for that!)

  280. Heather Strokes

    YESSSS!!!!! I love this post. No matter how many squats I do, how much I restrict my diet or how much I run, I will always have my backside cellulite. It’s how God made me and I’m learning to not hate it. I’ve been paleo for a year and feel great. LOVE your blog!!!

  281. Loved this blog post! I think you are amazing and being happy should be number one for everyone! Love Love this post! Stay happy…

  282. I love everything about this post! I can relate so much to being frustrated about why my body isn’t responding to my form of exercise, restricting my calories, etc, etc. A light bulb went off when I discovered Paleo and the same light bulb went off when I read this post. Thank you so much for writing this!

  283. Ok…that was the best thing I have EVER read. I just bumped into your blog today after trying to go the paleo route for health reasons, and I am just dissapointed that I haven’t found your site sooner!! You sound real and true and there aren’t many people out there like that anymore. Most people are just competing with the next for to stroke their ego’s. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to post sooooo many amazing and easy receipes. My big hesitation to Paleo was keeping it interesting. Im a foodie at heart and I just couldn’t bare the thought of eating bland and if I eat one more egg white omlette this week I will die :-9 I have spent a tone of time on your site today and cant wait to get started. Lots of cathing up to do with so many great receipes. Just ordered your book today too and cant wait for it to arrive. I ordered a couple others the other day and they really didnt thrill me all that much but now Im totally stoked!! Thank you also for keeping it real. You enthusium really makes me smile. Cheers!!

  284. Hi Juli!! What an inspiring post! Although I have to say, you have my absolute dream body right now. You look muscular but definitely not too big–with killer abs!! (I’ve been working hard for those and would kill for them! I’ve been looking around your blog, but could you give some insight into what you really eat in a week and how many cheats you have? I’m only 19..was where I wanted to be last year–but gained a good amount of body fat during my freshman year…and it’s still hanging on 7 months later! Any insight would be incredibly appreciated..thank you and keep being badass!

  285. Hi! I was so happy to just stumble across this blog entry. I can’t even tell you. I never write on people’s posts – but I feel compelled. And the reason is because you revealed such a part of yourself – which takes so much courage. You’ve made changes in your life – in the right direction – because your instincts (heart?) tells you to. I’m an artist and often feel the way you do. Because of that, I had to tell you. The only person you’re guaranteed in life is you. Be the best you, because you’re the only one who can. 🙂 I think you’re a true hero.

  286. I swear we live in a world of people who have an opinion on everything!!!! And they shouldn’t. They really shouldn’t. I’m planning a wedding and don’t EVER ask for opinions but someone always chimes in with something negative to say about everything I am planning. Makes me sick! I’m learning how to completely mute those haters out of my live or they will drive me crazy ! Your gorgeous and I’m so glad your real girl! Keep up the great blogging and I love love love all the yummy food pics from all over the country.

  287. You are an inspiration girl! Keep up the healthy endeavors! Thanks so much for the delish important especially for folks with autoimmune diseases..Its amazing!!

  288. I’ve read this post many times and it just resonates with me so dang much, I love the honesty. When I first started CrossFit and I was constantly talking about how much I loved how strong my body was that aesthetics were secondary. I wasn’t totally content with myself in reality. Thank goodness I’ve finally found a little balance. Thanks for your openness, reflection, and delicious pancakes.

  289. I literally teared up reading this. This resonates with me SO SO much. For 6 months I joined a crossfit gym and really enjoyed the workouts. I felt strong and was gaining muscle. I decided I was at a good place with my body, however pushy trainers continued to force me to add weight in workouts. “That’s too light for you” “let’s see a PR today”. I am not at a gym that I LOVE and am back to enjoying life. Moral of the story— DO YOU. Thanks for writing this, god you’re amazing.

  290. Omg I love you so much it is crazy. Just found you recently, which is crazy because I have been eating paleo for long time. But you are literally the best blogger out there! You are also such a beautiful person in and out! Totally an inspiration!

  291. What a great blog! We spend so much time beating ourselves up and judging others. when we focus on being kind to ourselves it’s easier to be kind to others. ❤️

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