PaleOMG x Sweat.Love.Soul.


I teamed up with Kelly Gulbrandsen of Sweat.Love.Soul. for PaleOMG’s sweatiest program yet! With 12 weeks of incredible workouts, Elevate is going to push your cardio and strength to new limits!

PaleOMG x Sweat.Love.Soul. Elevate Program is an intense 12-week workout plan with 200+ movements that will take your fitness level to new heights!

With 36 challenging workouts that use a wide variety of equipment (including treadmills!), Elevate is going to unleash your inner athlete.

With only three weekly workouts, Elevate maximizes every minute by combining plyometrics, resistance training, and traditional cardio! I’m so excited for Kelly to share her genius programming with you!

Elevate is completely different from my previous PaleOMG fitness programs. Instead of progressive overloading, this program will keep you guessing every time you step foot in the gym! I love how the format of each workout changes each day—while always challenging you!

Hi! I’m Juli Bauer Roth! 👋

You might recognize me from my blog PaleOMG, or my dog Jackson from Instagram.

I’ve been working out consistently for over a decade. Fitness is part of who I am. I have a degree in Health & Exercise Science, I was a certified personal trainer, I coached CrossFit for years, I competed in CrossFit, and I’ve tried just about every kind of workout there is.

From these 10+ years, I’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, what leads to injury, and what leads to the best results. Through my three previous PaleOMG Power Programs, I’ve helped over 7,000 women improve their health, fitness, and confidence.

Now, for the first time ever, I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite trainers for a PaleOMG program! Kelly programmed Elevate to test your grit, build muscle, and improve cardio while still having fun!

We’re going to have the best time! 🥳🥳🥳

Join over 7,000 women who have gained strength and confidence 🤩

My PaleOMG programs help women gain muscle, shred fat, and—most importantly—find confidence!

What you get when you enroll in the PaleOMG x Sweat.Love.Soul. Elevate Program! 👏


Each workout combined circuit training, functional resistance, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT)! You will improve your anaerobic and aerobic systems to boost your metabolism and grow stronger.

3 Workouts PER WEEK

Kelly brings decades of experience to Elevate, which really comes through in her programming! Each workout is completely unique over 12 weeks, and the movements are so creative! Elevate will test your limits and make you proud of what you can accomplish in the gym.

Here’s an example of how the workouts are structured:

Day 1 – Leg Day
Day 2 – Upper Body
Day 3 – Bodyweight Cardio Burst

These workouts will spice things up while challenging your balance, coordination, and mind!

You can do these workouts on any day that you like! The only thing we ask is not to do them back to back. These workouts are intense, and your body will need to rest!


Before you begin each workout, you’ll be able to watch a video of that workout’s movements, done by Kelly herself! Some of the movements may repeat throughout the program, but each workout will be brand new!


For each workout, you’ll be able to comment and share what you loved most right within the app!


PaleOMG program members love these printable PDFs! We provide an individual pdf for each program. You can save it to your phone for quick reference, or even print it out and check it off as you go! You’ll be able to get this PDF right within the app!



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There are so many things that set Elevate apart from my other programs! The first is that this program is the brainchild of Sweat.Love.Soul.’s Kelly Gulbrandsen, a trainer I love with all my heart! The second is that Elevate is the first PaleOMG program to have completely unique workouts that don’t repeat over the program! The third differentiator is that Elevate is a true HIIT-style program that incorporates cardio machines, something that’s never been done in a past program!

The PaleOMG x Sweat.Love.Soul. Elevate Program is 12 weeks long.

No, this program is not available for subscription. The program is for sale for a one-time fee in my app. Once you purchase, you’ll have lifetime access!

Yes!! You’ll have lifetime access to the workouts as soon as you purchase the program.

You’ll need dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance/hip bands, jump rope, Bosu ball, slam ball, leg press machine, squat bar, trap bar, box, bench, cable machine, assisted pull-up machine, and hamstring machine. There are also some optional cardio equipment, including the treadmill, Versa climber, stairs, rower, and Airdyn bike! If you don’t have access to equipment, check out my PaleOMG Power Body Program, which uses no equipment.

There will be 3 total workouts per week, and each week will have completely different workouts! You’ll get 36 total workouts from this program.

You are welcome to add in cardio to this program, BUT the Elevate Program is designed to get you results in just three days a week. When you add extra cardio on top of all these workouts, you may add extra stress to the body, which will cause inflammation and hinder your results. Trust us, these workouts are going to push you hard!
This program is meant for an advanced fitness level. If you’re starting as a beginner, you might want to check out my PaleOMG Power Program to develop a foundation before starting Elevate!

Not with this program, but check out my Power Program Meal Guide or Power30 Recipe book, both for sale in my app. These two meal guides have delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that will fuel your body and muscles for performance. They’re also all gluten-free, low carb, and dairy-free!

Yes, with proper nutrition and a solid effort in each workout, Elevate will help you build muscle, boost your metabolism, and lose weight. But losing weight starts with your diet, first and foremost. Diet is key for long-term physical changes, but lifting weights will ensure your metabolism stays high and works in your favor.

Each workout is about 60 minutes long, only 3x per week!

No! You’ll do a completely unique workout for each of the 3 days over the course of 12 weeks.

This can be hard to figure out initially, but you’ll get better at it throughout the program. What needs to be dialed in first is your FORM. Once your form is nailed down, you can concentrate on the weight. If you get through a set of 15 reps and those last 3-5 reps weren’t challenging, or the 15 reps didn’t leave you feeling fatigued, it’s time to increase the weight. Write your weights down and even jot down if a set was too easy, then you’ll know next time to increase your weights. But a good way to judge if a weight is heavy enough is if it’s challenging those last few reps. You’ll get better at figuring this out throughout the program!