Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars

Have you ever had a muscle cramp hurt so bad that you almost threw up? I have. In my inner thigh. Inner thigh cramps are by far the worst thing because the cramp creeps up to your crotch. And nobody wants a crotch cramp. Nobody.

Enough about crotch cramps, you perve. Onto serious matters. My credit card hates Pittsburgh. Seriously. Every time I come here, every store denies it. Even when I call the bank to say “Hey, stop freaking out and thinking I’m a thief who loves Pittsburgh”, it still doesn’t work. What’s up with that? Where my bank people at? Riddle me that, bank people.

Based on my statement above, I’m guessing you understand that I’m in Pittsburgh. If not, get with it bro! I’m working on a project out here! This is my second trip for this project and so far, it’s going awesome! This is by far the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on and I’m seriously giddy with happiness. Like, weirdly happy. I still can’t officially talk about the project, but believe me, you probably won’t be nearly as excited as I am. Or maybe you will! If that’s so, then I really like you. Anywho, yesterday was my first day of working on the project and the day went perfectly. I made pretty much the most adorbs street tacos of all time.

You guys, guess what? My little Jackson dog is kind of sick. Now don’t you freak out, he’s ok, but the poor guy has an upset stomach. So get this: the morning of my flight to Pittsburgh, I was awaken by Jackson vomitting. Not the greatest thing to wake up to, but things happen, vomit happens. So I didn’t think much of it, cleaned it up then curled up with him on the couch. Soon after, he started barking to go outside. His dad took him out and Jackson ran outside in a panic. Nobody wants to crap their pants inside in front of their humans. No one. This poor kid was in so much pain, I actually heard him scream from inside my apartment. Bloody murder scream. I will never get that sound out of my head, it was the most heartbreaking sound ever. So I headed off to Pittsburgh like a terrible dog mother while my boyfriend took him to the vet to get some x-rays. Turns out nothing was wrong with him. He just has a “sensitive butt”. I don’t know what that means, but I’m guessing he can’t eat apple since that was the only different thing he ate the day before. Poor guy. Look at him all curled up with his dad.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 6.54.24 PM

OMG dead from cuteness.

Are you upset that I talked about dog butts? Whatever. I saw way worse things talked about on instagram yesterday about human butts. Gross. Human butts are gross and should never be mentioned via instagram. Ever.

Yesterday I had a guy comment about how annoying I am. And white trash. I think he may be right. But he also did use the word “what’re” which isn’t actually a proper contraction. Shame. He could have really proved his manhood with such a rude comment if he had used proper grammar. The poor, dumb bastard.


Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars

  • Yield: 16 1x




  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Grease an 8×8 glass baking dish with ghee, coconut oil or butter.
  3. Mix all ingredient together in a large bowl until well combined.
  4. Pour mixture into baking dish.
  5. Bake for 30 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.
  6. Let cool for 10 minutes before cutting and serving.


Makes 16 squares

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PaleOMG Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


156 thoughts on “Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars”

      1. What about macademia nut flour instead of the tapioca?

        Btw this is my first time commenting, but I love your blog! Its my “go to” when I’m looking for paleo creativity.

      2. Quick question (and perhaps a silly one): May I add whole egg instead of just egg white? I’m a mega-fan of the egg yolk. Most nutritious part of the egg. Otherwise, LOVE your recipes, thanks:)

      3. I think the correct ratio for subbing is 1Tbsp Arrowroot for 2Tbsp of tapioca..but that is Googled…wondering if anyone has any real life experience? I want to make these for a bake sale at work tomorrow.

  1. A) You’re WAY too stylish to qualify as white trash (trust me; I live in central FL. I have developed a keen eye for white trash). B) Poor Jackson baby! My dog had the pukes the other week — like 4 times in 12 hours — and it turned out that he had eaten some bones that my neighbors threw in their yard. WHO DOES THAT? Hope the pup recovers quickly!

  2. Yeah, my shah tsu got hold of some apples that fell from my parents’ tree and–let’s just say–it wasn’t purty. On the other hand, he eats much more taboo items that don’t seem to bother him at all. Go figure. Oh, and the recipe looks good!

  3. Woke to fussy babies and a tornado warning. Animals that refuse to go out in the rain and two sick chickens. 15 minutes ago I got this recipe in my inbox, day is looking brighter! Making your Chorizo meatloaf tonight and this for dessert! And your comments about the “poor, dumb bastard”, LOL!

    Thanks for the laugh, I was in need of one.

  4. Poor puppy! When ours had to get her stitches out after her spay, she cried and screamed because they were so tight on her little belly. I lost my shit in the vet’s office and my husband had to help hold her down so the vet could cut them out. Awful.
    And I love that the guy trying to throw you an insult couldn’t even use proper grammar. LOL!

  5. I so love you!!!
    Sorry to hear about Jackson. I hate it when the fur babies are hurting.
    You are far from white trash! There will always be haters trying to rain on your parade. I love that fact that you speak your mind. We can always count on you to tell us how you really feel!

  6. Dying of laughter at that last paragraph. I love when people take the time to post something shitty. What a douche canoe.

  7. Does Jackson eat commercial dog food. I haven’t even blogged about this, because people will think I’m crazy.

    I almost killed our Cavalier by feeding him commercial dog food. I gave him the most expensive, grain free stuff out there.

    Our vet did a gazillion dollars worth of tests. He was so sick. The vet thought he might die. I kept asking about the dog food.

    I told her that I stopped giving it to him the last time he was vomiting and had diarrhea, and he got better.

    She said, “No. There’s no way it’s the food.”

    I didn’t listen to her. I stopped giving it to him again, and went back to homemade food. He’s been fine every since. That was about 6 months ago.

    Sorry so long. Just wanted to share, in case it helps. Jackson is ridiculously cute.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about Jackson! I went through the same exact thing with my yorkie this past summer. After spending thousands at our vet & not getting solid answers, I finally decided to see a holistic vet. She recommended that we switch him to a raw diet & have him take digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, entertic (helps with the digestive lining) & probiotics. He’s been doing great ever since! I just thought I’d share since I wish someone would have told me when we were going through it.

    1. I second the canned pumpkin. My yorkie would screech bloody murder. Thankfully his vet decided he was constipated instead of running expensive tests. I give him canned pumpkin and he never has issues anymore.

      But seriously, white trash? He needs to come on down to North Louisiana and re-define his version of “white trash.” People are so hateful. And apparently bored with their own silly lives.

      1. I also support the comments about the pumpkin. My poor pup also got really sick on one of the grain-free foods we gave him and this helped him come out of that. And we changed his food to a very simple, very little ingredient food. He’s right as rain now. Poor pup used to sit hit bum on the cement on our patio for relief. it was so sad. Much love and healing vibes for Jackson! And that jerk who made the comment is a total DOUCHE CANOE!

    2. Yes! Pumpkin isn’t just for yummy human treats- dogs really benefit from the fiber. I have been feeding it to my dogs for over 10 years! I have had to go to 3 or 4 stores to find it when it is ‘out of season’ and resorted to ordering it online. For me, I will make these bars. I hope Jackson is much better.

    3. Yes! My dog had a really sensitive tummy when we first took her home from the shelter…about six months of putting a little pumpkin in her food twice a day worked wonders.

      And thank you to Alyson above for saying exactly what I was thinking about substitutions 🙂

  9. Making these for my gym’s Halloween party!! Also I’m glad you’ve got a grammar filter — don’t listen to the haters and especially those who are dolts.

    1. I substituted 1 tsp liquid stevia for the sugar and it turned out fine. I did add a little bit of coconut flour though to make up for the missing dry ingredient, maybe 1/8 cup. Very very yummy, our new favorite recipe!!

  10. Ohhh poor Jackson! Half to second the comment on commercial food. Our rat-jack Brisket almost died from feeding him blue buffalo grain free kibble. He was about 8months old and started having crazy problems. Took him to vet they said he was in kidney failure!! Luckily he is great now, IMMEDIATELY took him off the food now I’m his “sort order cook” lol!

  11. I totally just made these because I was craving something sweet. Made recipe as is, AND they truly are ooey and gooey!!! Great recipe Juli!

  12. These look fantastic!
    Can I substitute Gluten Free All purpose flour for the almond & tapioca flours?
    PS I made the sweet potato brownies this past weekend, OMG

  13. I’m dying laughing here!

    So sorry your baby is not feeling well. I have an Italian Greyhound that sounds like he’s being slaughtered when he gets a tummy ache. The first time it happened Mister moved his leg so he wouldn’t sit on it and the dog screamed so loud we though we’d broken his leg. Instead he was having cramps. He’s a prima dona.

    Can’t wait to try these bars. I’m hunting for holiday food items that non-paleo/whole food eaters won’t turn their nose up at.

  14. It’s the Frenchie curse! My frechie can’t eat something new without having explosive diarrhea. Except for ear plugs. She ate one once and I was certain we would have the poops on our hands. Nope, she did her business as normal.

    Just a thought on food. I feed Taste of the Wild and have had zero problems. When I got her she had terrible frenchie farts and now they are gone. It’s only when she eats something else that she gets and upset belly.

  15. First, I think it’s Lucas Parker (bearded man from Crossfit) who has been prompting the crotch stretch on insta. Check it out.

    Sorry about Jackson, as a puppy mom, it’s the worst and to have to leave! Ugh, hope he is getting better!

  16. O.K. so my sister-law- would bring her baby(full grown dog) to me a day early so he wouldn’t figure out she was going away. She would make no preparations like packing etc. before bringing him over to stay with us which he adored. It took her awhile to figure out what was upsetting his stomach so badly. I don’t know if this helps or just adds mama guilt(sorry!) I do know that apple seeds are poisonous and apples have fodmaps but I’m not too clear about the fodmap thing yet and I’m sure you probably wouldn’t give him the seeds. With dogs the best thing is a really good food (no corn) and NO table scraps. the way we get around that is we let our dog lick the plates as long as there is no chocolate or spicy stuff. Chocolate makes them very ill supposedly(never tried it to find out) And as far as going on trips–they’re really smart and you probably love him “better” than anybody!

  17. At the risk of sounding like a complete bizzo, I’m going to go ahead and say what I’m sure quite a few other people think…For the love of god people if you want to know about substitutions and modifications to this recipe (or any for that matter) do some research. I’m almost positive Juli didn’t wake up one morning and think hmmm, I’m going to mix 3/4 C of this, 1 C of this flour, 1/2 C of this flour etc., etc., and BAM instantly have a recipe that was fanfreakingtabulous! (ok maybe she has but I’m just sayin) Google is fabulous for telling you whether or not you can sub one flour for another and at what ratio. If all else fails, try your substitutions and if it works out great if not, well then call it a day or keep trying until you’re happy.

    1. Amen!

      And to save you a couple of seconds –

      1) No. Almond flour and coconut flour are not interchangeable. They have very different properties. You might be able to come up with a mix that works by adjusting other ingredients, but it is NOT 1:1.

      2) Tapioca starch and arrowroot are generally interchangeable with minimal textural differences in end product.

      3) You can probably sub honey or maple syrup for regular or coconut sugar, but I’d think you’d use less honey/maple than the amount of sugar called for and I’d think you’d need to adjust the recipe to account for the extra moisture.

      1. Agreed!
        For those of you concerned about sugar substitutes, any granulated sugar can be subbed one for one most of the time. With honey or maple syrup, it will probably screw up your consistency, so just monitor that and maybe add a tablespoon or two of coconut flour if it’s super thin, although be careful with that because coconut flour is INCREDIBLY absorbent. If you are concerned about the amount of sugar itself, I used about 2/3 of a cup of coconut sugar and they came out fabulously. 🙂

        Also, for those of you who can’t have nuts, Juli has a really, really good pumpkin muffin recipe which I believe is based on coconut flour. 🙂

  18. I made these today! So good. Even my not so pumpkin liking kids loved them. I think choosing ghee instead of coconut oil is what actually made them SUPER good. Thank you!

  19. You are seriously the funniest person in the entire world. I am dying of laughter right now!!! And I’m super excited to make these bars….

  20. Definitely making these this weekend! They will be the third pumpkin baked treat recipe of yours that I’ve tried. I can’t seem to get enough!

  21. Credit unions rule, banks suck. That’s probably the majority of your problem with your credit card right there. But speaking as a “bank” person for you (OUCH! that hurt to say…), every time you travel you should call the bank/credit card company and have them put travel notes on the card so they know where you are going and how long you’ll be. Then their stupid (actually, really, really intelligent) fraud software doesn’t freak out when it sees charges in a weird place and block your card. I know you travel a lot and are super busy, but most “banks” (AHEM, get a credit union!) will let you enter your own travel comments online when you log into your account. You’re welcome. 🙂

  22. so brutal to have so many questions about substitutions! this sounds so yum, i only recently started to enjoy pumpkin. also i want your dog, keep a close eye on him or a cute dog police might snatch him. ig haters are cookoo bananas.

  23. Awwww I had a similar butt experience with my bichon. She ran outside and let out a wail that I haven’t quite gotten over yet.

  24. You’re awesome! So can I replace the pumpkin puree with apple sauce and the tapioca flour with flax meal and the egg with, well maybe I won’t put an egg in…and I think I’ll just add some butterscotch chips instead of chocolate. Maybe I’ll just make my own recipe…. Have a great time in Pitt!

  25. I’m embarking on a few new things in life, one of which is going to be buying your book and spending some more time in the kitchen. I’m sure I will be back with many annoying and ignorant questions, hope you don’t mind! I’ve got to get it together though and the few things i’ve made from this blog are always delish. I’m determined to try more, learn more, so thanks for the help thus far. On a side note; my brother and sister-in-law own a CF gym in south Florida, if you ever get down that way you should drop in. Its CrossFit 239 in Ft. Myers, they’d love to have you!

  26. I made these tonight. Yummo! They were both ooey and gooey.

    I enjoy your blog, and have cooking my way through your new cookbook. Great work!

  27. OMG these look amaze balls!! Quick question, maybe a pretty silly one: Do I use the 1/2 cup ghee/butter/oil for greasing the pan, or do I add that 1/2 cup to my other ingredients and use just a small amount for greasing pan? Thanks you!!

      1. Tell me about it! I put all the oil in the bars too. The ingredients list should really specify what’s for greasing the pan and what’s for the batter… I cooked them for almost 15min longer wondering why they weren’t coming together. They still looked like a pan of raw batter when I took them out. 🙁

    1. I put the 1/2 c. coconut oil in the bars, too. They were still delicious! Juli, I think you make the best recipes out there!

  28. Hi…I love pumpkin and I love chocolate…but not together…do you think these would be just as good without the chocolate chips?

  29. These are amazing Juli. I totally overcooked them, because I am an idiot and was trying to do ten things at once. So they had about 45 minutes but they went almost caramelly, still super soft and utterly delicious. I made no substitutions 😉 but might have snuck in a few extra choc chips because hell why not. Great recipe, thanks!

  30. It’s 7:30pm and I am seriously thinking about going to the store to get chocolate chips to make these.
    All of your recipes that I have tried so far have been amaze balls ! Looking forward to trying more.

  31. These look amazing and I am totally going to make them!! I was wondering if maybe you would do the posts again on what you eat. It totally helps me to find some things I’ve never ever heard of. Paleo hasn’t become super popular in Reno yet so I order a lot of things you say are good! Expanding my options makes paleo life more fun! Thank you for all you do!

  32. Ive got a question about Coconut Oil:
    on the Tropical Traditions website, they have the Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil and the Pure Coconut Oil.
    On Nuts.com they have Organic Coconut Oil (Raw)…
    PPLEASE help me and explain to me the difference. i just dont know :/

    1. I hope you don’t mind me butting in but hopefully my answer is somewhat useful! The TT gold label oil is made by hand using a process without any machinery or chemicals. The TT pure coconut oil is expeller pressed and deodorised, which means it has no coconut flavour (it’s great for things where you don’t want a coconut taste to overpower other flavours – I like to use it when baking sometimes, for example). It’s also not certified organic. The Nuts.com oil is cold pressed and raw, which just means it was not heated in any way!

      1. No! I appreciate your help!! Ok…the nuts.com/raw kind, what does it mean when its not heated? Does it make it different with baking, or?? im sorry im so clueless on this!

  33. I love how your blog before the recipe had NOTHING to do with the recipe! Hahaha! It’s so refreshing to me! 🙂 Hope your cutesy pie puppy recovers from his apple indigestion!! Xoxo

  34. You’re hilarious, Crotchcramps! I’m going to try these right now. Hope your project takes you to the strip district – foodie paradise. Get well Jackson!

  35. Reading through the comments and questions leaves me wondering how many “blondes” there are out there ?

  36. These are KILLER!! I was out of almond flour so subbed cashew flour and used 1/2 a 3.5 oz. 72% dark chocolate bar hand-chopped for the chips (TJs has one without soy lecithin). Also opted for the ghee and 3/4 c. coconut sugar. I’m bringing them to a friend’s for dinner but already ate 2 “just to make sure they were okay.” (Hint: they were).

  37. I just tried this recipe, subbing in All-Purpose gluten free flour. They are tasty, but I haven’t had any good experiences using this flour yet – it’s like they are chewy, not in the best way. SO it’s time to go out shopping for some almond flour, some tapioca flour, and a myriad of other yummy alternatives! Because dangit, I need these things to be GOOEY!!! 🙂

    1. UPDATE! I made this following the recipe with almond meal and tapioca flour, and O M G they are amazing!!! Thanks for posting this and yes I think I’ll be making these for every gathering in the future 🙂

  38. I was looking for a non-Paleo option for pumpkin bars. Subbed GF flour and reg. sugar (gasp). Turned out awesome. And I didn’t even ask about the subs! I just went for it and it worked great. Funny how that works 😉

  39. I finally made these. I made the mistake of putting the coconut oil in the mixing bowl first so it was kind of solidified by the time I combined the ingredients. There were little coconut oil chunks but they still taste yummy! I’ll just have to try making them again I guess 🙂

  40. Made this last weekend and they were delicious! I used Sugar In The Raw because I didn’t have coconut sugar, and cut it back to 2/3 cup because I don’t like stuff super-sweet. The entire pan was gone in under 10 minutes! We have another dinner party this upcoming weekend (different guests) so I’m making it again, ha ha.

  41. Made these last night. I didnt have tapioca flour, so i just subbed just under 1 TBS of coconut flour and added an egg. I used half coconut oil and half Kerrygold butter. Also tossed in some pecans. Seriously, AMAZING. Soooooo effing good, I ate half the pan, alone.

  42. I don’t have tapioca flour, how much coconut flour should I use? Or can i just cut out that part completely and sub with more almond flour? Thanks!

  43. Based on the reviews I doubled the recipe. Best.Decision.EVA.

    There’s something about the way the corners and edges of the pan get really chewy. Amazing.

    You are the best Juli, thanks for taking the time to come up with these wonderful recipes. I can’t wait to see what all the project work will be!

  44. I made these to recipe and toothpick came out clean. Once they cooled they kinda got “wet”. Still good enough to eat and great with coffee but don’t know what I did wrong? Are yours very moist?

    1. I baked mine for 50 minutes. They were not dry at all and set up like cookie-bars. Try giving them some more time in the oven next time.

  45. Thank you so much for this delicious recipe! I took them to a yoga event and everyone was asking where the recipe was from:) They were devoured quickly! Love your website and great recipes. Keep up the good work!!!

  46. This was a really excellent recipe. I had to bake mine for about 50 minutes and used coconut oil for the fat in them. They came out wonderfully! They are especially good after chilling in the fridge for a while.

  47. I’m a new on your site. Love your recipes and can’t wait to try them. I can’t believe someone like you was called ,white trash. That guy has some serious problems. It sure it a reflection on his character and certainly not yours. I will be making the ooey gooey bars this weekend. They look so delicious.

  48. I just put another batch of these in the oven. I’ve made them twice in barely two weeks. They are absolutely delish and soooo easy to make. You rock Juli!

  49. Welp, it’s been 2 days since I made the first batch. The second is in the oven now. My tip? Save yourself some time and double it. You’re gonna want more.

    It was super easy and super tasty.

  50. I made these bars a couple of weeks ago, but gave most away to my collegefresh(person?) stepdaughter aka the fussiest/ unhealthiest eater on the damn plant. Pogos and chicken fingers are her daily meals. She and her roommates loved them. I did too,, so I want to make some more… But as it is the day after a snowy Halloween that kept most kids away, I knw I should avoid further temptation… SO so torn.

  51. I’ve made a few times and theyre to die for!
    Each time I have reduced the amount of sugar.
    First time, followed recipe, 2nd reduced to 1/2 cup sugar, then 1/3 cup, this time no sugar at all because the chocolate chips have enough. Theyre amazing any way you make them!!!

  52. I made these and they are so good. I put them in the freezer and they remind me of another recipe of yours but I can’t think of which one exactly at this moment. So these are really good frozen and it helps to make them last longer.

  53. These are amazing!!! I didn’t have pumpkin so I made with sweet potato the first couple times. Now I’m about to make with pumpkin. Love them! And my kids love them. And Juli – you’re amazing and hilarious! Love your blog and your recipes!

  54. These are ridiculously good! I made a batch yesterday and they are pretty much gone. My roommates and I loved them. I might make another batch today with less sugar and the enjoy life chips. I’ve never baked with almond & tapioca flour and coconut sugar before and I’m so excited to try other recipes with these ingredients. Love your website, recipes and your fashion fridays! Thank you Juli! 🙂

  55. So easy and so freaking good. Like, too good. In an attempt to stop myself from eating them all in one day, I sliced them into little bars and stuck them in the freezer. Unfortunately, my plan backfired: they taste even better frozen (and that’s saying something!).

    FYI: they taste great when dunked in espresso, too! I whisked some of the leftover pumpkin with pumpkin spice and almond milk to create a makeshift, syrup-free pumpkin spice latte

  56. OMG I love you. These are SOOOOO good. I was nervous about 1 TBSP of pumpkin pie spice, so I used 1 TSP and these are SOOOOO good. I can’t wait for my husband to try them. Paleo goodies aren’t usually his favorite due to the texture but these are SPOT ON.

  57. I subbed arrowroot flour 1:1 for the tapioca because I didn’t have tapioca, and made a swirl of 2 72% chocolate bars (approx. 3.3 oz) and 1 T butter because I didn’t have chips. They became ooey gooey pumpkin chocolate swirl bars, and…paleOMG! Plus, they looked really cool with the swirl.

  58. Woah. Mind blown. I just made this recipe and me and my husband have found another keeper to add to the treat list. Uhhh, yum. This lives up to the name and is gooey perfection!

  59. This looked so delicious AND easy that I had to make it for Thaksgiving dessert. I was going to make pumpkin carrot muffins but the recipe (from another website) looked involved, and it didn’t involve chocolate. I knew you would come through and you did! I will rate later after everyone has raved about what a great cook I am ☺️, but it will be 5 stars because I had a couple spoonfuls of the batter. It was so good I almost wondered why bother cooking it, except my guests might be a little disturbed. So the finished product is sitting on the counter taunting me now!
    On another note, your comment about the “white trash” troll was so amusing, I read it aloud to my husband and forgot what else I was supposed to be doing. Hope Jackson is well now, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  60. Stephanie Dougherty

    Could I use flax meal instead of almond flour or at least sub half? I am nursing my 6 week old baby boy and flax is great for milk supply…gotta sneak it in anywhere I can!

  61. I absolutely love this recipe! I pretty much make it on every occasion I can convince myself it’s appropriate. Today I wanted to make a spring version so I used raspberry puree instead of pumpkin puree and omitted the pumpkin pie spice — came out delicious and such a cool color!!! Highly recommend!

  62. Just made these. The came out GREAT! Sustituted one for one on the arrowroot powder. Came out just fine. Will definitely make these again.

  63. I am obsessed with this recipe! So good and super easy! Everyone I’ve ever made them for loves them too. Can anyone recommend an egg substitute so I can make them for a friend with a SEVERE dairy allergy? Maybe a Vegan? Thank you!!!!

  64. You’re definitely not alone with being obsessed with food. I even enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen… Anyways, I just finished reading this post and just about fell off my chair laughing after reading about the fellow with poor grammar. Made my morning! I may just have to make these bars for my hubby. 🙂

  65. These are amazing! I subbed arrowroot for the tapioca, since that is what I had (used 1T) and everything else the same, except I always use almond meal instead of our since it’s easy to get at Trader Joes’s. Since I have leftover pumpkin, i guess I should eat this pan and bake another. Score!

  66. I’m dying of laughter right now, but in all seriousness so glad your little guy is ok 🙂 I love your sense of humor and get much entertainment from your snap chat story on a daily basis. Now go delete Maria’s comment 😉 Thanks for reposting this the other day I’m making these bars tomorrow for our weekend.

  67. I saw you regram these guys on instagram a few times over the past couple months and I had a can of pumpkin half used in my fridge so I searched your site to find them! Also, it was just before Halloween and I didn’t eat ONE piece of candy so I deserved something nice. Cue these oooey gooey fun bites. That’s what I like to call them. I wish I would have read the comments before I made them – I try not to do any added sugar since it seems they’re equally delightful. BUT, these are so amazing. Just like all of your recipes! I live alone and tried a small chunk and was satisfied. With the product and I was testing my self control. I cut them up pretty teeny tiny and put them in the freezer. A few nights later I took out a mini square, like 1×1 and ate it. It is really hard to describe how perfect that decision was/is! They’re not frozen solid because of the oil. They’re a little like a fudgsicle, but not at all. Bottom line. Do that! Anyone thinking about trying it. Just do it and thank Juli for being so brilliant!

  68. Native Pittsburgher here…Glad you are enjoying your project and hopefully the city. Lots to do..

    So, I have neither arrowroot or tapioca flours…just plain old whole wheat…. Can I use that
    or double up on the almond flour?

  69. These were amazing! I just stumbled onto your page for the first time. Can’t wait to check out your other recipes.

  70. Holy cow these are so so good! My daughter’s loved them and my husband actually ate it before he knew it was pumpkin! I’ll def make a double batch next time. Please don’t ever stop making recipes lol

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