I may or may not be doing one of two things. I may be watching Man vs. Food or I may be eating sweet potato fries. And it may be 12:30 at night. Ok, I’m doing both things…at the same time…and it really is 12:30am. This show is upsetting yet intoxicating. It’s provocative. It gets the people going. That sh*t cray.

Oh no….the fries just expanded in my stomach. What am I doing with my life? But seriously, why is watching a man take a year off his life every time he does a food challenge so intriguing? I get grossed out every time I watch him drip sweat into his food, then consume that salty additive, yet I still can’t seem to turn away. It’s weird. But honestly, if I was getting the food sweats on a regular basis, I would be a bit worried about what was happening within my bod. Seems freaky..and I’m a really sweaty person. I just ate a good amount of sweet potato fries and there is no way I’m even close to sweating. Ok, that’s a lie. I have clammy hands. But that’s not new news. I hate shaking people’s hands.

Guess what I’m doing today? Not hanging out in Denver, that’s what. Sometimes you need to get away from reality. Problem is, I don’t ski or snowboard, or care to. I used to do it, then I used my brain and decided I shouldn’t have to pay to bruise my ass. I tend to fall a lot. I bruised my ass enough at the CrossFit Xmas party. Yes, I could practice and get better, but then I’d be wasting my time on the mountain instead of being in the gym. I’d really rather be in the gym then doing most things. Sad, but true. So, I’m spending sometime at CrossFit of Breckenridge instead of hurting myself on the slopes. Super stoked! Then I’m going to wander the town until someone becomes my friend…it could be a long night.

Is this recipe creative? No. Is it delicious? Yes. That’s all that really matters.

Laura said it was the best thing she’s ever eaten….high standards that girl must have….

Paleo Granola




  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
  2. Add all ingredients to a large microwavable bowl, except the fruit.
  3. Mix well. If the honey is thick, heat up in the microwave for about 30 seconds and mix well.
  4. Place on a baking sheet (use parchment paper for easy clean up).
  5. Bake for about 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally to help it not burn.
  6. When you pull it out of the oven, mix in dried fruit. Let cool.
  7. Consume!! Even eat it with some almond milk or coconut milk. Soo good duuuuuude.

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PaleOMG Granola


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154 thoughts on “Granola”

  1. BOOM. These are like the nuts I 'fed' you while you were ice bathing that one time… great. that sounds awkward. Whatever, you were post WOD, public ice bath. It's fine. I'm going to stop talking. For the record, these kind of nuts are delish with almond milk. holycrapigetsofulleverytime.

  2. Me too Carolyn!! It was fun to go to another box, i don't get to do that often enough!

    Stef- i do remember that day. Ice bath full of human nastyness and paleo granola. genius

      1. Juli
        I love your paleo granola recipe and have made it many times. How many servings is the recipe suppose to make??

  3. This granola is one of the best things I have ever eaten!!! Nice to have a non-guilty sweet snack that cuts down on that that crazy must-have-chocolate urge. yum, yum, yum.

  4. Ho….ly…crap. This rocked my world. Even my non-paleo 3 yr old nephew (who fights me on food cause I refuse to feed him crap) loved this! Thank you thank you!

  5. Fantastic! Except for burning my mouth because I couldn’t wait even 1 minute before shoving a spoonful into my mouth. (Straight from the hot pan).

  6. I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t notice that I made it. – Because I’m selfish with my food. He’s eating it by the handful right now.

  7. This is the best granola I have ever eaten! I tweaked the recipe a bit (less honey, added walnuts and flax seeds and some vanilla), but even my five-year-old loved it. A question: how do you store it? And how long do you think it would stay good (not that it will last long around here…)? Thanks!

    1. That’s awesome Rebekah! I would store it in a tupperware in the fridge most likely. It would probably be ok on the counter but stay a little fresher in the fridge!

  8. Cool, thanks! I left it in a plastic container on the counter and its been fine. I made it Monday night and it’s almost gone…

  9. Absolutely the best granola EVER. Maybe I didn’t measure to the T, but next time I think I would cut the coconut oil down by half and slightly less honey to add more crunch. Mine came out pretty clumped together, but hey, it tastes more like a cookie that way!

  10. Omigod!! If this is half as good cooked as it is raw I will be so thrilled! Breakfast dilemma for school mornings solved! =) Awesomeness… Thank you!!!!

  11. This granola is absolutely the best granola I have ever had. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to trying more of your recipes. They look delish!

  12. Do you cook the dried fruit or add it later or does it not matter? The recipe says add all ingredients, but then it says add the fruit in after it cooks. Just wondering… All my ingredients are in the over right now. YUM!

  13. I tried this last week and it was YUM. I used olive oil instead of coconut oil because I ran out that day, and it was a little greasy and clumpy, but still YUM. I think next time I may cut the oil in half and the honey in half like another reader suggested. This was SUPER great though. It didn’t last a week, and I’m pretty sure I’m the one who ate like 95% of it. I LOVE all your recipes.

  14. what is with all the sugar? Not that it doesn’t look like a great recipe. But my understanding of paleo is basics…berries (whole foods) not high glycemic sugars like maple and honey….

  15. I have this in the oven right now and my whole house smells amazing. I stirred them a second ago and almost burnt my tongue off…it’s all good. Just gotta say it, your blog rocks…thanks for all the awesome recipes, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be a full month sugar and artificial sweetener free!

  16. Love this granola! Made it last night and it may be dangerous having this around… can’t wait to have some with coconut milk! I haven’t had cereal in AGES! 🙂

  17. I can’t believe I waited so long to make this. It’s like crack. I can’t stop. I don’t want to share!

  18. OK, not being critical, just trying to understand. I was browsing around on your page and noticed that you (like several other… Paleo-ists?) have sweet potato recipes. Don’t get me wrong-I LOVE sweet potatoes!! But I thought they were something to be avoided on Paleo diets. Are you just indulging, or do you have to reach some certain level of detoxing, or are we just seeking to reduce/remove MOST of the offending/allergy inducing/ autoimmune triggers and we deal with that as best we can…what is the deal? Again, seeking understanding and you seem to be very enthusiastic in answering readers 🙂

    1. Hey Aziz! I consume sweet potatoes because I’m an athlete who workouts every single day. You should check out The Paleo Diet for Athletes by Loren Cordain, he has great explanations about why implementing sweet potatoes into your diet as an athlete can be helpful and beneficial for a persons body. He will know much more on the subject!

      1. Hey Juli:
        thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I am NOT an athlete, just a foodie who’s trying to eat healthier 🙂

  19. This granola is NO JOKE!!! I just made my first batch tonight and will be repeating this as often as humanly possible.

  20. Should I love you or hate you? This stuff is my new obsession. Hand on the bible, this shit is better than chocolate. It’s crunchy, chewy, buttery*, not-too-sweet** — it’s everything a girl could want and more. If it were a guy, I would stalk it, tattoo its name on my ankle and buy it creepy gifts that I leave on the hood of its car. I think Paleo Granola would drive a vintage Ford truck, light blue and be the lead singer in a hipster band from Austin.

    *I used half butter, half coconut oil because that’s how I roll.

    **I doubled the almonds because they were asking for it.

  21. What’s it’s texture supposed to be like when it comes out of the oven. It seemed very sticky and “sloppy” so I added more nuts and stuff, and now it’s just runny. :s

  22. 2nd batch in 2 weeks…took everything in my power not to make 2 batches in 1 week. Stuff is addicting…favorite paleo treat by far…especially about 10-15 minutes out of the oven when it’s still warm…like a cinnamon roll…minus the roll 🙂

  23. I almost swoon every time I open the oven door to stir the Granola (gotta capitalize it), ‘cuz it smells way too good! Had to brush my teeth before I end up snack-less for my business trip tomorrow.

    Anyway JB, I’d like to bring your attention to the ‘Instructions’ above. On step 6, since the dried fruits are added after baking, that means step2 should be something like: “mix everything except the fruits”?

  24. A-mazing!! I made this about three weeks ago and it was gone within two days (I may or may not have been the only one eating it…ok, I was the only one). Flash forward to now…sitting on the couch a few minutes ago and this recipe pops into my head because I am craving the granola-like goodness!

    In other words…although it’s about to be 9:00 PM…I am going to head right to the kitchen and bake up a batch! Thanks so much for all your inspiring, delicious, yummy treats :).

  25. I’ve made a few of your recipes so far and none have disappointed.

    I recommend making it when you aren’t hungry because waiting for it to be done is torture!

    Next time I make it I’ll either add more nuts or decrease the oil / honey / syrup. I’d like it to be a little more crispy, less sticky.

  26. AWESOME! I may have substituted cashews and walnuts for pecans (hate pecans). I dunno if that is paleo but I am not strictly paleo, I have a gluten allergy. I also may have added some nutmeg and turmeric. Your “Treats” section makes my gluten allergy SO much more bearable! Thanks!

  27. Juli, I made this and it is ridiculously delicious. Thanks for the recipe. However, it was awfully runny; I think I poured off at least 1/4 cup of excess honey-syrup-oil, and another 1/4 cup ended up on the floor of my oven (not the brightest baker in the bunch – I used a non-lipped cookie sheet).

    Anyway, just curious if you can think of a material mistake I made? I’ll make it again, regardless, and probably half or quarter the sweet stuff and oil.

  28. I’m doing the Whole 30 program and I want to know if I can do this recipe without honey and maple syrup. I know it will not be the same, but I really miss my morning cereal and this recipe seems so good 🙂 Thanks!!

  29. I made this last night, and seriously…this is the TASTIEST granola that I have ever, EVER had. I blogged about the awesomeness of it today…haha. Thank you so sharing…MMM!

  30. I made this for a backpacking trip and in the interest of getting the max calories per ounce of food, I added a few more pecans, some walnuts, chopped dark chocolate and maybe a little extra honey. It’s pretty gooey but man is it good! I’m leaving about 10 Lara Bars at home because of this.

  31. Just found your blog via a friend. Must say I am loving your content and recipes. However, how can such an intelligent person use such uneducated language. With the english language offering so many adjectives to choose from, what is with the “f” word and others like that.

  32. This is currently in the oven baking…. I’m standing here like a goon watching the timer with anticipation!! This is the 2nd time making it! The b/f loved it so much that he brought it to school ( he’s a teacher) to share … And one of his colleagues immediately asked for the recipe!! :-). So. After much granola making begging … It’s in the oven for round 2. He will be a happy man… Maybe so that he will do the dishes. HA ! FAT CHANCE! More granola for me!

  33. WOW! I love this stuff!! Not sure if it’s granola or nut brittle (a.k.a. DESERT!). Had a hard time waiting for breakfast to eat it! I might cut down on the sweet stuff next time – I prefer less sweet in the am. Thanks!!

  34. Just found your blog yesterday – started a Paleo challenge yesterday and was looking for recipes. You rock! As I type, a doubled batch of this is in the oven. Why doubled? Because a) I know it’s gonna blow me away with its yumminess and b) I used a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon of salt. D’oh! I pulled it out of the oven, added more of everything except the oil. Hopefully it’ll turn out good. I like salt anyway.

  35. my daughters and I made this recipe the other night and it was awesome!! They were eating the granola right off the pan. lol we began eating Paleo a couple of months ago and I have found most of our meals are from your blog. They are delicious and they are helping us stay on the right path to eating healthy. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

  36. I just put it in the oven…can’t wait! It tastes amazing in the bowl.
    The pumpkin granola is good but this is gonna be sooo good.
    Thanks for letting me have my morning cereal again:)

  37. I LOVE your recipes, top notch! Soooo why isn’t my granola hardening, what am I doing wrong? Am I jumping the gun and packaging it too quickly…..please help!!!

  38. I’m so sick of spending $10 on tiny boxes of paleo friendly granola so I’m taking control, sucking it up and making my own! This recipe looks amazing and I cannot wait to try it out tonight – thanks for sharing! Bet it will be exponentially yummier than the stuff I get already anyways!

  39. I’ve made this twice and it is delicious! Both times I’ve given some to my five-year-old niece. She loveeed it. The first time she carried around the bag and told everyone that her Aunt Katie made her special nuts. The second time, I just handed her the bag and he eyes just lit up. So cute.

  40. I made this last night and I am in love! Super delicious. Everyone and I mean everyone (even my parents who do not like anything healthy) loves this granola. Thanks!

  41. Dude – insane. Perfect for those crunchy cravings that pop up, or midnight snacking…or just eating nonstop in the middle of the day because I can’t put it away. Thanks for another amazing recipe!

  42. Just pulled this out of the oven.. and ohmigosh… the smell is HEAVENLY. Perfect alternative to an oat granola and I can finally have granola for breakfast again!!

    Almost forgot the cinnamon and I have to say, I don’t think it would smell/look/taste/makemeeathalfabachinoneday the same without it! Thanks for the recipe!

  43. Way too much sugar. It’s more like nut-brittle than granola. I’m gonna try cutting down on the sugar to 1/3 of what’s called for.

  44. Absolutely delicious! I think this will become a staple in my house. My hubby loves it too. Would love to try to make this into paleo granola bars! Any thoughts on how to get it to form into bars?

  45. OMG YUMMMMM this was so good…just had it with blackberries and almond milk… sinfully delicious! THanks for sharing another amazing recipe!!! 🙂

  46. This turned out awesome. I subbed walnuts and cashews for the other nuts and added some chopped-up dried apricots instead of pepitas. YUM!!! Thanks again for another awesome recipe! I am going to go eat some granola now… excuse me…

  47. This is the best granola. I didnt have enough of the coconut oil so I just used 2 or 3 TBS. it was super yummy. I burnt some of it ( wasn’t paying attention, 4 year old has flu..) anyway i love the burnt parts!
    thanks for all your great recipes!
    If you are bored and want to drive to Santa fe, we would love for you to come down!

  48. This is absolutely the BEST granola/trail mix I have ever had!!! I have no idea how I’m going to not eat it all in one day!

  49. Being a recovering raw foodest, 🙂 there are still some things I can’t let go. I sprouted my pumpkin seeds and some whole almonds and added sprouted sunflower seeds along with the almond slivers. I did cook it all in coconut oil. I did not add any sweetener but I put in a cup of raisins And a cup of dates. The sprouting makes the seeds taste better (to me) and the granola not so crunchy. I store it in the refridgerater or freezer. Delicious!!! I love it! I have a new comfort food!

  50. I just made this. literally took it out of my oven an hr ago. it has cooled and taste fantastic. but is it suppose to be oily?

  51. Mine turned soupy. A delicious soup but soupy. Maybe because I microwave my coconut oil first? It smells great though. i can use it as ice cream (oh snap) topping.

  52. Mine turned out sticky/oily too and I followed it to a T. It’s super delicious but I was hoping I could eat it with my hands, on the go. The way it is now it would be too messy. I’ll try again because it’s too good to give up on it! Any thoughts?

  53. Holy granoley, this is amazing. Mine is still cooling and is super wet, but I’m trying to be patient to see if it sets. We used the same wet ingredients, but ours is almonds, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, raisins, and chopped up unsweetened banana chips.

  54. I’ve made this at least 10 times, had to decrease the oil, honey and syrup by about 1/3. I don’t know if it has something to do with altitude, or if it’s my oven. We love it plain or with almond milk.
    Thanks Juli!

  55. I made the paleo granola today. I wound up baking it at least another 20 minutes but it is still oily. I think my coounut oil was solid when I measured it..Next time I will use less oil. It is still delisch!
    Thanks for a great blog!

  56. This recipe should come with a warming label : You WILL consume way too much in one sitting and feel guilty, but continue eating anyways… Until its just you and an empty bowl. You have been warned.

    Thank you for this awesomeness!

  57. Just made this granola…I don’t care if it’s cooled and crunchy or not. It’s too good to wait! I have been craving cereal and my husband has been trying to eat more healthy so this will be perfect for my cereal craving and if I let my husband try it, it should hopefully suffice for his snacking needs. I used half a cup of solid coconut oil so next time I will melt it first but either way, it’s good. Love your website! Thanks!

  58. I just made this, it tastes fantastic, I moulded mine into about 12 bars and put them in the fridge to set, I now have a snack for work, that’s easy and tastes great.

  59. i’m relatively new to paleo and since i’m also trying to lose weight, i still count calories. when i entered this recipe, it came out to 872 calories per serving along with 68g carbs, 62g fat, 15g protein and 55g sugar. while i’m DYING to try this, i’m just not sure how this fits into my diet plan and wondering if eating paleo means not having to worry about those other numbers? Thanks in advance for any insight you can share! 🙂

    1. well, i definitely don’t eat the whole thing. and usually give it mostly away. i have an allergy to nuts so i have to stay away from this recipe or limit it to a very small amount

  60. Mmm. We were introduced to this by some crossfit friends of my fiancees. I’m not a crossfitter, but am the main cook and try to stick to Paleo food most of the time…during the week, the weekends are free for all since we don’t have self control out in Denver. Thanks for all your delicious food and hilarious entries. I have yet to find something I don’t like!

  61. This was totally worth heating up my house in the middle of a heat wave. I think next time (there WILL be a next time), I will reduce the honey/oil/syrup ratio. Other than that? Perfection!

  62. Not sure if anyone has said anything, but you shouldn’t microwave honey. It kills any beneficial parts to it. Other than that one part I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  63. This was absolutely amazing… mine came out all hardened into one big glob after I left it cool but I put it into a plastic bag and broke it apart. This recipe was just what I needed.

  64. Amazing! I tried the pumpkin granola first and liked it but tried this for something different. I cut down the oil just a little and also a little less honey. I added half teaspoon vanilla and a pinch of sea salt. Love it!! Only problem is I eat too much of it!

  65. I got all excited and threw all ingredients in the oven at once instead of leaving out the raisins til the end. I cooked it lower and slower, and stirred it up every 10 minutes or so. It came out amazing! It clumped up enough to be able to eat with my fingers. I kept it in the fridge after, too. I am about to make another batch now, but will try reducing the oil, honey and syrup a bit. I wish I had tried this recipe a long time ago, it’s amazing! Thanks!

  66. Thank you for this awesome recipe! I’ve made this to give away during the last 2 holidays and everyone raved about it! Even my picky 12yr.old daughter loves it! I did cut down on the maple syrup and still taste great. Love it!

  67. This was AMAZING! I know this is an old post, but it was too good to keep my mouth shut about! Instead of berries I added dark chocolate chips…I am in heaven! Thank you so much, you’re a genius!

  68. This is one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth! I think I added too much oil at first so I simply added in a little ground flax and presto…perfecto. I had to ration it out to my non-paleo husband. He has now requested his own batch to share with his boss. Kudos and thanks for all your amazingness!

  69. You have such patience to read all the comments that criticize and complain about their’s not turning out right. Crazy! I love this recipe. My friend calls it “paleo crack”. I love it as cereal! And on yogurt. 🙂 thanks for sharing even with the. …….

  70. Sooooo good! For sweetness, I only put in a quarter cup of honey. My batch wasn’t crunchy and clumpy like regular granola thouggh, it was kind of runny. Is there are trick to fixing that? Regardless, it was still delicious!!!

  71. This looks awesome!, I feel like cherries are very seasonal at the stores around me, do you have any suggestion for a substitute for the cherries?

  72. OMG, this is so yummy, have a batch in the oven just now and it smells AMAZING! Used only a 1/4 cup of both coconut oil and maple syrup as that was all I had left and it’s came out perfect, not too sticky. Burnt mouth doing a taste test, along with hubby as forgot to tell him it was hot, oops!

  73. Oh my comment didn’t appear! Well have a batch of this in the oven just now and it smells (and tastes) AMAZING! Just burnt mouth trying it out, oops. Only used 1/4 cup coconut oil and maple syrup as this was all I had and it’s not turned out too runny, so bonus there. Might as well rate again. Thanks for a great recipe, was getting fed up of eggs in the morning.

  74. I can’t wait to make this tonight for my hiking trip to Wallace Falls tomorrow (it looks so good I think I’ll just give it 5-stars now). Another wonderful PaleOMG recipe; Thank you Juli! You rock my socks off =).

    1. Made this for my hiking trip. I added some shelled hemp seeds, some walnuts, and went a little heavier on the nuts in general. Delicious (although a bit on the heavy side w/ the maple syrup and honey imho). Thanks for another great recipe Juli! These indeed were…sooo good duude =).

  75. I have a question? I made this for my daughter who just had her 4th child and she needs something special!! I followed the recipe did everything it said. But used olive oil instead of coconut oil. It tastes wonderful, but real sticky and greasy. Is it suppose to be like that or did using the olive oil change the consistency? I tasted what her friend had made, same recipe and it was not as greasy or sticky? I did not use the parchment paper either. Thanks for any info you can give me:)

  76. I made this and it was gooey and runny…the coconut oil was solid rather than liquid…does this make a difference? IT was good but it was sooo sticky and gooey…yuck!

  77. This is honestly one of the best easy paleo “recipes” I have tried. Ridiculous good. I have it with almond milk and sliced banana for breakfast. Thanks for sharing!!

  78. Love this! Making it a second time now. My favorite mid day snack at work and love it post workout! Yum! Thanks so much!

  79. Juli, seriously. Just stop. This stuff is like some kind of wonderful paleo crack. I always have to make a double batch because it never ever lasts in our house. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  80. I made this exactly as the recipe and wonder why it is so gooey and sticky after 2 days. There’s no problem with the taste, it is AWESOME! I’m wondering if my oven temp is off. Shouldn’t it be like caramel corn? Clumpy? Thanks!

  81. Thank you so much for the recipe! It is tasty, even though I forgot to add the maple syrup. Which wind up being okay because the amount of honey made it very sweet anyway. And I used a little vanilla extract and no salt.

    Next time I will only use 1/4 coconut oil, it did make it too oily, even once it fully cooled down….but will definitely keep and remake recipe again!!!!

    Love it!!!!

  82. It is one of the best things I have ever eaten! Nice to have a non-guilty sweet snack that cuts down on that that crazy must-have-chocolate urge. Yum! This was totally worth heating up my house in the middle of a heat wave.

  83. Awesome granola. I add banana chips at the end with raisins & its delish. I’ve also added cocoa powder to the mix for a fun chocolate granola/cereal treat.

  84. Delicious! I just “eyeballed” the honey and maple syrup to avoid the mess. I turned up the oven for the last five minutes to crisp it up. It was delicious!!! So good with yogurt too. Thank you!

  85. So I used to make this awesome granola with dried cherries when my daughter was in high school. So now that she’s gone off to live in the dorms she called me at 1 am to ask me to ship her some! Haha, nothing like being awoken with a call from your daughter thinking she’s having an emergency!

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