15-Minute Shrimp Poke Bowls

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  1. Cook rice according to directions, on the stovetop or in the microwave.
  2. While the rice cooks, heat up a large nonstick pan over medium-high heat. Spray with avocado oil spray. Pat shrimp dry then sprinkle with salt on top. Place shrimp in the pan to cook for 3-4 minutes per side, until pink and slightly browned. Remove from pan and set aside on a cutting board to cool.
  3. Slice cucumber and carrots.
  4. In a bowl, whisk together mayo, sriracha, coconut aminos, lemon juice, sesame oil, fish sauce, and black pepper. Once the texture is smooth and combined, chop the shrimp into small pieces and add to the bowl. Toss to combined.
  5. Now all you have to do is build your bowl – rice, spicy shrimp poke, sliced veggies, then top with sesame seeds, cilantro and green onions!

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