PaleOMG Power30 Program

Your time is precious, and life is too short to skip a workout! As a follow-up to my signature PaleOMG Power Program, I’m so excited to introduce my new Power30 Program, where every workout is under 30 minutes!
I used to think that I would experience MORE results if I spent MORE time working out. But it can often have the opposite effect! After years and years of working in gyms and with clients, I know for a fact that people don’t always have an hour to workout, and that’s exactly why I created this program – to give you 30 days of 30 workouts, all that can be performed in 30 minutes or less. These workouts are packed with movements that not only increase the heart rate but challenge your muscles so you can see and feel the results!
Unlike typical workout programs, the PaleOMG Power30 Program lets you be in the steering wheel, where you can choose a workout based on the type of workout you’d like and amount of time you have. Whether you want to focus on upper body strength, push your limits in Tabata, or break personal records in AMRAP, the Power30 Program gives you 30 efficient workouts to complete in any order you’d like, each with accompanying videos to keep your form in check!
If you’re looking to physically challenge yourself like never before without losing valuable calendar time, my easy-to-follow PaleOMG Power30 Program is for you!


30 challenging workouts⁠—all 30 minutes or less.

I want to prove that you can push your physical fitness without requiring more time in the day! In my all-new PaleOMG Power30 Program, you’ll have a wide selection of efficient workouts that build strength and torch calories with minimal equipment⁠—some as short as 14 minutes!

Minimal Equipment

Like my original program, the Power30 Program requires minimal equipment so you can start exercising fast!

Easy To Do From Home

The Power30 Program doesn't require a gym—just the right mentality and up to 30 minutes a day!

Choose For Your Mood

Each of the 30 workouts are completely different. From burner to AMRAP, you can pick and choose the best workout based on your time, mood, and goals.

Life's too short to skip a workout.